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grands biscuit donuts

grands biscuit donuts

this week, i decided to try out a really decadent recipe... if you can call it a "recipe." i've been thinking a lot about cooking lately, and was looking through pinterest for ideas when i came across this pin. usually, when i find pictures of sweet treats, i just ogle them and move on. but this one actually seemed easy enough to try.

the directions are pretty self-explanatory. just grab a roll of store-bought biscuits, make holes in the middle, fry in some oil, and sprinkle with sugar and/ or cinnamon...

grands biscuit donuts

i must warn you: these donuts are totally seriously dangerous. i do not recommend making them on your own. it was really hard for me to avoid eating ALL the donuts pictured here.

next time, i'll invite some friends over for a cute donut-brunch.

grands biscuit donuts

there is nothing better than something freshly fried and covered in sugar.

grands biscuit donuts


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  1. Anonymous10/16/2012

    HUmmmm, fiquei com √°gua na boca!!!


  2. Anonymous10/16/2012

    I'm so excited that you do this too! My dad and I used to make these when I was little. I've made them a couple times in college, and they're very popular at around 1am after a party. ;)

  3. Oof, I wish they sold biscuits similar to that over here in the UK!

    Alli xx

  4. They look totally awesome but i never, never make that to dangerous for me as well!
    I bought a book on smoothies - totally dig that and they have mind blowing chocolate concoctions!
    I think i will add smoothies to my blog-


  5. Oh my goodness....mouth...watering...

  6. Oh, my! They look amazing and delish! I bet if I had made them, I'd have eaten the whole batch by myself!

    Now that I think about it, I may try this recipe this weekend. We're having friends over for a small bbq and I told David I'd make something sweet ... Yum!

    Happy Tuesday, sweet Chantilly! ;D

  7. Mmh, these look super delicious!! xxx


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