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happy halloween!

I'm not usually such a fan of halloween. Or any holiday where it's supposed to be mandatory fun. I hate that feeling of building up excitement... waiting for a really great time to happen... then {splat} a big let-down. Not to be a Debbie Downer. It just makes more sense (to me) to have a level head about it.

But on Saturday we ended up throwing a halloween party. And it wasn't a drag. In fact, I actually had an awesome time :) We carved jack-o-lanterns out of pumpkins... which our friend Jeff wanted to throw off the roof (they made it through the night.) I baked some pumpkin whoopie pies. Then we watched Hocus Pocus. I had a stomach ache from candy and chips for dinner :P

We dressed Matt up as a "douche." I drew on a little mustache stubble, slicked back his hair, and let him borrow my scarf. Funny thing was, I kind of fancied the douche look just a bit :P

I'm not sure what we're up to tonight, if anything. But if not, I can say that I got my fill of halloween fun this weekend.

Happy Halloween, everyone :)

halloween jack 'o lantern


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  1. happy halloween girl, hope you're ok
    We don't celebrate halloween but the day of the deaths, i'm craving to eat tamales and hot chocolate that my mom makes :)

  2. I feel exactly the same as you about Hallowe'en, except you expressed it way better because I just grumbled something about not liking it, so there. Sounds like a good party... I find these things are always better when the pressure/expectations are off.

    How are you holding up with that weather?!

  3. I feel the same exact way about New Years Eve, St Patricks Day, and Halloween. Every year. Everyone just gets stupid drunk and it's boring. I understand coooompletely!

  4. I can't help but love Halloween. I always loved coming up with fin costumes and carving crazy pumpkins. Its simple but fun. As I got older the fun wore off bit now that we have kids its a blast again :) glad you had fun. I love the douche idea, funny stuff.


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