October 23, 2012

Interview with Lou of Foxy Whiskers!

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Today, I have a special treat for you! The lovely Lou from Foxy Whiskers is stopping in for a little interview. I'm so excited to learn just a little bit more about her, and I hope you are too :)

Introduce yourself!
Hello, bonjour! My name is Louise and I blog at Foxy Whiskers. I'm left handed, Australian, red haired, Parisian in a past life, sometimes sensible and always silly. I live with my boyfriend and pet budgie in our little home which we bought in May. I love baking, theatre and my favourite season is summer.

What do you blog about?
I mostly blog about fashion, sweet treats and finding adventures. I share photos and DIY's too!

How do you stay inspired?
I love reading and exploring blogs. There is such a creative and talented community out there which provides a constant source of new styles and inspirations. I love trying to create fun things too!


Tell us more about being a stage manager.
As a Stage Manager I work with directors, actors and designers to help bring a show to life. It's so special watching the process unfold and everyday is different which keeps things interesting. It also brings about exciting opportunities to tour and see the country. Next month I am touring a show to the Sydney Opera House which feels like a huge acheivement for me.

What's your favorite fruit, and why?
With summer just around the corner, I have to say watermelon. I forget how much I miss it until it comes back into season!

If you could be any mythical creature, what would you be?
A Mermaid! One of my favourite movies as a child was "Splash". I always thought Daryl Hannah's flippers were so cool!

Visit Lou, friend, and follow her!
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  1. What an absolutely wonderful blog you have, full of inspiration! :) I just stumbled upon your blog an will for sure keep coming back. Thank you for all the inspiration!


  2. She is so, so, so major cute - I will check her out for sure -
    Thanks for sharing


  3. Cute interview, cute girl!

    xo Jennifer


  4. ooooooh she's adorable! Love those red tights.


  5. I know her blog and I love aussie girls.
    Splash is a cute movie, I want to be a mermaid too XD



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