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nail color mixing

for a very long time, i've been obsessing over this picture-

photo via a beautiful mess

i mean, not obsessing. but it's been one of those tiny, silly things that stays in the back of your mind. it's the nail color. i love the light carmel/ iced coffee/ not-quite-there brown. i've been looking all over for a color like that, and i can't find it. i even asked her what color it was, and she said she didn't know!

so i tried an experiment. i mixed a bunch of nail colors together, and hoped for the best. this probably wasn't the most scientific strategy to get what i wanted, but at the time it made sense.

nails 1
nails 2
nails 3

i had no idea what i was doing, but i think i liked the result. it's a little darker than i would've wanted, but o wellz. i'll just have to keep trying.

nails 4


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  1. It's a nice color :)

  2. That is impressive and you are bold. Also, it might not be The Color, but it's a really pretty color! :-)

    1. i was thinking the same thing... my search continues!

  3. I love that coffee colour and I've wanted a nail polish like that for a long time. But when we went to Thailand in August I got a manicure and chose a colour like that. Unfortunately it ended up looking more like a weird gross brown than coffee coloured when it was on my fingers.

    1. aww, that sucks. sometimes nail colors come out looking a lot different than the bottle!

  4. It is super pretty. A for effort, lady! I am no good at doing my nails! :)

  5. Oh, I'd have never thought of varnishing my nails in that color, but they actually look neat. Well, actually I never think of varnishing my nails to being with, hehe, but I guess I should.

    Have a great day! ;D

    1. i know... of all things, i never thought i would care for brown nail polish. but i've got my heart set on that color!

  6. Cute color!! your idea is fantastic.
    Have a great tuesday!!!

  7. I know the feeling of having something in your head that you can't quite shake or do. It bugs me terribly. But I do like your colour

  8. That is a pretty color for fall. I've mixed nail polish colors before too, that is always fun and exciting to see how the end product looks.

  9. I completely just spazzed out at seeing you mix up an OPI polish. I really hope you used a new bottle and saved some of that, as it's a gorgeous shade!
    I've just gone on a major mission to find you a polish that looks similar (ok, I love looking at polishes), and here's what I've found...

    Essie - Mambo; a little warmer, but close!
    China Glaze - Cashmere Creme; so similar but again a little nude/pinky
    Mavala - Amber; In some swatches this looks dark, but with fewer coats it looks like this...
    Essie - Buy Me A Cameo; it's a frosted satin mocha!

    *sigh* so many polishes, so little time ;)

    Alli xx

  10. I've never thought to do this, I love the way it turned out. So Fall inspired!
    xo TJ


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