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Organic Pulled Pork

A few summers ago, we had some friends over for a bbq. My roommate made pulled pork, and it was amazing.I've been dreaming of it ever since, but have always been too scared to make it... I'm not very experienced with cooking meat, except for chicken.

I was at the Union Square farmer's market the other day, and came across a grass-fed stall. Usually, organic farmer's market stuff is wildly expensive for my budget, but this time I just went for it. The meat was calling to me. So I asked the seller how much I should get, and the rest is history.

In fact, making this is super easy. Especially if you have a crock pot. I left this giant hunk-o-meat in my there overnight, and it turned out perfect. I didn't even want a bun or any kind of bread messing with my meal. I just wanted the pork, the whole pork, and nothing but the pork!

I adapted this recipe for the cooking broth, except that I used ginger ale rather than chicken stock, and powdered onion. I then added a combination of Trader Joes and Stubb's BBQ sauces. I LOVE BBQ sauce, so I used more than the recommended amount.

pulled pork recipe

I also enjoyed using the farmers market meat. Not only was it more delicious, but it's likely the pig who fed me lived a happier life :) I've often thought about becoming vegetarian or vegan, because it pains me to think of the cruelty that goes on in those factory farms. I don't think eating meat is wrong, but I certainly think that abuse is.

Not to get on a soap box. I realize it's hard to always be perfectly socially conscious in our choices. Sometimes Wal-mart is all you can afford. But it does make me feel nice when I am able to make a choice that involves the least suffering possible for everyone involved :)

ANYWAY. One of the most delicious meals. Ever.

PS, winner of the Lumistyle giveaway was Miki of Miki's Scrapbook! I'll email you shortly. xx
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  1. I grew up eating meat and I only started eating vegetables at all when I started dating my vegan boyfriend. I've been doing more cooking since we moved in together and I've found so many wonderful vegan cooking sites. When you're looking for vegan recipes you also read a lot about the reasons people are vegan and I decided to stop eating animal products too. I would never have guessed I'd be able to do that 3 years ago. It was a slow transition for me, but with all the new things I'm making now I hardly ever miss anything. The only problem is with eating out, so many times there's not even any vegetarian options.

  2. Well put, about the meat :) I feel exactly the same sometimes...
    In any case this looks great!

    x Angie ||

  3. AWE! :D I can't believe I won!!! I'm SO happy! This has totally made my day ... No, my week, actually! Can't wait to start wearing those beauties, yay!

    And, may I have organic pulled pork for lunch, please??? :p Hehe.

    Have a great week! And thanks a lot for making mine! :D

  4. I relate totaly with this, i was vegetarian for a whole year after i saw an article of animal cruelty in my town. It's really hard, specially since meat is one of the principal ingredients in most of the recipes in my country, and when your family didn't feel the same way as you, and if you buy food for the rest of the week, it's kind of hard to buy special food for other person when you have a budget.

  5. Oh my! This looks delicious! I love pulled pork, but it has to be ten times better with farmers market meat!

  6. That looks delicious! I've been going back and forth recently about whether or not I want to tackle pulled pork.


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