October 26, 2012

Weekend Traditions ~ Brunch

Get ready for the second food post this week...

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I feel like I've posted about my brunch adventures so many times on this blog, but it really is one of the bestest weekend activities. I mean come on, who doesn't love:

#1- Vodka for breakfast
#2- Champaign for breakfast
#3- An excuse to be lazy and see friends, while eating assorted eggs, meats, and starches!

One of our favorite spots, Life Cafe, recently shut down and reopened under a different name. This was sad, since we've been going to this place since we moved to the neighborhood five years ago. Despite a sterile makeover, the menu largely stayed the same, and we still were able to order our favorite meals.

... with one notable addition. They never used to have regular 'ole eggs benedict. But now they do! Before, they just had a version with smoked salmon and avocado.

I know... poor pitiful me, with my horrible fancy salmon and avocado. Well yes, that version was always delicious. But sometimes you just crave the classics, you know? This past Sunday, I was happy to finally enjoy traditional, boring, scrumptious eggs benedict. One change I can get behind :)

brunch 7 brunch 6

What are some of your weekend traditions? xx


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  1. Yum! There really isn't anything better for brunch besides friends, classic brunch meals, and champagne!

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  3. Wow, just listened to your song here in the sidebar and I simply loved it! Made my morning. Thanks for that!


    1. thank you so much! it's always wonderful to know you've made someone's morning.

  4. Oh, my! Everything looks so good! :P I love Sunday brunch! I miss going out with my best friend to our favorite areas in the city and trying a different place every time, awe ...

    Have a fun weekend, girl! ;D

    1. haha see, we always go to the same place :) come to nyc and have brunch with me, willya?

  5. I adore eggs benny!!!! One of my faves. :)
    My weekend mornings always consist of a large pot of coffee and a homemade breakfast either Saturday or Sunday. I luuuuv me some waffles.


    1. mmm, waffles. i like mine with lots of butter. and yes, eggs benny always seems so appetizing... probably because i don't know how to make it at home!

  6. I love brunch! I can have brunch pretty much with anyone. It's like a bonding experience for me. And I just love food! -Jessica L

  7. Brunch is my absolutely favorite! There is nothing I enjoy more than spending hours in a cute little café, eating, drinking café latté, reading the newspaper or chatting with friends :) And now I am getting hungry... ;)

  8. Brunch is easily the best time of day. Brunch should be a holiday.

  9. So great, lets see weekend traditions, well i make lunch foe my mom since she cooks all week, i don't go out because i'm a home person and i watch movies with mommy dearest :)

  10. Champaing for breakfast? yummy!! sounds perfect for me
    I don´t care about repetion of food post, I love food and brunch!! :P specially those eggs, yummy.

    I wish you a great weekend!

  11. I have never had eggs benedict. NEVER. You lucky fiend with your salmon and avo, you :p Though, to be fair, I have no one but myself to blame... I should try making it! :)

    Alli xx

  12. food photos never get old. so much color and emotion. or perhaps i just like eating too much.


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