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Customized DIY Calendar

I've literally been meaning to do this post for at least six months. I got started on it before I left for camp, and am sort of just meandering around to finishing it.

My obsession with planners and calendars has been well documented. This is one of the first calendars that really helped get me going in the last year. It felt really nice to have a place to write down exactly what I was doing every day, and simultaneously have somewhere to document ideas for blog posts, and keep track of little details like who I'm sponsoring that month, etc.

I found this post with a free printable calendar and idea section some time ago. I put them all in a boring black binder from staples, but I started thinking that I wanted to jazz things up a bit. So I decided to cover it with fabric :)

Materials needed:
- vintage fabric (or any kind of fabric, really)
- scissors
- mod podge
- if you're feeling fancy, some acrylic paint
- paint brush and/ or stamp set

binder 2 binder 4

I think a covered binder is a neato idea in general, not just for making a calendar. If you have a business and need various binders for things, wouldn't it be so much prettier to adorn them in vintage fabric? I used a vintage apron that my parents gave me. It pained me to cut into that gorgeous apron, but alas, I wasn't using it. And i have another one in better condition. So this one's life had to be served for a higher purpose :)

I started out by tracing an outline of the binder on the back of the apron. I ended up cutting slightly longer sections on the ends to fold over and cover them seamlessly. I then just mod-podged the binder section by section, smoothed the fabric over it, and let it dry! So easy. I also cut squares to cover the insides of the folder as well, so that there was no trace of the boring black peeking out.

binder 3 binder 5 binder 6 binder 7

I topped it off by turning over a rectangle of leftover fabric, and stamping it with acrylic paint. I tried to hand-paint the letters at first, but I am no artist. It looked terrible. I ended up using the rubber stamp set that I use to make my journals. I further adorned it by taking some of the ric-rac from the apron and gluing it on.

binder 8

Yay! New binder full of awesome!!


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  1. this is cute, i made something similar but for my kindle case :)

  2. so cute! and great find - that printable blog calender! I am definitely going to try this


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