Happy Thanksgiving!! | Chantilly

Happy Thanksgiving!!

I certainly hope everyone out there is having a wonderful time with their family and friends right now. Or if not, then maybe you're having a wonderful time with your Chinese food. (Hey, it happens.) I still remember the time our family couldn't get it together enough to plan a proper Thanksgiving meal, and we ended up eating in a diner. I cried. Looking back, I think of what a spoiled little brat I was. Because the important thing isn't the meal, it's the people you share it with, right? Hopefully everyone out there has someone nice to share today with.

On that note, I'll be taking a hiatus from the blog for the rest of the week in order to spend some quality time with myself/ loved ones. It's really tempting to say to yourself "Hey, some extra free time... just think of all the work that I can get done!!" However, I'm going to try my best to avoid this trap. I've been noticing lately, my tendency to put pressure on myself, as well as put myself down for perceived "failures." I want to take some time to... not think about anything, really. Just be happy (maybe.)

Thanks a lot for being awesome readers :) xx

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  1. Happy Thanksgiving, lady!!! You know what, I think it's the imperfect holidays that are truly the perfect ones.

    On a side note, I've had one of those moments... When we first got our seasonal job a few years ago, the trailer we were given was straight from the 50s with green counters and a pink sink and the colors clashed and I cried so hard... That trailer turned out to be a little dream come true and I cried SO HARD when leaving. :)

  2. Happy thanksgiving!

    its definitely important to take time out with no pressures on yourself! just do things for fun and not for work/blog/goals!


    Barnicles x

  3. I wish we did thanksgiving in England! I'm your newest follower :)




  4. I have been at my parents' house since Tuesday evening, and this is the first time I've gotten on the computer. it feels good to take a break from the internet sometimes :) hope you have a great time with the fam and a happy thanksgiving!

  5. I think we all took a break! I love that song :) You have such an enchanting voice ;)


  6. Hi, Chantilly! It feels so nice to be here again! ;P I missed you and your blog! I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving Day together with your loved ones! Enjoy your time off! ;D

    Thank you for your sweet comment the other day!

    Tight hugs!

  7. "I want to take some time to... not think about anything, really. Just be happy (maybe.)" We all need to do this every now and then! just found your blog and am happy to be following along now!


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