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life moments

Hello there, and happy Friday :) Haven't had a "life moments" post in awhile, and I know you guys enjoy them. So I'm excited to share some new photos with you. Maybe it was the storm, maybe it was Tinderbox... either way, I just haven't felt up to taking a lot of pictures lately. These are a smattering of things I've done/ seen from the past few weeks. Enjoy!

sweet apples in the sunshine.

these two spreads taste like my dreams. and actually, this picture isn't even really an honest one. my most preferable method of eating both of these is by the spoonful.

it's getting to be cozy sock weather! these ones are from forever ago, and i got them at wal-mart. they have little doggies on the side. i also have a cat pair, but they're developing a hole in them :(

this is a wonderful bath bar that santana from curly girl beauty sent me!! i chose the pumpkin spice bath bar, and it is just divine. it lathers well, leaves your skin soft, and you smell like pumpkin spice afterwards!

in fact, if you want to place your own order, santana has generously offered a discount to chantillysongs readers. just enter the code "tilly10" at checkout for 10% off your order of $2.00 or more!! in light of this, i might be stocking up... bath bar


we dug out these candle sticks for the storm, even though we never needed them. i'm not sure i'm fond of stick candles because of the way they melt. even though it does look pretty in a gothic sort of way. also, this is one of the newest pictures that can be found in my video.

drinking some yerba mate from my maine mug to get my days started!

when at the bank the other day, the teller gave me these lollipops. it instantly made me nostalgic. i can't remember the last time i've received a lollipop at the bank.

super guilty pleasure! mcdonald's chocolate shake.

and finally, my guitar! we had spent a lot of time together in the past few weeks, practicing for the tinderbox show. i hope to keep it going :)

have a lovely weekend, everyone. <3<3




  1. what the crap. your blog is ADORABLE!

  2. Oh, that chocolate shake looks too good! :p Yum!

    I'd never heard of getting lollipops from the bank; that's neat!

    And yay to yerba mate! If we ever meet, we'll have it not in bags but with all the original gear ;). It's stronger and you have to develop a taste for it, but it's fun and good.

    Have a wonderful weekend! ;D

    1. yeah... at least where i'm from, bank tellers always used to give lollipops whenever their parents would bring them in. i don't know where the tradition came from, but it always made me excited to go to the bank!

      i would love to try original yerba mate with you someday!

  3. Super lovely simple moments photos <3 those lollipops made me nostalgic just looking at them too :)

  4. Cute socks girl, the look very comfy.

  5. hello!

    what lovely photos. breakfast looks particularly delicious! i find it so funny that you have an "i heart maine" mug... do you visit maine? i live here, and grew up here. i actually have family in brooklyn, ny, and miss it so much there. would give near anything to live in new york city for a time!

    cool blog. i like the bio you wrote about yourself on your sidebar, sounds so cute. how is your weekend going, dear?

    xox, amber

    1. oh really? that's cool! i grew up in rhode island, but my parents sold their house and moved to maine for a few years. they gave me this mug on one of my trips up there :) they're back in ri again, but i kind of miss the reclusive getaway feeling of visiting them there.

      haha, thanks! weekend went well. hope yours is too :) xx

  6. Oh I love cozy songs! So so much :)
    New follower...I love your design!


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