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Sunday Songs ~ Two Door Cinema Club

Happy Sunday, all! It's an extra exciting day for me. Right about now, I'm probably getting ready to play my big show at Webster Hall- the Tinderbox Music Festival. I'm super nervous and excited! So this is an extra special edition of Sunday Songs, seeing as today is so music-centric.

I wanted to highlight a really fun, dancey song I came across on Pandora recently. While cleaning my apartment, no less :)

I've heard a bunch about this band, and can't stop singing this song. It's so catchy, I want to cover it someday soon!... what a great hook!

It's too bad about the video, which gives me a creepy, retro-sexist vibe... I'm totally over women's portrayal in media as these untouchable beings, there to serve/ tease/ make men's lives a living hell. I don't think these visuals and the the song really go together. So maybe don't pay as much attention to that.

Just close your eyes and do a little dance around your apartment. It's an A#1 song to sweep to :P


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  1. didn't pay attention to the video at all, it's the kind of song that makes you smile :)
    i can't wait to hear you covering that song :) it should be interesting

  2. I'd actually never seen the video, but I always dance around to this song too. Its pretty addicting:)


  3. Fun song, but what a bizarre video. Reminds me a lot of Robert Palmer's music videos with all of the look-a-like women with bright red lips and zero facial expression.


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