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DIY Camera Storage Box

During one of our recent tea and crafts sessions, I decided I wanted to make a storage container for camera. It always seems to be out and about on tables and desks... I'm afraid someday the cats are going to knock it onto the floor or spill water on or near it (which they are wont to do.)

So first I set about painting an old shoe box, like I did a few months ago. I store a lot of random items with these, and just happened to have a spare box lying around.

camera storage 1 I know the letters aren't as clean as they could be, but hey. I never said I was a visual artist :) camera storage 2

I wanted a bit more padding than normal on the inside, since it would be storing my sensitive equipment. And I also wanted it to look cute. So I dug up some old t-shirts, and used those!

I cut sections of the white t-shirt for the "padding." I would've preferred fleece or stuffing filler. But in a pinch, this fluffy white shirt had to do. I layered that on the bottom of the box, then took the t-shirt with the stripe design and cut out rectangles with the same proportions as all the sides of the box.

I then took my lovely mod podge, and smeared. First, securing just the bottom edges, with the white t-shirts layered beneath. Then, I smeared the entire sides of the box, and smoothed the fabric over it.

(I love to say/ type the word smear.)

camera storage 3 camera storage 4

Pretty easy! Now I have a little box to store my camera and accessories in. I keep this on my expedit bookshelf. It tucks into its own little cubicle, free from my water-spilling cats for all time.

camera storage 5 camera storage 6


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  1. Love this idea :) Your Minolta looks so happy and tucked in! I get a little nervous too when my camera is on the table and there is one too many cups of water nearby!

  2. awesome idea, i have the same problem! where to put the camera's! plus i have a fear that if they are too obvious burglars will be attracted to them, silly concern but I don't want all my prized possessions out with a big sign "take me".

    I have a massive pile of strongbox boxes and shoeboxes now but I can't chuck them as they may be useful storage when I rearrange stuff!

    I wish i had a big expedit shelf!

    Barnicles :)

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