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Feeling loopy

If you haven't noticed, recently I've liked to use props in my style photos...

Tulle sweater Urban outfitters skirt Tulle sweater Urban outfitters skirt

Yesterday, I randomly picked this pez dispenser from my shelf that Miki sent me last year. I feel like props help me open up... sometimes when we get past the silliness of "showcasing" something, I can relax, have fun, and get some good shots.

The the last few shoots have been a blast to do! Especially the Christmas lights. I want to revisit that theme, but then again, don't want every shoot to be a rehash of the same one. Is it possible to copy yourself?

Tulle sweater Urban outfitters skirt Tulle sweater Urban outfitters skirt

Sigh. I kind of can't wait for Christmas, and to get away from the City for awhile. It's pretty during this time of year, but I'm just tired of it lately. I need a break.

Anyway, I seem to be shop-happy lately, which is so not like me. I'm feeling a little guilty about it, but what can you do. This cardigan was from the Tulle Cyber Monday sale... only $13! It's my new favorite, although really how can I say that any of my cardigans are my favorites? I love them all in their own special ways :P

Also... I realize that my shirt is a little messy. I swear I went over it with the lint roller before taking these photos! ...guess it didn't get everything.

Tulle sweater Urban outfitters skirt Tulle sweater Urban outfitters skirtCardi- Tulle/ shirt- ebay/ necklace- closeout store/ skirt- urban outfitters/ tights- f21/ booties- thrifted

Hope everyone had a great weekend :)


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  1. Oh, I use to collect Sanrio\Chococat when I lived in Japan! I still have a lot of stuff stored on shelves in the garage. My husband hates it! Isn't it funny that we feel guilty being happy sometimes, especially when all this other stuff is going on around us in the world? And I love what you are wearing, especially that skirt! -Jessica L

    1. Ha, I actually don't even know what that character is, although it's something to do with Hello Kitty, right? My friend sent it to me awhile ago :)

  2. Chococat!!! i love it, and your skirt is so cool!
    I've been enjoying your pics so much lately, the one of the christmas lights was my favorite but this one too is amazing.

  3. Anonymous12/17/2012

    Your outfit is super cute! I love the polka dot tights and your sweater :). And don't feel guilty, you've got to buy yourself a little something during the holidays!


  4. Aw, I like your props! Also, I literally screamed when I saw your outfit. It's perfect. :D


  5. I remember Pez dispensers, they were the best! My favourite was my E.T one. ;) xo


  6. i love seeing props! Your Christmas lights one is my favorite so far! The first pic in this set in pretty durn awesome too!

  7. Oh, beautiful pics! Love your outfit! ;)


  8. Your hair looks so pretty in these photos! And that outfit suits you really well.

  9. Love this outfit, especially the skirt & boots!

    <3 Megan

  10. I adore your shoes!
    Sandra xx

  11. the eyelashes are so pretty!


  12. Awe! I love the lashes, the skirt and yay, the Pez! :P

    I feel guilty when I shop, too :/. I've been spending a lot of money in Christmas presents not so much on myself, which makes me feel a bit less guilty, haha.


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