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Inspiration ~ Grand Central Station NYC

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I found myself in Midtown the other day. Lots of men in suits, rushing off to their important meetings and business luncheons. This is a place that's been both the bane of my existence, and saving grace as a means for sustenance. Living paycheck to paycheck via my old temp jobs. Flitting from one office to the next... day after day, week after week, month after month.

I've never felt like I fit in in a place like Midtown. An artist in "professional attire." A wolf in sheep's clothing. Though my vintage dresses managed to sneak by as appropriate work wear most of the time :)

I always liked Grand Central, though- the very epicenter of the City's hustle and bustle. People coming and going. People with a purpose. So much energy. Back when I was making my old album "caught light" with Danielle, I would make the two-hour door-to-door trek to Purchase by coming here. I'd sit with my Starbucks coffee, waiting for the train. Thinking about the infinite possibility of things. Being grateful to be alive, and happy to be productive.

Being here the other day reminded me of that. And I still love watching the people out there. Tourists, executives, and temp receptionists alike. People who are making and breaking dreams with the swat of their newspaper. People living their lives. Keeping the City's energy lively.


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  1. I love your photos! I'm in GC every day but I don't go through the main room where you were, I usually sneak in the back at 48th street to get on my train, I avoid the madness in that main room.

  2. I love watching people interact in places like train stations, there are so many unwritten rules about what is acceptable behaviour. I'm a big fan of people watching in general though. These photos are gorgeous xo

  3. I would love to go to Grand Central! I have always loved watching everyone in that setting and I have never been on a train so it would be a great experience I think! :)
    I love how you write! And your music is amazing! ♥

  4. i've never been but i've always liked the idea of the place. I would love to go there and just sit still for a bit and 'people watch' i think it would be amazing to be in the presence of so much energy swiftly sweeping in and out of ones presence...

    1. I like how you said "so much energy swiftly sweeping"..

  5. great pics dear, i love to watch people in big places, going to work, so focused in their own thoughts, they don't even look around to notice the beauty that surround them. Just a few of them will notice the world, the people and appreciate every moment.

  6. This blog is really nice. It's interesting.


  7. I'd love to go there. It's very beautiful and detailed. (even if it is super busy)

  8. Amazing post dear!
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  9. So much beauty there! It makes me quite nostalgic to see it, I haven't been there in over a decade and I still remember most of it. I love the people watching!


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