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life moments

donut dinner 6 mittens sbux nails pie pics ornament ribbion trees

1. Little snack :)
2. The bathroom sign from the restaurant the other night. For some reason, I thought it was cute.
3. Some mittens peeking out of my new bag.
4. They spelled my name right!! I was impressed.
5. Some festive nailpolish.
6. Leftover picture from Thanksgiving that I never posted... pumpkin pie!
7. Was taking some photographs of tote bags from my bandcamp store... these were the props.
8. Decorations in the City.
9. Ribbon.
10. A Christmas tree stall.

For me it feels a little like the night before Christmas, because I'm heading home tomorrow. I can't believe it's finally (almost) here! It's going to be a busy couple of days, planning and getting things packed. I am so ready for this :)

What are/ were your holiday plans like?



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  1. Anonymous12/21/2012

    I really love the ribbon picture! So simple, but beautiful. My Christmas is going to be rather chill this year. I might see a movie on Christmas day; that's something I've always wanted to do.

  2. Happy winter solstice :3
    I have a dinner with my cousins tomorrow and on 24 with all the family
    during weekend I want to decorate more and have a relax time , watch movies :D

  3. I love all your pictures! I have a ton of holiday parties to go to and I still need to wrap all my presents. The best present I'm going to get on Christmas is being able to stay home and relax!

  4. Anonymous12/21/2012

    The photography is amazing! Love it!

  5. Anonymous12/21/2012

    Your photos are always so ethereal and pretty!! :)


  6. What darling pictures. Happy holidays!

  7. Love the photos!

  8. I love little life moments :) Especially so many filled with holiday cheer. I too am heading home tomorrow so I feel a bit festive and giddy tonight.

  9. Beautiful images captured - have a wonderful Christmas!

  10. I love your photographs and the mood they create -- they remind me of photos in Japanese magazines with the dusky pink tones.

  11. I looove crullers! Enjoy your time at home, and Merry Christmas!

  12. These are gorgeous! Happy to find you and merry christmas. xo, Lauren @ Flee to the Cleve

  13. Yum! I want #1 right now! :p

    Hope you're having some fun quality time with your fam!

  14. Love your photos, make me feel all festive and cozy, my latest post was similar with holiday pic recap. Adorable blog lady!

  15. Your pics look like mine! Starbucks and fun red nail polish! :-) Found you through Casey! :-) Happy New Year!

  16. love your photos, especially the polaroid and the big bow pictures.

  17. Beautiful shots! I love your blog - joined on GFC :)

    - Katherine

  18. GORGEOUS photos!!!!!!!!!!

    That is what I just love about this blogging world, that I can stumble upon your beautiful writings and feel like I am right there with you.

    All the best in this new year to you and your loved ones.


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