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Out on the Town in Williamsburg

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It's been awhile since our last fancy-pants dinner. This weekend, I was treated to a lovely meal at a French-inspired bistro! I ordered the salmon, and wore HUGE fake eyelashes that made me feel ridiculous and glamorous. I felt a little outlandish wearing them out on the town, but they looked so natural in the photos I took with them the next day. Why is this so? I'm always baffled how things that are so exaggerated in real life can work well in photos.

Either way, I think our server thought they were/ I was fabulous, because he comped one of my drinks. :)

Well, you might notice that I've been playing with my blog header for the past few days. I liked the old one, but wanted something a little more simple. I'm still thinking of doing some more tweaks.... going even simpler. If you're in a reader, pop on over and tell me what you think :)


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  1. I like the new header--subtle but very stylish

  2. I like the new header, but I also liked the old one as well. I've been looking to possibly simplify my blog layout too. I think having the simpler layout and header lets your pictures take center stage.
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  3. Yummyy food, nice location, looks like a great evening! :)

  4. Super cute place - and I love that a drink was comped!
    As for your header, I think it's super pretty. I'm a lover of all things simple and classic and I definitely think your new header is that!

  5. Love the photos. The food looks absolutely DELISH.

    As or your header it's really chic. Love it!

    xo, N

  6. Love the photos and the new header girlie.

  7. Love French food!! And your header looks great. :-)

    Thanks for the comment!



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