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It's the end of the month call for sponsors! Joy.

Now I know in the call for sponsors, it's obligatory that everyone always talk how awesome the upcoming month will be. But guys, January will actually be pretty cool for me. Here is just some of what I've got up my sleeve for the next month:

~ I'll be taking the top sponsor spot a VERY high traffic blog that most of you know and love :)
~ The Totally Awesome Blog Hop is going strong, always driving tons of traffic at the beginning of the month, and this one is promising to be the best one yet!
~ I've got a video interview lined up with a very prominent social media guru about the power of blogging!
~ I'm in talks with a HUGE, household-name website that is poised to feature me next month.

I know I'm being a little braggy about it all... I just can't keep secrets very well, and I'm really excited!

If you're looking for a bump in traffic, or if you'd just like to support your favorite blogger, please visit my sponsor page. You'll note that I've increased my rates. However, if you email me about a spot before the 28th, get a special holiday 25% discount!!

If you celebrate Christmas, I hope you have a wonderful one :) Please be in touch if you'd like to work together in the new year. xx


♥ watch my new video for "just the way you are" on youtube!!


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