December 27, 2012

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Hello again, my lovely friends! Man, it's certainly been a few days since I've poked my head around here, huh? Truthfully, I think I'll need a little more time to recover from the especially hectic (but wonderful) holiday I had.

In the meantime, you can check out my amazing sponsors, who I'm completely smitten with. They are all awesome, and will be your new favorite reads. Thanks and love! xx

the curious pug leesha4

Hey there! I'm Alycia and I run a lifestyle blog, The Curious Pug. Want to know three random things about me? Okay, good! 1) I have more yarn than I do anything else in my house. 2) I can pick things up off the ground with my toes. I used to be a ballerina so my feet are very dexterous. 3) I'm a huge bookworm and can never be without a book or I feel incomplete.


grits and moxie DSCN7053

Hello, I'm Jennifer! I'm just a simply complex tattooed lady who is finding my way in the world of books, blogging and a fiscally challenged life in Athens, GA. I'd love it if you were to follow me on my adventures as I explore my new town, drink pots of Earl Grey tea, camp on a whim, hunt down street/folk/outsider art in weird places and (try to) craft on occasion.


kitty and buck KittyandBuck600x500 July2012

Hi! My name is Shell, affectionately known as Kitty, I live in Sydney, Australia and I'm engaged to a charming fella from Arizona. I run the show over at Kitty & Buck, where I blog about creative inspiration, photography, travel, fashion, books and picnics - I also throw in the occasional DIY and recipe post! I recently launched design services for all of you bloggers and small business owners out there, I am a professional graphic designer by trade and absolutely love the art of designing for a more handmade/small business clientele.


princess corner navidad3

Hello chantilly´s readers I am Ruzu from Princess Corner, a girl obsessed with pretty things, photography, vintage, style-clothes, tea, macarons, japan, flowers, polka dots, etnic prints, nail polish, cupcakes, dark nature, music and much more, you can follow my link and say hi, don´t be shy.

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ally hoot

Oh hello, my name is Marisa Noelle, and I run a little ol' shop called AllyHoot Vintage.  When I'm not scouting out my next vintage darling, you can find me blogging over here or sitting down at the keys banging out my next song.  I'm just your typical vintage loving gal with a heart for music, adventuring, and everything sweet.  Nice to meet ya!



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  1. Ooh I do love your blog- these posts are great, always nice to nosy around new blogs! Have this bookmarked now haha :)

    Please check out SW Fashion if you get a moment lovely

    Shona x

  2. Hey I know some of these lovely gals. :) Happy to have some new blogs/shops to check out. :)

  3. Love this post and great photos

  4. Such awesome bloggers! :)
    I just found your BEAUTIFUL blog through Casey's linkup. I adore your design. And your voice?? Just listened to a couple songs - gorgeous. SO excited to follow you via GFC and will definitely be back. You're truly inspiring!


    1. well thank you so much!! this comment made my heart flutter. i'm so flattered you like my design... i've been tinkering with it for a few years now & finally got it to where i like it! (for now...) thank you so much erin & am checking you out now :)

  5. aww they all seem so cute and likeable :)


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