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Good tea & good company

Hello friends! How was your weekend?

This weekend Matt's brother, Chris came into town. They went to movies, drank whiskey, and did other boy things, while I was teaching some lessons and did my girl things. I did get to hang with them at a bar on Saturday night... even though it was against my better judgement, the hot toddys helped to soothe my sore and sick throat :)

On Sunday morning, I was still feeling gross. My poor throat ached from being overtaxed, talking all night long. I opted for tea at brunch, rather than my normal screwdriver :) It did the trick. I usually drink it plain, but the honey and lemon made all the difference.

tea tea2

Ahh, brothers...

tea3 tea4

hope you had a great weekend! xx


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  1. handsome brothers :)

  2. I'm more of a spicy bloody mary brunch drinker .. on occasion and not too often ;-)

    Tea with honey and lemon also sounds good.


  3. I have such a craving for a hot toddy now, hope you are feeling better xo

  4. great post, awesome pics! :D

  5. I love tea! Honey and lemon in are definitely miracle workers in tea when you aren't feeling so hot :)


  6. I'm glad to hear your weekend was pretty nice overall and that your throat is feeling better! I had a pretty nice weekend too! xx

  7. Honey and lemon have magical healing powers!

  8. I do hope you feel better, and that you were able to enjoy his company!

  9. Honey and lemon <3 delicious! Hope you feel better soon!

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