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Part II! Benefits of Loose Tea

Hello again! Hope you enjoyed my segment yesterday on labeling jars to put your tea herbs in. Now for a word on the herbs themselves...

I've been drinking loose tea for ages... and I know I'm (maybe) a bit snobbish about my fancy-pants tea drinking. But frankly, everyday tea bags hold a candle to the goldmine you can find in organic stores :P (imho) I mostly go for the stuff with medicinal properties, but there are also delicious flavored loose teas you can buy! My friend Coley always has these yummy sounding blends... like wild blueberry, or caramel cinnamon.

Anyway, here are a few that I feel are must-haves, and are socked away in my cupboard-

Chamomile- I'm sure most of you have at least heard of chamomile, and it's calming properties. And I swear, loose organic chamomile has been way more effective for me than than teabags for those extra stressful days. This would be my top loose tea recommendation for just about anyone.
St. John's Wort- Confession: I've had some problems with depression in the past, and it can still creep up on me from time to time. This has helped me ease the burden of a sad mood, and drunk steadily over time, can have an even more potent effect.
Peppermint- This was my very first tea! I remember drinking Celestial Seasoning's peppermint with sugar when I was a youngin', and feeling so grownup and special. Nowadays, I use this when my stomach gets grouchy, as it soothes the digestive system.
Licorice Root- A natural and delicious sweetener! I'm not actually sure what healing properties this has, but it has a distinct taste that I love to use from time to time.
Slippery Elm- As a singer, I sometimes use this to soothe my throat before a performance, or when I have a cold.
Yerba Mate- I discovered this one while on the road, playing some shows in Upstate NY! This tea is similar to coffee, but produces a different kind of feeling than normal caffeine. That's what I like about it. It makes me feel more aware, but not jittery.
Rose Hips- These little babies pack a punch of vitamin C. That's why I always use them in my tea when I'm sick, and it helps me recover from a cold quickly.
Lavender- Similar to chamomile in that it's another herb used for relaxation, though I don't love the scent enough to make a full-on lavender tea. Just the smell of lavender often helps people calm down. I drop a few buds in when I want to double up on the tranquility quotient.
Green Tea- What it says :) I actually haven't had this in awhile, but only because the tea is so fine that it slips through my strainer. I most often make in the summer as iced tea, mixed with a little honey.

I usually use a combination of these to help with whatever ails me. Chamomile-peppermint is a favorite. Sometimes I add a little rose hips to give my immune system a boost. Lavender and licorice root together is heavenly, and I usually drink yerba mate and green tea on their own :)

Thanks for reading along with me about my passion for tea! Any favorites of your own? xx

benefits of loose tea


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  1. and here i was thinking that these teas just tasted good! thanks for sharing all their uses... i've only ever used tea bags but maybe loose tea is worth it :)


  2. Love me some loose tea! Thanks for sharing this!


  3. I have serious tea envy. I love peppermint tea. When I was first started drinking green tea I didn't like the taste so I'd mix in some peppermint or lemon until I got used to it.

  4. Lavender tea is one of my favorites! I also adore jasmine and peppermint! My favorite thing to do, however, is buy the loose leaves at my local herb shop and make my own blends!

  5. I am a ready-blended buyer of tea, but I would love to get up a little collection of herbs to blend my own, especially when I'm feeling a little off, or need to calm myself down. Thanks for sharing this, I'd love to hear more about your favourite blends of tea :) xx

  6. Tea is one of my favorite drinks, thank you for sharing this benefits, I always learn something new about this beverage

  7. mmmm tea <3 I'm a huge fan of David`s Tea- they sell so many fancy blends!

  8. Very interesting to know! I agree about loose leaf tea- without being too educated I have just always thought making my own little muslin tea bags was way nicer than the generic types. My girls drink peppermint tea, and I like Creme Brulee but I have to admit- coffee is my heart :)

  9. Love it! I drink a ton of chamomile tea to help me sleep, and when I'm feeling anxious. Lavender is also a fave! Thanks for this! :)


  10. I am currently OBSESSED with Kusmi Tea, especially their Detox and Sweet Love blends. YUM! But, I am always on the lookout for something new.

    Also, weird your friend's real name Coley? My brother's name is Coley, and I've never heard of anyone else with that name :)

  11. Loved these posts, hope you do more in the future, thanks for sharing! Always happy to learn about tea & herbs :)

    <3 Megan

  12. this is such a great series! i may try to blend my own teas now!

  13. These look so tasty! I keep meaning to try loose tea and especially caffeine free ones - thanks for sharing!
    *stocks up*

  14. Interesting post! ;) And yerba mate rocks! Some people have told me they feel more awake after having it (especially the traditional way with the straw), but I've never felt anything. But then again, coffee does not make me feel awake either :/.

    Have a wonderful weekend! ;D

  15. Thank you so much for this! I'm always kinda baffled at this section of the health food store but I might make the leap with a few staples now :) I like your jars too!

  16. I've been getting really into loose tea lately. It's got so much more depth of flavor than bagged tea, and way less dust. I am love with this black tea I have from some Massachusetts supplier - it has lemon and strawberry flavors.

  17. On a non-tea not I love your signature image.


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