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Sponsor feature ~ Charlie Foxtrot

First of all, I just want to say this girl rocks! I fell in love with her blog when I first came across it in one of my blog hops. Check her out, she's awesome!!


Hey gang! I'm Erin and I hail from the prairie city that is Edmonton, Canada. I work at a TV station by day and I blog by night. I'm a video editor by trade with a penchant for photography. As much as I love digital my heart lies with film photography, and now I'm seen most weekends carrying my Canon AE-1 around. (Any film buffs out there? Come say hi!)

I'm mama to a toddler and an axolotl, although I certainly don't consider myself a mom blogger. You'll see the two pop by on my blog periodically, but I don't plan on writing about potty training or daycare anytime soon. Axolotl care maybe. ;)

I love exploring abandoned houses with my boyfriend Raimund, and I love documenting our finds on the blog. This summer we're hoping to travel around the prairies and find some ghost towns in and around southern Alberta, so wish us luck!

EA 24

My list of things I love can go on and on...road trips, guitar, snail mail, collecting Soviet propaganda, being addicted to David's Teas, Mr Show with Bob and David marathons...but I won't bore you here with the entire list.

If I've sparked your interest, come on down and say hello on my blog!


Charlie Foxtrot


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  1. Oh I love Erin, she's one of my favorite bloggers :)

  2. Yay! Go Erin! ;D So pretty and talented!

  3. Erin, you are awesome! Love ya xxx

  4. Another canon ae-1 user! Hi!


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