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Sunday songs ~ The Wire

Ever seen The Wire?? If you like gritty police dramas, you should totally be on that. It's one of my favorites, and is widely considered one of the greatest TV shows ever made. It's a little hard to get into at first, as the plot and characters are very complex, and the language is dense. But it's well worth the time if you stick with it! I've been re-watching it over the past few weeks.

Anyway, this is Sunday Songs. Since I've been so inspired by this show lately, I wanted to do something different and share the theme song with you :P The original is by Tom Waits, but they get different artists to record alternate versions for every season. (Tom's version is in the opening credits to the second season.)

In my book, the best cover of the song is the one they use in season 1... a jaunty blues version by the Blind Boys of Alabama.

Also, just because I couldn't resist, here's a handy video- 100 of The Wire's best quotes... and there are some great quotes on that show.
(And uh... just a warning. There's swearing, racial slurs, and violence in this video. Please don't watch if you'll be offended by these things ;)



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  1. "The game is rigged. But you cannot lose if you do not play".

    My favourite line of the entire series.

  2. I really should watch that show. It is one of my husbands favorites. He references it a lot. And I love crime shows. I don't know why I haven't watched it yet.


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