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Tea Herbs Part I! Jar Labeling DIY

Good morning!

In case you missed it, I'm totally jazzed about the reaction my wig got yesterday! Having it makes me feel super sexxy, and I'm thinking it was a good investment. So naturally, I want to follow that up with a post about tea :P

My brother works at an organic food co-op in Maine, and has access to all kinds of cool products for cheap. One day a few years ago, he sent me this amazing care package with a crazy assortment of tea herbs. I got a pound each of chamomile, St. John's wort, peppermint, plus about a dozen small random herb packages. I've never had to buy tea again since that day, and have sworn off tea bags!

I've been storing them in random jars all this time, and have always wanted to put labels on them... my yerba mate and St. John's Wort can get mixed up pretty easily, you know! Well, few days ago was the day that I finally decided to make my tea-jar labeling dreams a reality.

diy labels

Now, putting labels on things isn't re-inventing the wheel. But I did take a few extra steps to make them to my taste. For instance, I picked out a cute font that I wanted to look handwritten... so I used a Beautiful Mess's LoveLove font.

Then, the process of making the labels was quite easy- I set up a letter-sized document in Photoshop, wrote out all the tea names, made it into a PDF, and printed it out on regular paper. Simple, right? If you don't have Photoshop, you can totally just use Microsoft Word.

After printing out the document, I cut out the individual names. You can make any kind of shape (I think hearts would be cute!), but I stuck with rounded-edge squares and rectangles. I also wanted an extra touch of bling, so I mixed some Mod Podge and multi-colored glitter together. I applied just a tiny amount of glitter to the edges. Then Mod-podged the labels to the jars.

tea jars 4 tea jars 5

So, there's Part I for ya. I was going to also talk a little bit about the different kinds of teas that I like to use. But I figured it would make more sense if I just did a whole 'nother post, seeing as they're different subjects. So stay tuned for part II...

Hope you're having a lovely day. xoxo


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  1. Love love love! So envious of your care packaged teas!

  2. What a NEATO craft. Can't wait to get into that! So creative.

  3. The labels look amazing, I'm definitely going to use this if I ever need to label something! Also, I wish I had a cool brother with a cool job! xx


  4. I love the touch of glitter around the edge! It's such a cute, perfect touch.

  5. oooooh I adore the glitter accents. And I love tea! My fave is rooibos. :)


  6. Those are so cute:) Whaatta good idea:) Just for the record, its even national tea drinking month! Apparently January is considered that because most people's new years resolutions are to lose weight and drinking tea(especially green tea) helps with that. There's your fun fact of the day!

  7. these are way too cute! I feel this weekend is going to consist of soaking off the labels of everything I own and replacing them with these!!! x

  8. These are brilliant - so cute!

  9. Anonymous1/08/2013

    Such a great idea! I have spices, legumes, grains, the whole bit! that need their name on containers.

  10. they are unbelievably cute!!


  11. So cute! I love the addition of the glitter :)

  12. so pretty! love the simplicity of this. would make great birthday cards too with the wee line of glitter around it.


  13. I've always wanted to try loose leaf steeped tea, but it seems a tad intimidating (although when you think about it it's probably very easy). I just like the idea of mixing your own blend, you could have different tea combinations all the time. David's Tea is really popular here, I think I might just bite the bullet and buy a sampler pack. Great post!


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