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life moments

Happy Friday! Just a few shots from here, there, and everywhere...

unmade bed fuck you and your blog ebay eyelashes heart sunglasses chocolate yummy soda yankee candle red velvet cat

1. This is what my bed looks like most days... I'm kind of bad at making it.
2. I saw this in a local bookstore, and thought it was hilarious! It's actually a journal. I have a mind to buy it next time.
3. My ebay obsession continues... I ordered some cheap false eyelashes. The packaging was cute, but that's about it. I'm ramping up to eventually do a comprehensive post on falsies!!
4. Another ebay purchase... these heart sunglasses were incredibly cheap, and are incredibly fun :)
5. Dark chocolate with salted toffee from Trader Joes... my favorite.
6. Some yummy/ gorgeous sodas I spotted at a local cafe.
7. Yankee candle had a huge sale recently, and I couldn't help picking up this one. It's now one of my favorite candles ever.
8. The other morning, I heard a "meow" coming from under the bed. I looked down and saw just this little leg and tail peeking out. Cutest thing.

How has your week been? Mine has been filled with a lot of writing, teaching some lessons, and thinking about how I can improve myself. I don't remember if I've mentioned it here before, but I've been reading The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron. It's all about freeing blocked creativity, and has been helping me with a lot of things associated with that. I'm starting to feel a sense of possibility in my life again. I feel a bigger post coming on as I'm writing this... but I want to be able to articulate it properly, so I'll stop here today.

Either way, hope you're having a good day, and that it's not too cold where you are :) xx


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  1. Hahaha, #2 is hilarious!

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend! ;D


  2. i love that photo of the sodas. and that book sounds really neat— i'm reading one now called "art and fear" that explores why art is made (& why it's often not made) and why a lot of people give up along the way. it's a pretty quick little read and if you need help/motivation getting unstuck then it might be a good read for you =]

  3. Dark chocolate with salted toffee .. ah, is there any better combination that this?


  4. Happy friday! I'm not a big soda fan, but Boylan's sodas are the best! My favourite is ginger ale:)

  5. Lovely photos! I used to have the same sunglasses and i loved wearing them, you get the oddest tan lines!


  6. I have NEVER got the hang of false eyelashes. I feel like such a failure of a girl. The only time they ever went on right and stayed on was when I had my little sister do them for me!

  7. Those heart sunglasses are so adorable!!

  8. I am incredibly jealous of your candle, such a yummy scent!
    My week has been comprised of battling my inner blues, writing my soul out on paper, perusing tumblr and polyvore, and drinking enough coffee and tea that I feel fit to burst :)

  9. Anonymous2/02/2013

    Great photos! I have just found your blog, it's lovely.

  10. Such pretty snippets of your life! Love the heart sunglasses, and I'm not sure how I feel about that book. And I do half of my grocery shopping at Trader Joes- love that place! -Jessica L

  11. I love all those pictures. And that candle sounds divine. Have a lovely day!:)

  12. Love your quilt in the first picture! I pride myself on being able to find amazing vintage quilts for next to nothing at thrift stores and antique shops. :)

    Your kitty leg is super cute! :)

  13. looks like you had a great week! that journal is awesome and trader joe's is the besssssssst!

  14. That black cheery soda looks delicious. I love sodas made with cane sugar. I bet that candle smells delicious enough to eat!

    LC from


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