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Scarpetta Shoe Boutique Prelaunch!

Scarpetta Shoe Boutique

I was approached recently by a lovely new company- Scarpetta Shoe Boutique. They are a new women’s online designer shoe boutique, and they asked me to be a part of their pre-launch campaign! Their website is still under wraps, but the shoes they carry features brands such as DKNY, Steve Madden, Jessica Simpson, and Michael Kors. Also, in their words, they are hoping to win the hearts of "smart, fun, quirky, genuine, witty women." Sounds a lot like you, right? ;) I am so excited and happy to be included, and I think you guys will be into their stuff (take a look at the totally cute samples in the picture!)

To celebrate the launch of their new online boutique, they are giving away gift cards to everyone who signs up to “Get Pumped” on their Facebook page! Also, the gift card amount grows as more people sign up. So if 50 people sign up, everyone will receive a $5 Gift Card. If 100 people sign up, everyone will get $10; 1000 people = $25; and 5000 people = $50 Gift Cards for everyone!

I think the little picture below demonstrates pretty well how it works. So what are you waiting for? Go sign up! It's a pretty awesome deal, and there's nothing to lose :)

Scarpetta Shoe Boutique


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