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Datevitation Review and Giveaway!

The hearts cover is so adorable!!

True story- when I was little, I had a period of being obsessed with making these little "coupon books" for my friends and family. I forgot where I got the idea, but I distinctly remember giving one to my mom on mother's day, and another friend for her birthday. It seemed like such a nice and unique present for someone that you love.

So when Datevitation, contacted me recently, I was intrigued. They're a company that makes custom love coupon books, similar to the ones I used to put together in my childhood- but a lot more fancy (i.e. not with spiral notebook paper & pen :P) They asked me if I wanted to make my own book and review it, and I was delighted to try it out :)


So what even is a "love coupon book?" Glad you asked. It's a little gift book to give you someone full of "coupons" that they are able to "redeem" with you later. They'll all say something like... "This coupon is good for one kiss, anywhere, anytime." Or, "I'll take you on a picnic in Central Park! Name the date." As you can imagine, you can really go anywhere with this idea... and Datevitation has over 500 of them complete with illustrations.

The experience of making a book is super easy. First, it guides you through and asks for the genders of the involved parties, and whether the relationship is romantic or friendly. You then choose a cover for your book- it can be for a special occasion- like Christmas or a birthday- or just to say I love you.

Then you get to pick your dates, which are grouped by category. If you're a thrill-seeker, you can look under the "Adrenaline" tag. If you're more of a sensitive soul, maybe go for "Artistic" dates. And so on. You can even choose things like "Win an argument," or "Remote control." Hell, I made one telling Matt I'd clean the entire apartment! They also have more adult (ahem... sexy) options...

As you pick out your dates, you can customize the words, and even upload your own photos to go with the illustrations.

Datevitation Datevitation

Long story short, I wanted to wait until Christmas to give Matt his little booklet, but couldn't wait. I just handed it to him out of the blue one day recently. He was touched, felt appreciated, and thought it was really cute :)

As part of this review today, Datevitation and I are giving away one coupon booklet to a lucky reader!

In addition, you can use the code CHANTILLYSONGS for $10 off your purchase plus free shipping!! That means you can get your loved one a one-of-a-kind gift for Christmas starting at just $15! (The order cut-off date for guaranteed delivery by Christmas is December 13 so make sure to get your order in before then!) These little books can be such a great gift idea, especially with the holidays coming up... this is a great deal!

For the giveaway... just be a follower of my blog, then do bonus entries to your heart's content :) Good luck!!

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  1. I totally used to make these as a kid, too! Love this!


  2. they're all so cute that it's hard to choose! i would have to say the creative category is one of my faves.


  3. I just got a Datevitation and loved it! I got it for a friend!

  4. This is soooo cute! I remember my mom used to make coupon books when we were kids. They're so much fun! :)

    xo Megan,

  5. This is so cute & cool! I remember making these for mother's &father's day at school with coupons like "vacuum the floor" I didn't realise you could get professional ones! I love it!

  6. These are so funny! I'm actually doing a Datevitation giveaway next week. (Great minds think alike? Of course they do.) ;)

  7. I love this! The cafe date is adorable! Such a great gift idea!

  8. I love this idea! My one year anniversary is coming up (Dec. 20) and this would make a perfect gift!

  9. Aww what a gorgeous gift for someone <3 So cool!

    Sophie xox soinspo

  10. My favorite one is the "Sunset" <3

  11. well my favorite one I cannot say on here *blush* but I like the make out session one too :D I love this and I hope I am lucky to get it! Thanks for the chance! :)


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