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Cat in a Box

cat in a box

This is Thelonious. She really likes being in this box.

In fact, all my cats love being in boxes. Do any other cat mothers and fathers out there know what I'm talking about? Can I get an amen? You bring home a new microwave or something, and they're obsessed with the packaging. Much more so than any toys you give them. This here actually happens to be a box tower Yes, several boxes stacked on top of one another, so that more than one cat can occupy it at once. Matt called it "kitty apartments."

Anyway, just wanted to pop in, and say hello, and show you this adorable picture of my girl in her "secret" spot :P Happy Wednesday.



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  1. Definitely a common thing in my house too - I've actually called them "kitty kondos" ("k" is optional ) lol. Your cat has a beautiful name and is just gorgeous. Cheap toys are the best anyway; why not get something for yourself and entertain your cat?!

  2. Adorable kitty :) We call them "cat traps" in our house.

  3. hehe love the term "Kitten Apartments". Both of my cats love being in boxes or even round bowls or tubs, basically anything they can fit in! One of our cats also likes to sit in any small area he can find like cupboard shelves - we never know where we are going to find him!

    1. Omg, that's such a cute story. Bowls... haha, my cats aren't that creative. They just like new things ;)

  4. she is cute and yes, cats love taking over any boxes you bring home!

  5. So cute. I love watching kitties get excited over boxes haha

  6. SO CUTE. Wedge and Mau love 'em as well, and when they go inside, they think we can't see them. :P

  7. So true. This goes for all kitties, from all countries (probably, intergalactic kitties do that too). Boxes, bags, wrapping paper... you name it! Once they see it, it's theirs! =D

  8. Boo! I can't see the pic :(. I wanna see Thelonious!


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