Spring Cleaning... Site Redesign!

Spring Cleaning... Site Redesign!

Phew!  I cannot tell you how I've been looking forward to this moment. I've been craving a visual freshening for at least a few months.  But something recently has been pushing me to get it done NOW NOW NOW.  And finally, I had some time to work on it this week.

Change is good!



Cool, right?  Okay, so some things...


For starters, I've decided to drop the "Songs" from the blog title (though all my URLS will remain the same.)  I mainly did this because people tend to get this space where I write, and my musical identity mixed up.  Maybe it is confusing...

I originally chose "ChantillySongs" as my URL years ago since "Chantilly" was already taken.  Then at one point, I started to get more involved in the culture of blogging, make several posts per week, and write about non-musical interests.  However, I was still keeping two different sites- my blog and my music website.

When I noticed that the blog was getting 1000% more traffic, it was a no-brainer... I had to fuse the two.  Why not get all the eyeballs in one place?   Besides, I already had the URL, and thought it would make an automatically cute blog name.  Boom!  Done.

But it's been a bit of a messy marriage, as I look back.  I'm hoping to make everything fit together better visually.  Traditionally on someone's music site, you have things like third-person bios, and lists your achievements, and whatnot.  That doesn't happen very often on blogs... and a person stumbling across my music probably just wants to listen to music, not read an arm's length of reviews, or lists of venues I've played at this year.  This is why I will eventually have separate EPK's for both my blog and music work.  

So... you will also see some overhaul of the info sections in the coming weeks :)


It may seem super simple.  And maybe it's even OVERLY simple. But I've been considering something drastically new for a long time.

Especially as I've been contemplating the style and direction of my next "official' music release. Yes, I still love the design of my last EP, and I'm super proud that I did it all myself! But I want to start thinking about a something that will look good for years to come.  Unlike blog designs, you can't just change your album cover on a whim :(

Admission: I'm a trend hopper. I like bright colors.  Fun patterns.  I love an artsy flair... and not always in a graceful way, either :P   My new favorite style is always my *all time favorite must-have.*  I can be a quiet person in conversation, but I am vibrant inside. And I have been in love with self-expression in all its forms since the day my mom started letting me wear glittery leopard-print skirts to school (which was when I was nine, btw.)

So even though I will always love cutsey handwritten fonts, and wouldn't describe myself as a "simple" or "classic" girl AT ALL... I do want to start exploring that side of myself visually.  Sometimes simplicity goes a long way, even if you are an artsy type.

I'm looking forward to breaking in my new, cleaned out space :)

Do you like it?  xoxo!

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  1. I really like it. I have been liking simple and classic looks more and more during the last year.

  2. Simple is nice, looks clean and nice :D

  3. Anonymous4/19/2014

    Love the new look!


  4. nice! I like the menu at the top too, easy to find everything :) Looking good!

  5. I love it!! It looks wonderful!

  6. This is my first time to your site, but I think it looks great! I've changed my own site design SO many times, but I always seem return to a more simple look that's easy to read and navigate and then I look for ways to inject some personality. I think you did an awesome job!

  7. It looks great!! I'm totally with you on bright colors and bold patterns, but it's funny- as a graphic designer my style is much more muted and simple than my fashion/decorating style.

  8. I love it! You did a great job with the new changes. :)

  9. I love the new look! :D

  10. I think the layout is clean and very fresh. I'm diggin' it :D <3

    - Anna



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