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Honeymoon Part 4 ~ Santa Barbara & LA

Time for Part 4 of my 4-part honeymoon series!!  Last year, my husband and I got married :)  Then we went on a roadtrip down California Highway 1.  Click for Part 1Part 2, and Part 3.


Honeymoon Part 3 ~ Scenery & San Luis Obispo

Time for Part 3 of my 4-part honeymoon series!!  Last year, my husband and I got married :)  Then we went on a roadtrip down California Highway 1.  Click for Part 1 and Part 2.

So... we were on the third leg of our journey, coming from Monterey down to Santa Barbara.   Things are starting to seem more relaxed, and we start getting used to the feeling of changing hotels every couple of days.  I remember driving through mountains in the dark, listening to 60's surf music on Sirius Radio.  I remember checking into our hotel- the retro Agave Inn.  I remember cool air that night... it all felt like a movie.


The next day, I made plans for us to backtrack upstream to a resort in San Luis Obispo, where they had hot spring pools open to the public.  I'm kind of obsessed with saunas, spas, steam rooms, jacuzzis... basically all things hot and relaxing.  So this side trip was a must for me :)

The experience did not disappoint.  They were private hot tubs for two nestled in the woods.  You could rent them by the hour for two hours max.  To get to the pools you ascended a big outdoor flight of stairs, like you were climbing to a magic treehouse in the sky.


Sigh... so gorgeous.

And through it all, there was of course MAJOR BEAUTIFUL scenery.  My favorite part was during this drive from Monterey to Santa Barbara, because it's where more of these yellow flowers started to show up.  They contrasted gorgeously with the blue ocean.  I took too many pictures of everything...


Next up, we're exploring Santa Barbara and LA  :))


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Honeymoon Part 2 ~ Monterey & Big Sur

Next stop, Monterey!!  This was the time when we started making our way down to California Highway 1.  Which in case you haven't heard, has the reputation of being one of the most scenic drives known to man.  That drive was the main reason we wanted to do the trip, and boy did it live up to the hype.

Blue water.  Cliff drops.  Secret paths.  Scenery for days.

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