Lately ++

Lately ++

Hey all! Just a few updates telling everyone what's been going on in my world...

Lately ::

+ Two weeks ago, a close family member had a serious hospital emergency. So... dealing with that.

+ Last weekend I had my first festival experience at Mountain Jam!

+ My favorite performances were Jenny Lewis, George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic, and Kurt Vile.

+ I brought my camera, thinking of all the Instagram gold I was going to capture, then proceeded to take zero photos. Here is what no one REALLY tells you about music festivals- you will be hot, hungover, and sleep-deprived.

+ Because my personal life has been fraught with drama in the past few weeks, I chose to spend this past weekend at home, bingeing on 80's movies. Adventures in Babysitting, The Goonies, Dirty Dancing... Give me allll the nostalgia!! If anyone has any good Netflix or Hulu recommendations so that I can continue to ignore reality this week, let me know! 😉

+ So I've been going back and forth in the last few months about quitting coffee and right now I'm off it.  It gives me terrible acid reflux sometimes, so I usually have to lay off for a few weeks to reset things. I know... maybe not the best choice of photo for this update, haha.

+ I'm lowkey trying to find some other NYC-based Instagrammers/ bloggers to meet up and create content with. Hit me up if you are interested!

+ Looking forward to lots of free summer movies and concerts.

+ Hoping in general that this summer can turn itself around despite its crummy start 😢


Gee, sorry this post turned out to be a bit Debbie Downer-ish. I'm actually not feeling that down about things right now. I'm feeling hopeful. It's just that life happens sometimes.

Thanks for sharing it with me 💖


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