October 17, 2008

doin' the best i can

part 1:
i just want to comment about all the ep's i've been sending - i hope they're getting out to everyone safely. i'm so happy there was such a good response, and i hope you all are enjoying them. tell your friends, and i will send them one too ...although they are running low so hurry! once they are gone, i won't be making/ giving out any more.

part 2:
i'd like to tell you all about a little trip i'll be taking next weekend. i know most of you probably don't reside in the dc/ virginia areas, but i'd just like to put it out there that i'm still alive and performing. and it would be great if people came out to support me:

washington dc
friday, october 24
sounds of hope at the potter's house
1658 columbia rds NW
**this is a benefit for columbia road health services, and i open the show right@ 6, and robert orwin will be on @ 7. there MIGHT be a cover. i know there is for the main show, but i'm not sure it applies to my set as well.

manassas, va
saturday, oct. 25th / 8pm / 4 bux
9882 liberia ave.
ricky (solo musician)
brent (One Scene Production)
one more TBA

i've been in a cave creatively lately. i was doing a lot of little side projects, plus the album, plus trying to play shows, plus thinking about all this abstract marketing theory in the web 2.0 world, and it just wasn't working. i've now decided that i can't do it all. even though all these music business blogs i've been reading have been telling me i must - MUST to survive in the music world. but i drive myself crazy with it. so that's it - i'm focusing on the album right now, and only the album. it needs to get finished before i can practically throw myself off a cliff trying to think of ways to get it noticed. i'll play some gigs. i'll enlist some friends to help out with publicity. and that will be that.

so that the post doesn't end on such a serious note, here is a macro for your enjoyment (i believe even mccain supporters could have a chuckle a this):


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