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Dining at The Greens Pier 17 in NYC

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Are you looking to have a nice meal at The Greens Pier 17 NYC? You’re in the right spot!

If you’re anything like me, you've heard a lot of buzz about The Greens Pier 17 New York. The breezy rooftop space reconfigured itself in 2020, in an attempt to fulfill the demand for socially-distant dining. It was actually one of the first restaurants of its kind to adapt a full-scale overhaul to accommodate this need!

The original idea of The Greens at pier 17 NYC, is that people could go out and enjoy a nice meal, while also being safe.

Nowadays, the main reason that people love to visit The Greens at Pier 17 is its lavish seasonal setups. The rooftop switches from private mini-lawns in the summer to cozy cabins in the winter!

The menu changes as well- going from hearty dishes in the fall and winter, to light and refreshing fare in the warmer months.

Not to mention, the amount space you get while dining on this Pier 17 rooftop restaurant is positively luxurious for NYC dining. And the views of Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridge are unparalleled.

Whether you’re looking to experience the rooftop cabins at Pier 17, or see the Pier 17 rooftop lawns, you’ll find something to like here for sure!

Luckily, I’ve been to The Greens at Pier 17 New York both in the winter and summer seasons. I loved it both times. So I wanted to give you a little recap of my experiences!


31 NYC Micro Influencers to Follow

Micro influencers NYC — Content creator NYC —  NYC micro influencers — New York micro influencers — New York Instagram Influencers — NYC Content Creators

If you’re looking for some new NYC micro influencers to check out, boy have I got some good recommendations for you!

In case you’re not sure what a micro influencer is- it's simply someone who has trust and influence with a community that they’ve built on their social media platforms. It's just like traditional influencers with 1M+ followers, only on a smaller scale.

It’s no secret that I love following NYC micro influencers… I am one after all! These influencers on Instagram are giving fresh inspiration, knowledge, and entertainment every single day. Some of them have great product recommendations, some have interesting stories to tell, and others just have a killer aesthetic!

Every day, I wake up and look forward to what they're going to post next. That’s why I’ve had such a great time compiling this greatest-hits list of my favorite New York micro influencers

I’m so excited that I finally get to share my go-to girls with you!


KJP Sweater Review - Big Cozy Leaf, Evergreen, & Cozy Cabin Moose

KJP sweater review — KJP leaf sweater — Kiel james patrick leaf sweater — Kiel James Patrick fall sweater — KJP sweater — Kiel James Patrick sweater review

Searching for a KJP sweater review? Good news- You’re in the right place!

Let me guess- you’ve been seeing Kiel James Patrick sweaters all over your Instagram for awhile now. Maybe you saw that famous video of the jack o’lantern pouring a latte into his face (while of course, wearing the KJP pumpkin sweater.)

Or maybe you’ve simply seen your favorite of influencer wearing their KJP leaf sweater while foliage peeping and pumpkin picking their way across the northeast.

I totally get it! I was charmed by the aesthetic too. Kiel James Patrick sweaters ooze New England charm and warmth. Makes you think of the coziest days having apple cider in the pumpkin patch, and hot cocoa watching the at home snow fall.

Like you, I’ve been seeing them year after year on my favorite bloggers and influencers, and searching for KJP sweater reviews. After so much time lusting, this is the year that I finally decided to pull the trigger order a KJP sweater of my very own!

And guess what else- I didn’t order just one… I ended up getting two! (three if you include the one I gifted to my husband then borrowed, haha.)

Since I've had them for awhile, I wanted to a review! I’ll be showing you three designs, two materials, and two fits.

I decided to do a Kiel James Patrick sweaters review for a few reasons-


Christmas at Hudson Yards - A Local's Guide

Christmas at Hudson Yards
has got to be one of the prettiest spectacles in NYC!

If you haven’t seen the Hudson Yards mall Christmas lights
, you’re in for a real treat. And if you’re visiting NYC this holiday season, you’ve just GOT to put this on your list of NYC Christmas spots.

So First Thing’s First…

Why See the Hudson Yards Vessel Christmas Lights?

The Hudson yards Christmas lights are a relatively new kid on the block, in terms of NYC Christmas displays. If you’re visiting NYC for Christmas this year you might be thinking “Why should I see this spot instead of one of the classics?”

And that’s why I have to tell you… the Hudson yards Vessel Christmas lights are really, a truly magical experience! It’s breathtaking actually. 

Picture it- over 2 million brilliant lights illuminating The Shops, Public Square & Gardens, Edge and Vessel. Not to mention the 725+ Christmas trees and 16-foot high hot air balloons!

The hot air balloons in particular gives that whimsical feel that transports you directly to Christmas wonderland mode.

I love going to the Hudson Yards Christmas lights, because you get several experiences in one... Not only can you see the majestic lights, but you can visit the Vessel, go shopping at all the luxury shops, and get something to eat. You can make a whole day of it!

Also, the Hudson yard Christmas lights are breathtaking day or night (although I do think it’s extra magical at night!)

Hudson yards mall Christmas lights — Christmas Hudson yards —  Nyc Christmas guide — Best Christmas Places in NYC — New York Christmas Attractions


Best Christmas Places in NYC - Guide From a Local

Are you looking for the best Christmas places in NYC? Lucky you! If you’re coming this way during the holidays, and are looking for the ultimate list of New York Christmas attractions, I’ve got you covered.

Trust me- I’ve lived here for over a decade. And in my NYC Christmas guide, I’m sharing a ton of tips that will help you have the best New York Christmas experience possible.

Best Christmas Places in NYC — Nyc Christmas guide —  New York Christmas Attractions — Bryant Park New York Christmas — Christmas shop New York

WHY Come to New York Around Christmas time?...

It's that time again.... Christmas!! You're queuing up your Christmas songs playlist while picking out your perfect Christmas destination... and you've decided that's NYC!

New York during Christmas time
is definitely one of the most fun, most sparkly places you could be during the holidays. Whether you’re looking to do some Christmas shopping in New York, eat at trendy restaurants, or just want to ogle the best Christmas decorations in NYC, there is always a new treasure to find here.

In fact, I’d argue that NYC is one of the top destinations for Christmas! We’ve got so many things to experience here that it’s a tough holiday location to beat. Name me some more iconic places than Rockefeller Center tree, Radio City Rockettes show, Bryant Park Winter Village, and Dyker Heights Christmas lights, just to name a few.)

As a content creator based in NYC, I can tell you that I’ve spent the past three years going to every single holiday popup, tree lighting, and Christmas market that exists here! Every year, I take pictures of these festive places and share them on my Instagram… so you could say I know a little bit about it!

What can I say- I simply have a passion for finding the best New York Christmas Holiday spots!

And that’s why I want to share them all with you! So without further ado, here is my list of Christmas places in NYC.

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