September 21, 2019

How Did the Summer Fly By So Fast?

Summer flamingo pool float

So I know everyone everywhere says this exact same thing every season.... But seriously, where did the summer go??


September 16, 2019

How to Visit Rosé Wine Mansion in NYC!!!

Have you ever heard of a place called Rosé Mansion? It's a popup in NYC that is dedicated to everyone's favorite summer drink... you guessed it, rosé!  I remember a friend mentioning it last year, and thinking "wow, how cool is that!" Well, this summer I was invited to come check it out with a few friends. Spoiler alert... it was amazing!

I'm usually a merlot kind of lady, but I never say no to a good rosé.

Rose wine mansion NYC

Of course I had to 'gram it because this place is sooooo grammable!


September 03, 2019

Coney Island High


Babes! It's been a minute. I literally always say that. But hi!

Anyway... just thinking about another summer gone by. A few girls and I went to Coney Island earlier in the season to snap these shots. Actually, when we went, the amusement park wasn't even open yet! We asked one of the workers if he would unlock the fence so that we could grab this quick shot in front of the Wonder Wheel.

How was your summer? Are you excited for fall?


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April 19, 2019

NYC Springtime Easter Brunch Outfit

Springtime Easter Brunch Outfit

OMG it is spring!! Can you feel it?! I don't know about you, but it's like my mood instantly lifted the minute the weather started getting warmer outside. I get to wear dresses once again... Starting my routine of iced coffee and long walks.... Game of Thrones is starting back up.... Life is good.


April 08, 2019

Everything You Need to See and Do in Palm Springs

Palm Springs California

Palm Springs Palm Trees CA
Palm Springs California

Palm Springs has a solid reputation as THE spot for bloggers, influencers, and photographers, and it's clear why. The scenery is next-level gorgeous, the houses are #goals, and there's more than enough sunshine to go around. Not to mention its cool history as a hideaway for Hollywood royalty.

But you definitely don't have to be packing a DSLR camera or a card-carrying "Influencer" to enjoy this colorful town. Palm Springs is a welcoming place for everyone!


December 22, 2018

Cartier in NYC

Cartier NYC Christmas

Heyyyyyy! Happy holidays everyone!

Just dropping in for a minute to say hi and share these bomb photos I took the other day with Vicki in front of Cartier. A few things-


November 12, 2018

Nomo Soho

Nomo Soho

Hi!! How's everything going lately? Just wanted to drop in for a hot minute and share this shoot that I did a couple months ago. I know, I know... I really need to get more timely with my content. Haha. But... better late than never?


November 08, 2018

Savoring Moments from the County Fair

Fried Dough Fair Carnival NY

For me, I remember the glitter of the neon and lights as we pulled into the parking lot at night. We found our way into a dimly-lit tent where a kind lady painted my face in green glitter. With a few strokes, I was instantly transformed into a celestial princess. I was so sad that I had to wash it off when I got home, wishing I could keep it on forever so that I'd always remember that special night. (I think my Mom even let me sleep without washing it off!)

I'll never forget those feelings or experiences. That's why I love the fair, and that's what keeps people coming back year after year. You never have to go very far to have the time of your life screaming your head off on a rollercoaster, then pounding down a corndog and Coke afterward. All you have to do is wait for the right time of year!

So here's a list of seven magical things about going to the fair, to get you pumped for your next trip, whenever that may be.

Eating that one special food that you've waited all year for

You know the one I'm talking about. Your favorite food is probably not the same as mine, but it's still undoubtedly the best (right?!). My husband's is sausage and peppers. I personally love freshly fried dough with powdered sugar. (NOT funnel cakes. It's gotta be doughy.) When I see it and smell it, it takes me back to that first night with the green glitter face painting, and just makes me feel fuzzy inside.

Forgo your diet this time and get some of those good memories back.

What's your favorite?

Fried Dough County Fair
Sno Cone Carnival

Carnival smells

There's nothing quite like the nostalgic smell of the fairgrounds. Cotton candy, corn dogs, caramel apples... give me all of it, please. Smell is so powerful, and it's one of the things that makes it such a great experience, evokes nostalgia, and keeps us coming back for more!!

Cotton Candy Country Fair

Screaming your head off on crazy rides

Okay, so I admit it. I'm a little bit of a ride wimp.

Sure, when I was a kid I was fearless. I went on all the rides, and I mean ALL OF THEM. I never backed down from a challenge. But what can I say? Age has mellowed me, so now I stick to the kiddie coasters and the Ferris wheel.

But that doesn't mean YOU shouldn't enjoy them! The daredevil rides are popular for a reason, and they're (mostly!) safe. If that shot of adrenaline you get from the Freefall makes you feel ALIVE, then who's to stop you? Go get in line and have the time of your life.

Roller Coaster Carnival
Ferris wheel carnival

Going in the 'spooky' haunted house

These cheap scare tactics never fail to disappoint. Either in novelty or if they're genuinely scary to you... just another way to get your adrenaline fix! By the time I made it into the haunted houses, I was a teenager so I basically just had a good laugh with my friends. Either way, it's always a good time.

Seeing cutie farm animals up close

I always love taking a stroll through the livestock exhibits and seeing the pigs, cows, chickens, and horses. I don't know what it is, but I find farm animals to be so cute! They're animals that most of us don't normally get to see every day, and it's nice to be reminded that these are beings deserving of respect and honor.

Let's be real... most of us use animal products daily but are pretty removed from the um... processes that get them onto our tables. So go make friends with a pig and get some perspective 🐷

Winning a prize from a game

Okay, I must confess... I've never actually won the prize 😭 (Cue the world's tiniest violin, etc...) I know, I know... we all understand that the games are rigged. But that won't stop me from having the best time while trying to shoot the duck and win the stuffed stoned penguin (you know the one...)

Carnival Games

The carnival lights as it gets dark

This is actually my favorite part of going to the fair. As I said before, my first time was at nighttime when I was little. The excitement and mystery that was in the air was absolutely thrilling! It still is. I still get that look of bright-eyed wonder whenever I see those neon lights. Do you?

Carnival county fair games night

So was there anything I missed? What's your favorite part of going to the fair??

Country Fair

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