December 20, 2008

travel pictures: austin

this post will have a lot more chit-chat than the last one, since it's closest to my memory.

first day, went to halcyon. why oh WHY can't new york have a coffee place like this??? plenty of room. comfy couches. interesting decor. non-douchey people. a nice place to RELAX. and to boot, a full bar and coffee-themed alcoholic drinks. is it too much to ask, brooklyn? i swear, if i had good credit and wasnt' sinking myself into this music project, i'd put together something JUST like this.

me @ halcyon

coffee cup on table

matt got sick one day, so i took the opportunity to drive around and visit a vintage store i'd been wanting to look at. along the way, i discovered some of the most glorious houses! all in little neighborhoods in central austin. all tiny. all painted in wondrous colors. i'll just show you a couple of the cutest pictures... i took a lot.

cute house:  purple w/ orange trim

cute house:  lime

then i actually GOT to the vintage store, and it was like a treasure trove. i wish i lived in this place. i ended up getting a really cute vintage hat and an enamel flower brooch.

beautiful toys at room service

treasures at room service

me @ room service

then one day we stumbled upon an amaaaazing hole-in-the-wall tex-mex place called el caribe. i've always been scared of mexican food. i hate onions, and i also hate tomatoes - staples of what i know as mexican food. but THIS. el caribe made me a believer. we ate there two days in a row.

what you see: chicken enchiladas with green sauce, cilantro rice, and black beans.
wooowwww :salivate:

best margaritas i ever had. i'm craving this entire meal again now.
best margarita i ever had

random seedy hotel room pic.
seedy hotel room pic

we took off for san antonio for the weekend. i'll spare you those pics, because there are just way too many. okayy, maybe a scenery pic...

texas glory.
texas scenery (favorite)

and this. i make no bones about the fact that we drank almost this entire trip, all day and night long. but this was something else. these margaritas came from some restaurant along the riverwalk. they were MASSIVE. and they were SO full of sugar, and just so huge i could barely choke mine down at the end. nothing at all like the beloved el caribe margaritas.

these margaritas were MASSIVE

that said, riverwalk was very beautiful - in a disney world sort of way - and very expensive. the alamo was nice, but not what i expected. i thought there would be much more to it. by watching pee-wee's big adventure, i thought there was a big tour and many rooms with staged mannequins making tortillas, but nope. it's just a gift shop.

the alamo!

more margaritas and fajitas at santa rita's. i found us a nice deal on dinner for our last night.

santa rita's

saying goodbye to a pretty city. bye, austin!

downtown austin

sorry that this post had nothing whatsoever to do with music. i did actually play a gig down there that was kinda disappointing. wanna hear about it? of course you do! well basically i showed up and told them i was there to play. and they showed me to a broom closet with speakers, microphones, stands, cables, and a mixing board. i was to run my own sound and also set everything up by myself. 'nuff said. and oops, no pictures of that performance, either. oh boo.

December 04, 2008

greetings from maine

i sort of got sucked away this past holiday in maine. unfortunately, i didn't have a gig up there this time, but i've discovered that i'm a whore for beautiful scenery. so here are a few pictures.

pretty stuff

sunlight/ scenery

woodchuck chuck



happy holidays, if i don't see you till then.
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