March 26, 2009

owls owls everywhere

guys, i'm trying to make shorter updates. because i always feel like i need to make really long, interesting ones, but then it's too much pressure and i only post like once every two months. but little stuff in the interim is interesting too, right?

well so you know, i'm doing artwork or something like it. (but i'm reallly not a visual artist, so i'm faking it hard.) i ordered a shit-ton of tote bags, and am going to screen print them this friday! i'm going to have a merch store soon! what the hell. the album isn't done yet (although i'm having a meeting with chris tomorrow to discuss his mixes.) i've got to have SOMETHING to sell at all these upcoming gigs to get some gas $ home.

patiently waiting until april 15th to see if i got into the kerville new folk contest or not...

planning my gigs... going after more...

organizing my life...
and that's it!

March 23, 2009

philadelphia II

it was an fun weekend in philly for chantilly (wow, that was horrible.) the city held much more in the way of charms this time around. it wasn't as cold and dreary... i was staying in a more artsy part of town... i didn't even have time to lament the fact that i wasn't at sxsw. since everyone kept damn twittering about it, i was so jealous i wasn't there it was crazy. but i have my own adventure to share!

new jersey scenery, on the way there




i did this trip with partner in crime, louisa. we got dropped off at independence mall, right in the touristy part of town. the picture directly above is probably the liberty bell, but i'm not sure. it was slightly warm out, enough so that people were around on the grass, and milling about leisurely. there was a visitor's center there and we decided to pop in. boy, were we not disappointed! yeahhhhh:


i like how i look like i'm slinking away from him.

they even talked with olde-english accents and phrasing, but how could they not? i mean would you really expect anything less? there was also this tour guide place with this incredibly tall stuffed duck that gave us endless entertainment.

seen here being sexually harassed by louisa.

seen here awkwardly holding hands with me, as if he were my embarrassing junior high dance date.


after we were done being flagrant tourists, we shoveled ourselves onto a bus to go meet our couchsurfing host at her apartment. only she wasn't there yet. sooo we waited a bit in a cute coffee shop, chatted with the smarmy owner, and had mozzerella grilled cheeses to pass the time.




when we finally met with our host, ariel, she just straight up gave us keys to her apartment. she had some errands to run, and trusts her couchsurfers that much... crazy! so we had free reign for a bit.

this guy liked to kiss people.

this guy was a guitarist. but he couldn't play a c7 chord, so i told him to save himself the trouble and just not even bother to show up to the gig. pffft. i'm never trusting a craigslist musicians ad again.

her place makes me want to paint my little apartment in brooklyn bright, happy colors.

in no time she was back and we were out exploring south street, close to where my gig was. i've got to say, i'm a little envious of all the public art philadelphia has compared to new york. you'd think it'd be the art capital here in nyc. it is, sort of. the difference is that the motivating force behind everything here is money. self-expression is secondary.

this mural shack thing was in the middle of a little field.

the picture makes this wall look like a big pile of garbage, but in real life it was really cool.

art opening?

the entire side of a building - amazing.

aaaand here's a couple shots of me singing at the show. (taken by ariel!) the b string kept going out of tune.... i totally blame megabus. they MADE me put my guitar in storage, because it was a double decker and there was no overhead room. it was probably really cold down there for her :(




after i played, we were starving. we decided we neeeeded philly cheese steaks. ariel is vegetarian, so she took us to a place her friends say is a favorite, jim's. there is literally a line wrapping around the resturant, and sometimes goes around the block! it took us 20-30 minutes to get our steaks, but it was sooo worth it and i wish i bought like five to bring home with me.


thennnn we went to bob & barbara's, a neighborhood dive with a very mixed clientele, and had $3 jim beam/ pbr combos. the place was like a shrine to pbr. it had vintage pbr magazine ads covering every square inch of the walls. i don't even know how they dug up all of them. maybe someone collected them over the years? who knows.



i almost couldn't post this, because it is too dark and grainy and damn you, youtube. but i believe in the end, it brings out the seedy girls-gone-wild-esque-ness of it even more. it all started out innocently enough with "shoop." i swear, we didn't mean for ANYTHING to happen. but sure enough, one thing led to another. and soon the jamz took us over as if they had a life of their own. witness the sad, sad shame of our bodily interpretations of "motownphilly."

now i know what you're thinking- i need to incorporate these hott dance moves into my act!! well you're fucking crazy, man. and i'm seriously considering it.

after the bar, we slept, and woke up, and chatted in the morning with our hosts. the walk back to 30th street station was nice. here is a picture of a very red door that i liked a lot on the way.


then at the megabus pickup, it was another double decker. but i INSISTED i bring my guitar on board with me. she sat between my legs the whole ride home :)
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