December 31, 2010

hipness... part 5



anthropologie belladonna top
anthropologie homestead denim skirt
belt- thrifted
tights- hue
shoes- frye lisa t-straps via ebay

i have to say, am loving this skirt. i'm wearing it so much lately, and i'm trying and failing not to wear it every single time i take an outfit photo. it's just a simple, denim a-line skirt, but you have no idea how hard that is to find. i feel like all i see is pencil skirts lately. so comfy + looks good = i wish i owned ten skirts just like this in various colors.

ALSO. you totally can't see how sparkly this sweater/ shirt is, but it is so. the shameful truth is, there's this sparkly-girly-bejeweld-clothing-loving-child inside of me, and i always have to tell her no! my practical adult eye knows it's tacky. but i let my inner 5-year-old run wild when i picked this up. because i figured it's the holidays.

coming up!! huuuge music update. stay tuned!


December 27, 2010

artistic kitchen chaos

i love my mother's kitchen... heading back tomorrow. sigh sigh.



December 26, 2010

merry blizzard

been up in rhode island for christmas, taking a nice break from reality. i was supposed to head back to the city today- but am holed up because of the snow. watching stupid j. lo movies. snuggled up in a fleece blanket with a big fucking majestic deer on it.

greetings from doing-nothing-bliss-land... be back with an outfit, or a witty observation, or some amazing music news soon!




December 18, 2010

hipness... part 4


i usually like to show different poses/ background shots, but i'm deviating because it's funny that i'm all trying to be tough-looking, and there's a cat in the background.

Chantilly parted petals

anthropologie parted petals cardi via ebay
tank top- h&m
interlock pencil skirt- american apparel
tights- anthropologie/ hue
boots- frye engineer

in the outtakes of these, there are many pictures of me looking sheepish. my roommates kept walking through the common areas as i was taking them. i felt so narcissistic, and i prefer to do these things when i'm by myself... i even prefer to practice music when no one's around. but hey. this is nyc living. i should be used to it by now.

anyway, i haven't worn this skirt in awhile, so i decided to pull it out of hiding. even though the quality isn't what i would like it to be, it's still pretty okay. the truth is i never realized how short it was until i saw these pictures! dizzamn. but i like it...

rae inspired me to break out these boots for this outfit. i wanted to wear my little oxford booties like i do every single day, but changing it up with the fryes is nice too. it toughens up the look, which i like. dressing uber-feminine makes me feel good, but sometimes a little contrast is just what you need to spice things up!


December 16, 2010

cat break

since i mentioned i was going to start writing posts about cats, i bet you've been wondering about that portion of this blog, huh?

... no you haven't?

oh. well either way, to lighten the mood of yesterday's post, i took a 17 second video of my cats being really adorable. it's grainy and my bed is, as always, messy, but it's cute. enjoy!


December 11, 2010

musical crush: sufjan stevens

sigh, dreamy...

this morning the apartment is empty. i am snuggled up in bed with a bag of kettle chips and my headphones are on, playing sufjan stevens' seven swans. there is nothing better.

earlier in the week one of the songs from this album -the dress looks nice on you- somehow got stuck in my head. it became an obsession, and the only thing that would satisfy it was compulsive multiple listens. so i listened. i'm not entirely sure what it is- the repetitive, pleasurable picked guitar notes, or the little angel voice that sings the most lovely lyrics ever.

i can see a lot of life in you
i can see a lot of bright in you
and i think the dress looks nice on you
i can see a lot of life in you

re: lyrics- i like the idea of people being able to see each other's spirits. because feel like i can sometimes, with certain folks. it's a beautiful and powerful thing. it's nice to know someone else out there thinks about and experiences this as well, and decided to write a song about it.

but anyway, the album is a gem.

i also had a peripheral listen to his newest work, age of adz, last week or so. it was... tough to swallow. but at the same time, bursting with wonderful ideas, and i admire his balls for trying something like it. i think i'll put it on again today as i clean the apartment. give it a few more listens to sink in.

December 10, 2010

hipness... part 3

outfit time...

trying to "find the light" in this picture.


anthropologie tea for two cardigan
shirt- old navy
belt- thrifted
anthropologie homestead denim skirt
tights- anthropologie
shoes- urban outfitters
necklace- closeout store

if you've seen some of my other outfit photos, you'll probably notice a few things about the way i like to dress- like that i incorporate at least one bright color in my outfit, if not two or three! and that i enjoy little pants, little skirts, little shirts, and little sweaters. i favor garments that define my waist. i'll tell you, i had a muumuu phase after college that was just terrible...

thankfully after years of misteps, i'm able to keep my eye out for things that are more figure-flattering. cuz figure-flattering is my new steeez.

even though my main concern lately keeping warm, since it's all of a sudden freezing here in nyc! i am not a morning person. and when i wake up, i am a very tired not-morning person. so in the 15 groggy minutes i usually end up with to get dressed, mostly i've been going for the warmest thing that happens to catch my eye, and not caring how it looks.

but i'm happy with my outfit today :) and that sweater happens to be very cozy.


sigh. soo i was supposed to have a band rehearsal today with owen (bass!) and jessie (drums!), but everyone canceled on me. guess it's just as well. i'm feeling the inklings of sickness coming on, and am hoping to stave it off with rest and kombucha tea.

i may go to a coffee shop that's semi-nearby and try to get some work done. but the cold! and the darkness at 5pm! it's such a buzzkill. maybe i'll go see my music buddy tamar play at alphabet lounge tonight. maybe i'll stay home and bake some crescent rolls, since we had a leftover can from thanksgiving.

decisions, decisions.

December 09, 2010

December 06, 2010

a few life snapshots

what is it about tiny little lights that makes people (namely me) happy?



twinkly glowies! cozytime! the sudden temperature drop and darker daylight savings schedule are making it hard enough for me to drag myself away from the apartment and out into the cold, dark night... i can't even imagine if i'd had any gigs lined up this week! now that we have a few strings of lights adding their merry ambiance, i feel like i'll never want to leave againnn.

don't get me wrong, i love busting loose, sitting on buses for hours, exploring new places and people. i love being OUT there, and there's something about traveling that suspends time and puts life into perspective. it's a great passion of mine. but sometimes it's nice to just stay home and be cuddlesome :)

but all we need is like, two or three more strings of lights to make it a REAL snuggle cove in here. i can just figure out a way to make money through "online surveys" and order from fresh direct forever, that's all.

also i was feeling festive yesterday, so i indulged in some hot chocolate with fresh whipped cream made in the magic bullet! you just need some heavy whipping cream, and a pinch each of salt and sugar. so much better than 'reddi whip' or whatever.

stomach ache waiting to happen...

hot chocolate

fucking worth it.

December 04, 2010

hipness... part 2

and i dooo my little turn in my cat loft...




shirt- conway
cardigan- thrifted
belt & tights- anthropologie
skirt- heritage 1981
oxford booties- thrifted

this here outfit is tried and true. the skirt is surprisingly good quality for forever 21 (company that owns heritage 1981.) only thing about it is that seems to de-accentuate the hips in these pictures. and that's no good for anyone :)

you can't see the detail, but the shirt is a nice cotton-gauze button-up with really pretty lace along the yoke. i picked it up at conway- which new yorkers should know is a cheapie-cheap clothing store similar to rainbow. it was literally $3 new, and has ACTUALLY lasted more than a few washes. color me impressed.


this week i found the below anthropologie cardigan that i'd been stalking for months, just chilling out on the racks for only $9.99!!

dreams can come true, you know.

December 03, 2010


went to the cakeshop tonight with a pal for some wine...

they have record covers of "classic" artists and "classic" albums lining the walls of the coffee shop portion of the venue. every time i'm there i notice them. they're mostly all groups of men looking cool, tough, slovenly, psycho, fierce... basically looking all-around rock 'n roll.

there's only a smattering of covers that feature women, and they ALL are sexxssy, pouting, skimpy-clothed photos designed for the male gaze. the women on the covers are quickly relegated to jerkoff fantasies, and don't even get a chance to be the cool crazy rock n' roll bitch.

obviously, i'm not saying all album art is like this. it's not. i'd just think a place like the cakeshop would be a little more forward-thinking, you know? why choose those covers. where pat benetar at? where liz phair at? it's kinda creepy. and no one notices it but me.

November 29, 2010

head adornments

i got this sweet headband-thingy the other day when i was on vacation in ri. it seems to be a knockoff of a very similar one i'd been eying at anthropologie:


but the one i have on was actually acquired at... wal-mart. o the shame.

but i don't care that it's made of cheap acrylic material. and i don't care that it's probably going to pill up and fluffle away at any second. and i don't care that it's too tight and kind of smashes my bangs against my forehead, so that they get greasier even faster than usual.

i just care that i'm SO FUCKING COOL when i wear it. evidence:


yeah, that's me being cool right there. just in case you missed it. wanna see it again? uh huh, i thought so.


$8 well spent.

anywayyy, i set up a formspring which is probably a big mistake. alas, no one has asked me any questions yet, because no one knows about it. so if you've ever wanted to tell me/ ask me something that you've been too chicken to say to my face, now is the time to seize the moment. here, be the first one.

nothing too below the belt, though. this is all in good fun.


November 24, 2010

roommate thanksgiving '10

we had a gathering of sorts on sunday with some friends. at the very least, i wanted to share the hand turkeys, as they are worthy of sooo many accolades.





oh hey, cat eating my dinner...


well, we thought it was festive, anyway. hope everyone has a wonderful thanksgiving :)

November 20, 2010

the hipness

i think i decided that i think i'm just going to blog about whatever the hell i want from now on. no shows going on right now. might be recording some new tracks for an ep, but not really sure what's happening with that. everything seems to be moving too slowly for my liking, and so fuck it. i'm just going to post about fashion, and cats, and whatever else strikes my fancy.


story hour:

i went to an ascap event the other night. it was this thing where a bunch of publishers school a bunch of newb songwriters trying to catch a break (ahem, me) on the publishing game. and of course, it's a chance for newbs like me to rub elbows with the likes of other "industry people" as well. it was actually a really fun time, and i met some nice folks.

but whenever i go out anywhere at all, it's either: standing/ sitting awkwardly by myself with a beer... or the stars align, and i DO meet great people that i totally click with. but then, i almost never see those people again. even if we friend each other on facebook (gasp!) no matter how many texts, emails, and phone calls.

how does one keep in touch with interesting people you'd like to see more of? because i find it frustrating :(

sigh, alright so enough pity party for now. i'm not a *total* sadsack, you know. i'll just show you some fabulous photos which will leave us all in a better mood. this is what i wore to my roommate's boyfriend's play thing earlier:



shirt & shorts- urban outfitters
necklace- forever 21
cardigan- thrifted
tights- anthropologie
shoes- modcloth
hat- thrifted

these shorts help define that *magical* joan holloway curve... wish i had them in more colors. and those shoes i'm have on are total pieces of crap! i wore them all of once, and the heel cap part came off, which i didn't notice until i put them on to take this picture. i don't even think it's worth it to take them to go get repaired- they'd probably just fall apart again.

and if you've seen me at all in person during the last five or so years, you've seen me in this hat. you'll probably see me in this hat for the next five years, as well. a little hard to see in these pictures, it's a bright turquoise fuzzy angora... beret? i don't know what kind of hat this is, but it makes all fall/ winter outfits look like AWESOME. i've had several strangers compliment it over the years. it was found for $1 at some salvation army in maine. the hat and i will be very happy together for years to come.

that's it for now! off to take a nice bath and relax.

November 05, 2010

wasting time...

time for an outfit photo!!

i feel a real kinship with this sweater. it might be my soulmate. also, this might be the first time ever that i like my hips in a picture of myself! thank you christina hendricks, for bringing hips back into style.


anthropologie blueberrty tuft cardigan
pants- uniqlo
where have you been all my life oxfords- thrifted for $3!!


sexy...... ??
(except for the messy bureau, and crap all over the floor and bureau, which totally either ruins the ambiance of a sexytimes picture, or enhances it even more. you decide.)

October 24, 2010

songie song

The mood really has to strike me in order to make a video. I'm vain, so my hair has to look decent, and the lighting has to be at least somewhat flattering... I have no tripod, so must get the will to stack up books to the correct height to place my camera on. Etc, etc. But the stars aligned and I put something together yesterday. I wrote this song earlier in the summer, so it's not "new," but it's probably new to you :)

So if you've been wondering if Chantilly's been writing lately...


October 10, 2010

New bit of press !!

If you've been reading my blog, you know I've been taking part in the Music Success in Nine Weeks challenge, which is over now, and we are patiently waiting to hear the winner(s) announced. I talked briefly about how messaging random fans of Jenny Lewis on got me some blog coverage, and a potential college paper interview. Well, the interview finally came to fruition and the article came out in print and web on Friday!

In case you wanted to read it, here it is: Chantilly on the rise by Matthew Roy at The Dakota Student.


July 30, 2010

week 1: getting mentally prepared


:deep breath:

in the last year, i released an album, and have put a lot of elbow grease into "getting myself out there," whatever that means. i had tons of time on my hands, and figured "why not put it all into music?" but i quickly saw that i was throwing my energy around a great deal, and not getting the results i wanted. i became depleted and cynical. i cycled in and out of thinking that i didn't want to do music anymore. why put so much effort into something that makes me feel so horrible in the end?

but somehow, i sorta started to be okay with the fact that not everything happens all at once. i tried very hard to realize that even though my life & career is not where i want it to be- or where i've imagined myself by this point- it's okay. i will make music no matter what, because it satisfies me. because i have, indeed, progressed in many areas- music and otherwise. i continue to make progress every day. and as long as there is progress, that's all anyone can ask for.

so in that spirit, i decided to jump into ariel's competition, and here i go :)

now, to get started with week one: goal setting!

i would like it to be duly noted how weird it is to lay all these out for the whole world gawk at. i like to maintain some air of "mystery" or whatnot, and it makes me squirmy for people to see i actually have some expectation of succeeding at my crackpot dream.


short term/ easy goals... next 2-3 months:

New pickup- sounds like buttcrack. need to haul ass to first flight and ask shira how to unscrew this fugly thing and ebay it out of my life. I have a list of suitable pickups that saul thoughtfully provided for me a few months ago. this should all happen relatively soon, so maybe i'll give myself a date of 8/20/10

Website- I know I need this up and running. To date, I’ve never had an “official” website. I was planning on setting one up with bandzoogle, so I guess I can make that a goal for myself this month? 8/31/10

planning a new record- finding someone to help record it or produce/ arrange, etc. i've got a bunch of new material i'm really excited about! also, i realize how important having new content is, as well as building a catalogue blah blah, soo… gotta have a new record. i'm kinda hoping to get someone on board in the next few months, soooo i'll say by 11/10

Long term... next 12 months

Booking- I need to be playing shows consistently. Last year, I read this Derek sivers article about amber rubarth. It inspired me. i had a lot of time, so I booked a bunch of shows all over the northeast. It was fun! ...but stressful to plan and didn’t really make me any money. However. the most valuable thing about those experiences was that it made me 100% better as a live performer. I want to continue to get better, and also to grow my email list/ fan base, so this needs to happen.

My fantasy goal is to be able to play 50 shows in the next 12 months. but i need to be realistic... this is difficult with a day job. That would mean basically playing one show per week… not a good idea in nyc, because of “draw” issues. I could instead go out of town every weekend, but I think that would burn me out- I know myself, and need some recoup time if i don't want to break down.

probably a more realistic goal is about 25 shows per year/ 2 shows per month… so, maybe 1 show per month in the city, and 1 outside it. A schedule like this will keep me on my toes, without driving a gal to exhaustion.

Sales – who doesn’t want more sales? a realistic number for me is $1,500 in physical and digital sales (15 albums per month), however of course i'd like more. maybe I could get some help reaching this goal through the imix method- which I’ve actually tried before… results kind of fizzled, but weren’t totally flat. I could give it another whirl.

Mailing list-
it is definitely a huuuge goal of mine to grow this thing into a monster! I’ve got 210 subscribers now, and and I’d like to see it grow to 1,000 in 12 months. That’s 65 new subscribers per month, not counting people who unsubscribe. Yikes! But maybe with the 2 shows per month I plan on doing, plus some other methods that have been working for me, I can do it.

New record/ crowd funding- i’d like to get something happening with kickstarter to help fund my potential new baybee. the whole mailing list thing ties in, because i absolutely need new mail subscribers to help make it happen. How much could I realistically get? Probably $1,500-$2,000. That’s about enough to cover pressing and mastering but hey, it’s something.

Synching songs- yup, I’d love to get some songs placed in tv, movies, etc …along with, uh, every musician? there’s definitely only so much of this I have control over, and have already put my songs into several libraries. I can’t *make* music supervisors pick my song, so it’s just the waiting game. It can take months, and even years to get tracks placed. If there’s another, speedier process to getting this done that the folks at cyber pr know about, I’d love to hear about it.

so, here's my work in progress in physical form. i even wrote it on pretty, expensive manuscript paper that i normally reserve for when i send notes along with physical cds to bloggers and such:


and now, just because i feel like it, a picture of my cat in a shoebox

cat in a box

introduction... what's happening around here the next few weeks

i've impulsively decided to embark on something...

cyber pr's blogging contest

for those not wanting to click the link, what happens is this: first, one buys ariel hyatt's new book. it is basically a road map for independent musicians- how to set themselves up online, build a mailing list, create a "brand," etc. and you blog each week about each chapter you read. relaying your struggles, what works, what doesn't, and how it's helping you along the way as an artist. at the end, a winner is picked, and that person receives a free pr campaign :)

i skimmed through it already... some of the material, i feel like i'm already familiar with, as i'm a regular reader of music think tank and other music business blogs. but it definitely seems like there are some new tricks i can learn, plus it will force me to apply myself a bit harder.

so even though i don't write here that often, i'm just throwing it out there... this blog is going to switch gears for at least nine weeks. it's about to get business-y up in h-eah.
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