October 24, 2010

songie song

The mood really has to strike me in order to make a video. I'm vain, so my hair has to look decent, and the lighting has to be at least somewhat flattering... I have no tripod, so must get the will to stack up books to the correct height to place my camera on. Etc, etc. But the stars aligned and I put something together yesterday. I wrote this song earlier in the summer, so it's not "new," but it's probably new to you :)

So if you've been wondering if Chantilly's been writing lately...


October 10, 2010

New bit of press !!

If you've been reading my blog, you know I've been taking part in the Music Success in Nine Weeks challenge, which is over now, and we are patiently waiting to hear the winner(s) announced. I talked briefly about how messaging random fans of Jenny Lewis on last.fm got me some blog coverage, and a potential college paper interview. Well, the interview finally came to fruition and the article came out in print and web on Friday!

In case you wanted to read it, here it is: Chantilly on the rise by Matthew Roy at The Dakota Student.

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