November 29, 2010

head adornments

i got this sweet headband-thingy the other day when i was on vacation in ri. it seems to be a knockoff of a very similar one i'd been eying at anthropologie:


but the one i have on was actually acquired at... wal-mart. o the shame.

but i don't care that it's made of cheap acrylic material. and i don't care that it's probably going to pill up and fluffle away at any second. and i don't care that it's too tight and kind of smashes my bangs against my forehead, so that they get greasier even faster than usual.

i just care that i'm SO FUCKING COOL when i wear it. evidence:


yeah, that's me being cool right there. just in case you missed it. wanna see it again? uh huh, i thought so.


$8 well spent.

anywayyy, i set up a formspring which is probably a big mistake. alas, no one has asked me any questions yet, because no one knows about it. so if you've ever wanted to tell me/ ask me something that you've been too chicken to say to my face, now is the time to seize the moment. here, be the first one.

nothing too below the belt, though. this is all in good fun.


November 24, 2010

roommate thanksgiving '10

we had a gathering of sorts on sunday with some friends. at the very least, i wanted to share the hand turkeys, as they are worthy of sooo many accolades.





oh hey, cat eating my dinner...


well, we thought it was festive, anyway. hope everyone has a wonderful thanksgiving :)

November 20, 2010

the hipness

i think i decided that i think i'm just going to blog about whatever the hell i want from now on. no shows going on right now. might be recording some new tracks for an ep, but not really sure what's happening with that. everything seems to be moving too slowly for my liking, and so fuck it. i'm just going to post about fashion, and cats, and whatever else strikes my fancy.


story hour:

i went to an ascap event the other night. it was this thing where a bunch of publishers school a bunch of newb songwriters trying to catch a break (ahem, me) on the publishing game. and of course, it's a chance for newbs like me to rub elbows with the likes of other "industry people" as well. it was actually a really fun time, and i met some nice folks.

but whenever i go out anywhere at all, it's either: standing/ sitting awkwardly by myself with a beer... or the stars align, and i DO meet great people that i totally click with. but then, i almost never see those people again. even if we friend each other on facebook (gasp!) no matter how many texts, emails, and phone calls.

how does one keep in touch with interesting people you'd like to see more of? because i find it frustrating :(

sigh, alright so enough pity party for now. i'm not a *total* sadsack, you know. i'll just show you some fabulous photos which will leave us all in a better mood. this is what i wore to my roommate's boyfriend's play thing earlier:



shirt & shorts- urban outfitters
necklace- forever 21
cardigan- thrifted
tights- anthropologie
shoes- modcloth
hat- thrifted

these shorts help define that *magical* joan holloway curve... wish i had them in more colors. and those shoes i'm have on are total pieces of crap! i wore them all of once, and the heel cap part came off, which i didn't notice until i put them on to take this picture. i don't even think it's worth it to take them to go get repaired- they'd probably just fall apart again.

and if you've seen me at all in person during the last five or so years, you've seen me in this hat. you'll probably see me in this hat for the next five years, as well. a little hard to see in these pictures, it's a bright turquoise fuzzy angora... beret? i don't know what kind of hat this is, but it makes all fall/ winter outfits look like AWESOME. i've had several strangers compliment it over the years. it was found for $1 at some salvation army in maine. the hat and i will be very happy together for years to come.

that's it for now! off to take a nice bath and relax.

November 05, 2010

wasting time...

time for an outfit photo!!

i feel a real kinship with this sweater. it might be my soulmate. also, this might be the first time ever that i like my hips in a picture of myself! thank you christina hendricks, for bringing hips back into style.


anthropologie blueberrty tuft cardigan
pants- uniqlo
where have you been all my life oxfords- thrifted for $3!!


sexy...... ??
(except for the messy bureau, and crap all over the floor and bureau, which totally either ruins the ambiance of a sexytimes picture, or enhances it even more. you decide.)
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