December 31, 2010

hipness... part 5



anthropologie belladonna top
anthropologie homestead denim skirt
belt- thrifted
tights- hue
shoes- frye lisa t-straps via ebay

i have to say, am loving this skirt. i'm wearing it so much lately, and i'm trying and failing not to wear it every single time i take an outfit photo. it's just a simple, denim a-line skirt, but you have no idea how hard that is to find. i feel like all i see is pencil skirts lately. so comfy + looks good = i wish i owned ten skirts just like this in various colors.

ALSO. you totally can't see how sparkly this sweater/ shirt is, but it is so. the shameful truth is, there's this sparkly-girly-bejeweld-clothing-loving-child inside of me, and i always have to tell her no! my practical adult eye knows it's tacky. but i let my inner 5-year-old run wild when i picked this up. because i figured it's the holidays.

coming up!! huuuge music update. stay tuned!


December 27, 2010

artistic kitchen chaos

i love my mother's kitchen... heading back tomorrow. sigh sigh.



December 26, 2010

merry blizzard

been up in rhode island for christmas, taking a nice break from reality. i was supposed to head back to the city today- but am holed up because of the snow. watching stupid j. lo movies. snuggled up in a fleece blanket with a big fucking majestic deer on it.

greetings from doing-nothing-bliss-land... be back with an outfit, or a witty observation, or some amazing music news soon!




December 18, 2010

hipness... part 4


i usually like to show different poses/ background shots, but i'm deviating because it's funny that i'm all trying to be tough-looking, and there's a cat in the background.

Chantilly parted petals

anthropologie parted petals cardi via ebay
tank top- h&m
interlock pencil skirt- american apparel
tights- anthropologie/ hue
boots- frye engineer

in the outtakes of these, there are many pictures of me looking sheepish. my roommates kept walking through the common areas as i was taking them. i felt so narcissistic, and i prefer to do these things when i'm by myself... i even prefer to practice music when no one's around. but hey. this is nyc living. i should be used to it by now.

anyway, i haven't worn this skirt in awhile, so i decided to pull it out of hiding. even though the quality isn't what i would like it to be, it's still pretty okay. the truth is i never realized how short it was until i saw these pictures! dizzamn. but i like it...

rae inspired me to break out these boots for this outfit. i wanted to wear my little oxford booties like i do every single day, but changing it up with the fryes is nice too. it toughens up the look, which i like. dressing uber-feminine makes me feel good, but sometimes a little contrast is just what you need to spice things up!


December 16, 2010

cat break

since i mentioned i was going to start writing posts about cats, i bet you've been wondering about that portion of this blog, huh?

... no you haven't?

oh. well either way, to lighten the mood of yesterday's post, i took a 17 second video of my cats being really adorable. it's grainy and my bed is, as always, messy, but it's cute. enjoy!


December 11, 2010

musical crush: sufjan stevens

sigh, dreamy...

this morning the apartment is empty. i am snuggled up in bed with a bag of kettle chips and my headphones are on, playing sufjan stevens' seven swans. there is nothing better.

earlier in the week one of the songs from this album -the dress looks nice on you- somehow got stuck in my head. it became an obsession, and the only thing that would satisfy it was compulsive multiple listens. so i listened. i'm not entirely sure what it is- the repetitive, pleasurable picked guitar notes, or the little angel voice that sings the most lovely lyrics ever.

i can see a lot of life in you
i can see a lot of bright in you
and i think the dress looks nice on you
i can see a lot of life in you

re: lyrics- i like the idea of people being able to see each other's spirits. because feel like i can sometimes, with certain folks. it's a beautiful and powerful thing. it's nice to know someone else out there thinks about and experiences this as well, and decided to write a song about it.

but anyway, the album is a gem.

i also had a peripheral listen to his newest work, age of adz, last week or so. it was... tough to swallow. but at the same time, bursting with wonderful ideas, and i admire his balls for trying something like it. i think i'll put it on again today as i clean the apartment. give it a few more listens to sink in.

December 10, 2010

hipness... part 3

outfit time...

trying to "find the light" in this picture.


anthropologie tea for two cardigan
shirt- old navy
belt- thrifted
anthropologie homestead denim skirt
tights- anthropologie
shoes- urban outfitters
necklace- closeout store

if you've seen some of my other outfit photos, you'll probably notice a few things about the way i like to dress- like that i incorporate at least one bright color in my outfit, if not two or three! and that i enjoy little pants, little skirts, little shirts, and little sweaters. i favor garments that define my waist. i'll tell you, i had a muumuu phase after college that was just terrible...

thankfully after years of misteps, i'm able to keep my eye out for things that are more figure-flattering. cuz figure-flattering is my new steeez.

even though my main concern lately keeping warm, since it's all of a sudden freezing here in nyc! i am not a morning person. and when i wake up, i am a very tired not-morning person. so in the 15 groggy minutes i usually end up with to get dressed, mostly i've been going for the warmest thing that happens to catch my eye, and not caring how it looks.

but i'm happy with my outfit today :) and that sweater happens to be very cozy.


sigh. soo i was supposed to have a band rehearsal today with owen (bass!) and jessie (drums!), but everyone canceled on me. guess it's just as well. i'm feeling the inklings of sickness coming on, and am hoping to stave it off with rest and kombucha tea.

i may go to a coffee shop that's semi-nearby and try to get some work done. but the cold! and the darkness at 5pm! it's such a buzzkill. maybe i'll go see my music buddy tamar play at alphabet lounge tonight. maybe i'll stay home and bake some crescent rolls, since we had a leftover can from thanksgiving.

decisions, decisions.

December 09, 2010

December 06, 2010

a few life snapshots

what is it about tiny little lights that makes people (namely me) happy?



twinkly glowies! cozytime! the sudden temperature drop and darker daylight savings schedule are making it hard enough for me to drag myself away from the apartment and out into the cold, dark night... i can't even imagine if i'd had any gigs lined up this week! now that we have a few strings of lights adding their merry ambiance, i feel like i'll never want to leave againnn.

don't get me wrong, i love busting loose, sitting on buses for hours, exploring new places and people. i love being OUT there, and there's something about traveling that suspends time and puts life into perspective. it's a great passion of mine. but sometimes it's nice to just stay home and be cuddlesome :)

but all we need is like, two or three more strings of lights to make it a REAL snuggle cove in here. i can just figure out a way to make money through "online surveys" and order from fresh direct forever, that's all.

also i was feeling festive yesterday, so i indulged in some hot chocolate with fresh whipped cream made in the magic bullet! you just need some heavy whipping cream, and a pinch each of salt and sugar. so much better than 'reddi whip' or whatever.

stomach ache waiting to happen...

hot chocolate

fucking worth it.

December 04, 2010

hipness... part 2

and i dooo my little turn in my cat loft...




shirt- conway
cardigan- thrifted
belt & tights- anthropologie
skirt- heritage 1981
oxford booties- thrifted

this here outfit is tried and true. the skirt is surprisingly good quality for forever 21 (company that owns heritage 1981.) only thing about it is that seems to de-accentuate the hips in these pictures. and that's no good for anyone :)

you can't see the detail, but the shirt is a nice cotton-gauze button-up with really pretty lace along the yoke. i picked it up at conway- which new yorkers should know is a cheapie-cheap clothing store similar to rainbow. it was literally $3 new, and has ACTUALLY lasted more than a few washes. color me impressed.


this week i found the below anthropologie cardigan that i'd been stalking for months, just chilling out on the racks for only $9.99!!

dreams can come true, you know.

December 03, 2010


went to the cakeshop tonight with a pal for some wine...

they have record covers of "classic" artists and "classic" albums lining the walls of the coffee shop portion of the venue. every time i'm there i notice them. they're mostly all groups of men looking cool, tough, slovenly, psycho, fierce... basically looking all-around rock 'n roll.

there's only a smattering of covers that feature women, and they ALL are sexxssy, pouting, skimpy-clothed photos designed for the male gaze. the women on the covers are quickly relegated to jerkoff fantasies, and don't even get a chance to be the cool crazy rock n' roll bitch.

obviously, i'm not saying all album art is like this. it's not. i'd just think a place like the cakeshop would be a little more forward-thinking, you know? why choose those covers. where pat benetar at? where liz phair at? it's kinda creepy. and no one notices it but me.
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