January 30, 2011

hipness... part 7

sunday dinner!

killing a potato

nbd, just a little potato murder...

killing a potato
photos by matt panton

natalie's cooking a birthday din-din for matt as we speak. now everyone sing him happy birthday...


awww, he really appreciates it.

okey doke, time for an outfit photo. yes, an outfit that i'll apparently never get to wear outside of the house because of the INFINITE FUCKING SNOW. i'm referring to the shoes, mostly. i'm dying to wear them to something other than a dinner party consisting of me and my roommates...



falling asleep...
chan outfit

dress- hand-me-down from grandmother
dog tags- swiped from work
tights- hue
anthropologie levade clogs (similar here)

also, here's a pic of me & nat nat... shown mainly for her benefit (i look silly), because she looks so effing gorgeous. because she IS effing gorgeous.

me & natalie

i'm feeling a little under the weather, so that'll be all for now.

studio update this week! stay tuned!!

January 29, 2011

rehearsal & stuff

i'm getting so sick of this snow :( every time you cross the street, there are puddles of slush that look exactly like street. so you step on them, thinking your foot will meet ground and SURPRISE! you're now ankle deep in snow slurry, and your shoe, sock, and bottom of your jeans will be soaked for the remainder of the day.

on the bright side, there is also this:

montrose & graham in brooklyn

montrose & graham

montrose & graham


i think it's time everyone met jessie and owen...





we had a rehearsal the other night at puppet's studio. puppet is my awesome tattoo artist neighbor, that happens to have a drum set and lent us his space. we're planning on making lots and lots of music together in the months to come.


jessie & owen

January 25, 2011

food pron

nom noms

i made this excellent blueberry crumbcake thing yesterday. usually, i make this recipe as muffins... but as i was mixing the ingredients, i noticed the muffin pan was gone. natalie must've stolen it away to her boyfriend's house, as she is fond of making cupcakes.

actually, i was initially disappointed in it... all we had was old, hard brown sugar instead of white sugar for the mix. but i got over it. and now i feel like it tastes even better second-day.


nom noms

cozy nite

aaaand i did.
(socks by sock dreams, grandma blanket thrifted for $2!!)

that is six feet under on the tv screen, by the way. i'm at the beginning of season 4, and nate is at the height of asshattery (but i would still SO say yes if he asked me to the prom.)

i'm feeling a little lonely, so let's have some nate love for a second.

ahhh, that's better. brenda who?

January 23, 2011

hair, shoes, makeup, GAWJUSS


i wanted to get a good update happening this weekend, but i've been a little overwhelmed with tasks and engagements.

no fotos from saul's studio this week :( although i will say that we are really making progress, and i'm so excited about the way things are going, i think i might cry. i wish i could let everyone hear what we've been working on!! but i can't. not yet.

so instead, i'll just talk about totally random girlie things...

like how i got a snazzy haircut the other day!


all of my curly-haired life, finding someone who will understand my hair needs has been near impossible. i just want something that keeps the length where it is (because i'm trying to grow it out), with layers, LOTS of layers, but not too mullet-y. you know?! something kind of indie-rockstarish, but taking into consideration the curl so that it doesn't get too poofy NOW THAT'S NOT SO HARD IS IT, HUH???!

well, i finally went to a stylist that understood, and it's like finding the fucking holy grail. (amirite ladies, or amirite?) to the untrained eye, my hair in this picture probably looks the same as before... but ohhhh it's not. he FINALLY cut the layers the way i wanted. and also introduced me to this product that i can't believe i ever lived without. and i NEVER fall into the product-buying trap. totes psyched.

and hey can we talk about lipstick for a second?? as demonstrated better in this picture:


it's by lipstick queen, the color is rose sinner. i love all lipsticks by them, and this one has become my signature color. that is all.

i had brunch with my friend suzanne today... i'll be playing at her wedding in april, and here she is, going over the song she wants me to sing!


then after our meeting, i went and bought a completely impractical pair of shoes... the levade clogs by anthropologie. i can't remember the last time i attempted to walk around nyc in a pair of platforms (probably never.) guess there's a first for everything!

lastly, i did try to take an outfit photo this weekend, but it turned out pretty lame... it was back to the point-and-shoot, and i had about 2 seconds before i had to be out the door heading to the studio. it's not that the outfit is lame. i liked the outfit! i just didn't get a good shot of it.


anthropologie air imbued scarf
cashmere sweater - thrifted
deletta top via ebay
anthropologie pom & trinkets necklace
skirt- heritage 1981
tights- hue
oxford booties - thrifted
cat- born in my yard, adopted by me

that's it. apologies for the x-treeme girliness of this entry, but sometimes you've just got to let it all out.

back to my milkshake and six feet under.

January 19, 2011

feelings & intuition


sometimes, life feels a little bit like this...

you know?

January 17, 2011

o hai


well hello there. i couldn't fit in an outfit photo into the schedule this weekend :( booooooo. the hours were just slipping away from me, so instead i decided to post this blurry picture of myself... along with some other stuff i did!

yaayyy ok 123 GO-

i was psyched to be able to get away for a few hours on saturday and go have a nice cup of coffee at little skips. there was a fire made out of paper there that i thought mighty cozy.

americano & paper fire

studio schtuff...

this little organ thing produced the ugliest sounds that we thought were going to be really cool. unfortunately, it won't be making the cut and we're on the hunt for a harmonium (got one we can borrow?)

organ, windex, producer

windex, organ, and producer
organ thingy

god shane, will you stop being so cool? he is one of the most fabulous people i know, and is also a violin GENIUS!!


you may also remember shane's tight skillz from my last album. psyched to have him aboard again! additionally, he's an amazing drag/ performance artist. trust me, it's a must see.

shane & saul

fun dinner party at our place that i was too busy being drunk to get pictures of. (that's roast chicken & home made mac & cheese w/ soy chorizo!)


and folks, i saved the best for last.

hide your kids, hide your wife- beware of........




scout RAWWRR

aaaand i'm spent. hope you all had a good weekend. time for me to go pass out.


January 15, 2011

zodiac shift

i got this about a month ago... it's the zodiac heirloom pendant from (where else) anthropologie, and obviously you're supposed to get the one that corresponds with your sun sign. i got it when my sign was still gemini (my "new" sign is taurus, blech.)

but now with the whole zodiac shift thing it's like... wtf, necklace? where am i supposed to wear you now? i'll clearly be a fraud, wherever i go.

but i don't care. i'm still going to believe i'm a gemini, mofo's. and i'm going to wear my necklace because it's beautiful. and it doesn't matter if i'm a libra, or a capricorn, or even if i'm a fucking scorpio. suck on that, astronomers!

there's differing camps within the astrology world. i suppose i'm with the camp that wants things to stay the way they were (not just because of the necklace, that would be silly). but doesn't that make me sound kinda conservative? ick.

anywho, i'm just being dramatic. it's not that important in the grand scheme. i think astrology is fun, and it's been somewhat accurate in my life. but i guess like those psychic hotlines, it's really meant for "entertainment purposes only."

natalie's take: "it's as if my parents were one day like 'ha! we were just kidding about that whole jewish thing.'" hhmm, sorta...

ps, her sign got to stay the same. hmmph.

January 13, 2011

inbox tidbits

maybe this will be a new section in the blog? who knows. i've gotten some messages recently that are just gold. they are too good to keep to myself, so ladies and gentlemen, presenting the first installment of inbox tidbits...

"I got my first speeding ticket to "springtime travels"!"
- Paige, Pittsburgh, PA

this quote is definitely going in my press kit (not kidding.) i love it. she seemed so enthusiastic about it, but at the same time i was sad to hear about the ticket. tickets suck. no more speeding, paige! and buckle that seatbelt!! darn kids...

"Yesterday I totally saw a "Peanut Butter Snickers" and got it (because of your blog entry.) Aowww my gahd.. Soooooo damn good!"
- Zach, Brooklyn, NY

haha... YES zach you are the third person that i've turned on to this candy so far. we'll all be in the hospital getting our insulin shots together someday. but it will have been totally worth it.

"Here's that Katy Perry song...

If you cover it, you'll be replacing her voice and making it yours... so... ::puppy eyes:: will you, maybe? OK you don't have to, but I like it's hypnotic, deep/dark, sexual lyrics/sound."

- Coley, Cold Spring, NY

this letter might not count, cuz coley's kind of been a bff/ superfan since we were roommates in college, and even did the album art for caught light. she's asking nicely (with puppy dog eyes) if i would cover a katy perry song and post it on youtube for her. i'm still debating it, even though i really don't love katy perry's music. definite maybe!

so that's it! if you ever have something you want to say... want me to post commentary, a picture, some of your art, an outfit, or critique your music, shoot me an email at chantillysongs (at) gmail (dot) com titled "inbox tidbits." this could be a fun way for us all to connect!
(ps, if you ever want me to take DOWN something i've posted about you, i totally will. just ask :)

January 09, 2011

hipness... part 6




anthropologie tiny windows dress
anthropologie belt
cardigan - thrifted
tights - hue
oxford booties - thrifted

yikes, i thought i had adjusted the color of these photos, but the pink still seems so blindingly bright. sorry! i'm too lazy to go back and adjust it all over again so... yeah ::)

my bff/ ex/ roommate matt just got a fantabulous new camera, and this is my first day playing around with it. you might notice that the images are a little more crisp than usual. that is because this camera is THE SHIT and i'm so jealous.

he was taking pictures of me, but at the same time trying to do it on a timer. we could not get the timer right... it would do nothing for 30 seconds, then just continuously snap 10 pictures in a row. we finally got it together and took these, which i think are pretty good aside from the crazy brightness.

just when i was getting the point-and-shoot thing down, i've got something new to learn!

also, we were supposed to write a script and make a video today for my kickstarter campaign that i'm planning to launch pretty soon. (because hey, did you know that i'm making a new ep?? i so am.) but the day kind of just dwindled on, and i took outfit photos instead. and now it's time to do the weekly household chores. snore. too much to do, not enough time.

i don't think i was in the mood, anyway. been feeling a little poopy lately. have had several little heartbreaks in the past week or so, and combined they have been crushing my soul a bit. but i'd rather talk about the awesome things...

like how happy i am to have a new musical project keeping me busy! even though saul totally does all the work. i just sit there, and he makes all the magic happen. it feels like i'm cheating when i say it's "my record."

did i already mention this ep is going to be like, spectacularly awesome? cuz yeah. it is :P

it begins

@ saul's studio, working on some scratch tracks...



more to come. i am really excited about this :)

January 05, 2011


chan site fest party

i performed at the super-hip/ artsy/ underground site festival preview party a few weeks ago. my friend teddy, who i haven't seen in ages, randomly showed up. he was drunk, and we danced until i couldn't breathe, and he nuzzled my bosom all night long (it's not as creepy as it sounds, it was actually quite endearing.)

anyway, he took this lone picture of me performing. i think it's a cool picture because i have no face. and it's always nice to have photographic evidence of things, as of course i forgot to bring my own camera that night .

check out that space! totally gnarly.

January 01, 2011

new years supersuprise

yesterday, i hopped a bus and hung out with saul, a lovely friend that i've sparsely kept in touch with since college. he's done some really amazing things since i first met him- like touring with ingrid michaelson as a keyboardist in her band, and working with scads of other successful and distinguished artists.

we've kinda been trying to work together forever, but all our attempts have been full of fail. so i've been hesitant to mention anything, because i don't want to jinx it.

but it looks as if this is actually going to happen this time...

sooo big announcement: planning of a new ep is under way!! yaaayyy!

:fireworks fireworks champagne bubbles silly string happy new year:

i'll also be setting up one of those nifty kickstarter things. cuuuz naturally there are some expenses associated with all this crazy music stuff, and i can't do it all on my own this time. i'm going to make it a cool little adventure for everyone to be a part of, with lots of updates from the studio and all that! perhaps interviews with the players, producer, and anyone involved. you'll see, i've got some tricks up my sleeve :)

anyway, i'll let you all know when that's all set up, and make a formal announcement to my mailing list/ facebook/ etc. later on in the week... so definitely sign up for the mailing list if you haven't already, to know how you can participate!

and here's a big thank you to all the readers of this blog/ my site... i see i have some regulars. i know my posting style is a bit a.d.d. at times, and i have so many interests that i can't really pick one topic and stick with it. this was originally set up to be a promotional/ only-music type of blog for shows and whatnot... but why should i limit myself if i have other things to say?

i am creatively diverse, and embrace that. this is where i'm at right now. maybe it will change in the future. either way, i appreciate you coming along for the ride :)

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