February 24, 2011

musical crush: radiohead


i'd first like to express how excited i am to to ACTUALLY be on-trend with the music i talk about. i feel like the other times i've mentioned the music that's been on my mind, it's never very current.

king of limbs. now because this is radiohead, and radiohead is weird, when i first heard this title, my mind immediately went grotesque. like a serial killer who sawed off people's arms and legs and kept them in a freezer maybe?? but no. it's meaning is just a reference to a big tree near where they did the recording.

although this album is short, i enjoy it enthusiastically! i actually like it better than :gasp: in rainbows! they're kind of revisiting that dancey kid a electronica, but for some reason it makes a bit more sense to me this time around.

a couple favorite tracks:

the opening track. this sounds really cliche, but here's a song that reminds my of the city (nyc that is.) it's like a chaotic whirlwind, which is exactly what living here feels like sometimes.

then just as the beat establishes itself, THE VOICE roars out of its cave. i admire the easy control thom has over his instrument... he slides all over the place, then trails off in a chasmic vibrato.

lotus flower

sex bomb.

addictive groove. sounds like it's about wanting things that are all kinds of sexy-wrong. i can sure get with that.

though it's weird to hear him sing the words "listen to your heart." it just seems so... like something a chick would write? sorry. however, "all i want is the moon upon a stick" seems more like it to me. does that not embody human entitlement to a tee?

give up the ghost

gorgeous with its ever-growing wall of thom voices. i love this song because it feels like a blissful letting go. after the previous crazy energy he's just like, "i'm done. enough of this bullsh!t." atta boy!

when i've had times of emotions heaped upon emotions, and you just can't F*CKING emote anymore... the moment after that feels something like this song. honest. unencumbered. floating in space.

dreaming of spring

remember the part in ghostbusters 2 where they sprayed people with slime, and it heightened their emotions? they globbed the statue of liberty in goo, then wired it to react to the happy music? then they sprayed yanoush (sp?), and he was in love with everyone?

i woke up this morning feeling like that. just a general love for myself, everyone around me, and the human race. then i stepped outside and it was slightly nice out. bonus! days like this are why it all matters.

i want it to warm up so badly.

photo by flyzipper on flickr

February 23, 2011

hipness... part 11

surprise! mid-week outfit post...



hat- thrifted
anthropologie molded & melded tee
cardigan- thrifted
pants- uniqlo
boots- frye engineer

another pretty simple outfit for a simple day. i don't know why, but i felt like a total teenager in this (even though i'm SO NOT one.) perhaps it was my favorite slouchy hat, or the extreme pinkness of the shirt. who knows, but i was acting the fool!

i acquired this cardi the same day as the green cashmere sweater in the post below. after the wonderful weather on friday, i decided to have myself a nice lunch/ thrifting session on bedford ave in williamsburg. i thought it would be gorgeous out like the previous day, but it turned out to be bitter cold. so much for a leisurely stroll...

still! the scores made up for it, even though the bedford ave salvation army is usually completely picked over. i'd been looking for a plain black cardigan, and was pretty excited to only pay $4 for one, as opposed to $30+. i don't care what people say... long live the cropped cardigan!! i find that under a long shirt, they suit my body type well.




i don't mean to turn this into a total style blog, so i have some other stuff i'd like to talk about later this week... namely the radiohead album and florence & the machine. and now that i've written it i MUST get to it. stay tuned for that!

February 20, 2011

hipness... part 10

jolly and green...



cashmere sweater- thrifted
pants- uniqlo
belt- thrifted
brooch- room service vintage, austin, tx
anthropologie levade clogs (similar here)

i post pictures of myself in dresses and skirts most of the time... but on any given day, i'm probably wearing something that's more like this. it might be boring, but i'm usually too tired/ lazy/ distracted in the mornings to go all-out with ideas for a cool/ beautiful outfit.

even so, this simple ensemble incorporates many of my requirements for an ideal look: it's figure flattering, has bright colors, and there's a quirky/ vintage twist.

first of all, these are my favoritest pants in the world. i keep buying new pairs of jeans and pants, but keep continuing to put this pair on. they're stretch/ leggings from uniqlo. i have two other pairs in different colors, but this colorway is the winner in my book, and my ass continues to give thanks for doing it so many nice favors. i'm just terrified of when they start to wear out :(

secondly, i just picked this sweater up yesterday at the bedford salvation army. a $6 mint condition cashmere sweater in my favorite color??! couldn't say no. i eyed it warily when i saw it on the hanger... it looked way too basic for me, and i usually favor cardigans. but once i tried it on, i loved the way it hugged my curves. almost a mad men-era silhouette. i'm going to love it to death and wear it till it dies.

i thought a necklace would be too much with the belt AND the brooch (which you can't really see in most of the pics), but looking at the photos again, it's something i would've liked to add. ah well.


more stuff: lovely brunch today with matt...

matt at brunch

hahaha we've all been there...

cupid & bunny luv

and then we came home and had ANOTHER hearty meal. it's turned into a little bit of a tradition for my roommates and i to do sunday dinners. sometimes with friends, sometimes just the three of us.  tonight natalie made a creamy-cheese pasta with chicken, spinach, and prosciutto.

sunday dinner

it's now 2am. oops. super late. but this has pretty much been the laziest weekend evar, and i could barely even think of a topic to write about. thankfully when you're just showing off outfits, the posts practically write themselves.

hope everyone's having a relaxing long weekend :)


February 17, 2011

thursday? cat day!

hope you all like the new blog template... just wanted to spruce things up a bit :)

i was going to save this post for saturday, since i was thinking of incorporating a caturday feature into the blog. but i could't wait. it's too adorable.

watch this exchange between mrs. alice and thelonious. note the broken chair thelonious is perched on, and refused to budge from for two days. meanie matt finally shooed her off and broke it down on purpose yesterday. why? "the world is a harsh place. she needs to learn!"


mrs. alice & thelonious


mrs. alice & thelonious

hey girrrl, what's up??

mrs. alice & thelonious


mrs. alice & thelonious



just wish i knew how to make an animated gif.


February 15, 2011

it's the little things

do you ever have a moment where some absurdly stupid, random circumstance is the funniest thing you've ever seen? this happens to me ALL the time, but the other day i had a real doozy...

i meant to text my roommate a specific question, but couldn't get past the phrase "hey~". no matter what i did, my phone kept inserting a smiley. and not even a regular text smiley- it was one of those bulky icons that make me feel like i'm on a chat forum from 1998. a winking one, no less. i kept fiddling until finally, i accidentally sent the message...

it was a simple every-day mistake, but i just kept imagining natalie- a person i see almost every day- finding herself the recipient of this creepy random winking-smiley, accompanied by the single phrase "hey~"

...it was like full-on, pee-my-pants, tears-streaming-down-my-cheeks hysteria for a good ten minutes. (note- i did not actually pee my pants.) i haven't had a knee-slapper like that in awhile. i need to start sending more people messages on accident...


yes, i realize i'm a freakazoid just amusing herself all over again.....

other fun stuff- we sauteed some drumsticks the other day!! that was a hoot/ heartburn-y.

pots & pans

alternate ending: we tried to make some noise with them, and chronicle it in audio form. whichever one makes more sense. (which one DOES make more sense when you really think about it? hmmm...)

the elusive saul-creature


February 13, 2011

hipness... part 9

outfit day yet again!




shirt- ebay
anthropologie tweed magnificent sash
anthropologie field skirt
socks- o basics by sock dreams
anthropologie levade clogs (similar here)
cameo- aqcuired from work

i decided that i'm officially sick of tights. they look really cute and all, but they're just too uncomfortable for me lately. last winter, i wore leggings with all my skirts and dresses for comfort reasons, but i just can't go there anymore.

my new solution is knee socks! :) i have about ten pairs that i wear around the house mainly for bedtimey. so why not just pair them with my longer skirts? of course, i haven't ventured out of my house today in these, but i would. dare me? i totally will.


here is a picture of my feet. it's a picture that was actually taken by mistake, when i meant to to get a picture of something else. but it reminded me... i really really hate wearing two different socks. i try to avoid it if possible. just one of those irrational little pet-peeves. what are yours?

ugh, i had so much more to talk about, but we're right in the middle of a dinner party, so i'm really distracted. sorry if you can tell. i'll have to save some of my stories for the week!


February 08, 2011

inbox tidbits...

the other day, this picture landed in my inbox. it's from two summers ago, when i was screen printing my tote bags at abc no rio. one of the girls i hung out with that day took this. i only met her that once, and we've correponded just a few times since then, but she took the time to send it along to me. isn't that a nice gesture?

ahh, life.

last summer, abc no rio
by maryann e. auguste

i also distinctly remember this dress because i don't have it anymore. because i lost it when i went out and played those dates with lady blanche. i miss being able to travel so freely.


to change the subject completely, i'm in a bit of a sentimental mood. because i just finished the entire series of six feet under for the first time last night. i made the mistake of watching the series finale at 1'oclock in the morning. so of course i barely slept and cried all night long, and am now even more all like OMG WHAT DOES IT ALL MEEEAAAANNN than usual.

seriously though. i examine myself and my life daily, but don't usually share it here, attempting to keep the mood light. the show lit a spark in my brain, and now i feel compelled to share what's on my mind this morning. prepare for some deep thoughts:

~do the things you love if you can
~surround yourself with people you care about, even if they have flaws
~try to be happy, but realize pain is normal
~what's happened to us, or what will happen doesn't matter. what matters is honoring ourselves and others despite circumstances.
~all experiences we have are just chances to grow, be they positive or negative.
~this is our one and only life. it's all we have and it won't last. you can strive to be great, or be a total f*ck-up, but just TRY. it's a gift, and whatever you choose to do with it can't be wrong.

+++ add your own in the comments, if so moved.

February 06, 2011

hipness... part 8


this was taken at the exact moment one of my jerk cats knocked my ukulele off of a high bookshelf. (don't worry the uke survived.)

anthropologie sugar and cream dress
cardigan- thrifted
tights- hue
socks- uniqlo men's
combat boots- urban jungle, brooklyn, ny
anthropologie feeling dapper necklace

there is something about taking a beautiful girly-shmirly dress and roughing it up with a pair of combat boots that is REALLY satisfying. i actually forgot these boots existed in my closet, and need to start wearing them a lot more. my fryes are great because they keep my feet dry and warm despite the crazy weather we've been having... but they slip all over snow :( these combat boots have a little more grip. plus they're just badass.

well in other news, i had brunch the other day by myselves-ies.

soup of the day

yaaaay. brunch by yourself is fun. but i did get heckled by a lady who saw me taking a picture of my coffee. she asked if i was a food critic, and i said no- it's just documentation for my blog. "OH so it's a blog ALL ABOUT YOU??!! it's ALLLL about you, huh??" uh, yeah. sorta. she was actually very friendly, and we had a nice conversation. but i'll always be wary from now on every time i take pictures of coffee...

brunch @ life

well this has been just delightful, but if you'll excuse me, i just totally failed at roasting a chicken. i need to go take care of some cooking mess.


February 05, 2011



snow that looks like street

blech, i say! this is what's happening all over the streets of new york, as referenced in this post. it's exactly what it looks like. slush that looks like street. and i'm sure it claimed many a shoe and pantleg the day i took this picture. ew.

BUT. i have some picture-presents from the studio for you...

preamp & cables

setting up mics

jessie, tracking some drums

shock mount COMING APART omg

shock mount

then, i went to a party and there was a hookah!



this picture of zach was hella dark, so i upped the exposure, saturation, and a bunch of other stuff. now it just looks like he's glowing from behind because he's either a) radioactive, or b) from another planet.

zach in 3-d

there's other stuff too, but i guess i'll stop here, since i'm going out to see my friend tamar play at googie's in a bit.

i'll sign off with this outtake of last week's outfit photo set. that cat that's desperately trying to get away from me? that's thelonious.


happy saturday!

February 03, 2011

interviewed by the NY daily news!!

i was contacted to concur with the NY daily news' opinion that myspace has gone to sh!t! i guess i'm some sort of expert because i'm an "indie" artist from brooklyn. hey, that's good enough for me.

mainly i'm just stupefied because the only other artists mentioned in the article are like MAJOR. i don't flatter myself to think i'm among the ranks of amanda palmer, zoe keating, and sufjan stevens (sufjan if you're listening, please call me & ask me to the prom i'll so say yes.)

but still! i feel pretty cool.

so go read the article here.


February 01, 2011

musical crush: kanye west and rihanna

i'm sorry in advance if multiple youtube videos are making the page hard to load. but i REALLY like these songs and want to talk about them!

... however, i DON'T apologize in advance if you think i suck for liking kanye. the man may be a super-douche, but the man knows how to make super music.

all of the lights:

i originally heard this song when my beautiful dark twisted fantasy (what a horrid album name) first came out a few months ago. i've been hearing this particular track a lot lately, and i can't really say how. maybe it's the bumpin' sound systems of the guys that drive up and down my street. maybe they're spinning it more in food bazaar and walgreens. i feel like i'm hearing it everywhere.

anyway, i'll first say that i think the song runs a little long. mainly because, imo, there's a totally unnecessary part in the middle featuring fergie. but the SUPER SOLID HOOK totes makes up for it. rhianna's here to save the day. yay!

i can't get this hook out of my head. actually, i wish this hook were the entire song- forget about kanye. but if it were so, i suppose its specialness would be diminished. and that would be sad.

and i had no idea that this song featured elton john. that's cool too, i guess!

makes me wonder though... if this is an official single why no official video?

to come back to rhianna for a second, i've always been a stauch umbrella naysayer. never liked it, still don't.

however, i have a terrible weakness for inappropriately raunchy songs. so when i heard rude boy last summer, i pretty much had a stobe-light-underwear dance party in my room all by myself. this song is totally old news, but talking about all of the lights reminded me how much i liked her. favorite part: the high/ low synth octaves.

also, i have a cover planned out of this song, but i'm not brave enough to perform it anywhere.

check out the funkayy video! i love that she has no facial expressions whatsoever throughout the whole thing.

back to kanye- hell of a life:

again, a darkly sexual song that's kinda misogynistic. but between the sick beat, the choice to use a black sabbath melody, and whatever sample they used to follow the main hook, i'm sold.

no more talkie. just listen. sorry, the audio quality here seems to be poor, and again no official video. but i'm sick of looking through youtube videos, so here you go.

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