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necklace love

phew! just got back from the ascap new york sessions. it's like a one day mini-conference for songwriters with panels and speakers. i've been networking all day and it's soooo exhausting (but fun!) there will be a post on it at a later date...

for now, i just wanted to share this little journal pendant that i announced i was recieving from etsy.

etsy book necklace
by VadeMecum1984

so cute, right?? i was hoping to get a picture of it actually on, but i'm not completely familiar with the ins and outs of this camera, and it kept coming out blurry.

honestly, it's a little flimsier than it appears in the pictures. however, i'm still thrilled to have it. long necklaces with interesting stuff dangling from them are my fave.

and you can actually open the little book and write in it!! i'm either going to have other people sign all the pages, or document tremendous life epiphanies in them.

first entry:


i think i see the light

sunday dinner yet again! this time it was at zach's place. ribs with all the fixin's. i was exhausted from being crammed on a very uncomfortable bus all day... but the prospect of a good meal and good friends propelled me out of my stupor and onward to greenpoint.

i waited for the bus, but decided to split a cab with a guy who ended up paying for my half of the ride. (chivalry. itz not dead!) then the authentically new-york-crazy cab driver tried to convert me on the way there. he gave me his business card... "rolling for jesus," it said.

and evidently when i rang the buzzer, they were telling ghost stories and i scared the crap out of everyone. haha.

the cook!

zach, ribz, & cornbread

i kind of think this dish of ribs (uncooked) looks a little like a dish of intestines. but they were still pretty delicious.

some of these pictures were taken by me, but most were taken by matt.

camera-shy maeve



matt double take

then for some reason, we started taking pictures of each other creepily looking up into the light. i love how rapturous zach looks...

light matt

light zach

light chan

then we got really drunk and tired, and had to walk home because it would've been faster than taking the bus.

but it was all worth it!


rhode island ho!

one of my most favorite things about visiting rhode island (besides seeing my family) is the cozy bed my mom makes in the guest room. get this- there's a down topper AND a down comforter. when i get up in the morning, it's like waking up in a cloud.

chamomile mint tea in bed.

tea in bed

and as i mentioned the other day, we went a-thrifting. this is always my number one wish-list activity when i visit my parents, as the thrifting scene here in nyc is always such poop :( i did find a couple things i was looking for. but other stuff- like those work boots- were total impulse buys.

carhartt work boots, loafers, plaid and paisley square scarves (i needed these!)

thrift scores

brown linen dress. it wouldn't photograph nicely because of the low light, so finally i had to hang it on the pot rack to get a decent shot.


also, i did get one other dress, no picture. the one i mentioned that i regretted not getting that day, and we went back to see if it was still there? my mom actually found it! but i left it in ri for some reason. i think mom's going to get it altered for me.

lucky girl!

anyone else had a thrifting or bargain-hunting experience lately that brings pride to their heart?


ionsound fest pics!

here's a few pictures from the site fest show i was a part of a few weeks ago. taken by andrew bridge.




unrelated: today was AWESEOME. found some good scores at savers in attleboro and warwick. there was a dress that i terribly regret leaving behind, so my wonderful parents are taking me back tomorrow to see if it's still there :) will talk more about it later...

did anything special happen with your weekend?


hey cupcake


anthropologie blooming lattice cardi
lingirie tank- thrifted
anthropologie it's your move skirt
belt- thrifted
socks- sock dreams o basics
shoes- camper via ebay

let me explain something. ahem... this cardigan is THE SHIZZ!! i'm not even wearing it closed though, which is the best way to behold its greatness.

the skirt was another $9.99 score from anthro. it reminds me of a funfetti cupcake, which i love! i feel like it's a little too floofy on my hips though. to offset this perceived overabundance of fabric, i just paired with a teeny tank top :)




i'm visiting my family in ri this weekend. apparently, we're gonna hit at least three different savers tomorrow, and i'm PSYCHED. i'm going to try and find some REALLY special vintage treasure to pick up... i'm thinking of having my first giveaway here at the blog pretty soon :)

should i go for practical or pretty?



plaid petals

finally! i get to use the nice camera again... yayyy i'mma do a back bend now.

plaid petals

plaid petals

anthropologie parted petals cardi- ebay
plaid camp shirt- ? vintage
pants- uniqlo
red easy spirits- thrifted
necklace- dreamcatcher from foxwoods strung on cord

plaid petals

i can't believe these shoes are only now making their debut here! this is actually my third or fourth pair of them- i've been wearing this shoe for years. they keep finding their way to me in thrift stores, and i keep buying them again :) they go perfectly with any outfit... i get compliments all the time!

i love easy spirits!!

plaid petals

this is my little girl, scout. she kept trying to distract me from the shoot by rolling around on the floor. biggest attention ho EVER.

plaid petals


mint julep

happy st. patrick's day, yada yada. no green, oh well. turquoise is close, right?

this is one of my favorite shirts.
and more pics taken with the point and shoot. more x-treem graininess. however, i do think that's kinda cool sometimes. like so...



shirt- urban outfitters
pendant- f21
belt- thrifted
anthropologie homestead denim skirt
sock dreams' o yummies
anthropologie levade clogs



i do have some happy shoe news to share! these clogs have always been a bit big, and it's bugged me. i found a smaller size of them & i'm going to return the original ones. holla.


also, max would like to say hi. he is a grumpy old man, but very friendly- as most people who have met him can attest. check out that necklace... most fabulous cat evar?


hope everyone's planning some fun times for later. i'm just doing some celebratory yoga, i suppose. what are you doing tonight? anything special/ severely alcoholic?

what up cello?

( the way. did you know you can get some songs from my last album for FREE?! head to my bandcamp page to listen and download.)


MAJOR accomplishments happened this weekend. we recently decided that we're aiming for tracking to be done in april.  i don't really know how it's going to happen.. recording in our sleep?


saturday was a trip. the day started out promising, with a hopeful text message:

"notation display track settings : globals : allow note overlap!!!!"

... yay?! whatever that was, it seemed to be a good sign. plus i had planned to make some quiche for myself and the boys for dinner. bonus for everyone!

mics, cables, etx

got a lot of vocals done on both days!

then shane came over! and we recorded strings...




AND. we only got through ONE song- (although a very complicated song with at least four parts.)

i have to admit, that session was hard... and i wasn't even the one playing or engineering! it was frustrating because of protools notation errors, some ghostie girls*, and a few other reasons.

we were all struggling to remain focused, and the wine was flowing in abundance. guess i had a few too many, because i started getting teary. i became gradually more and more emotional... until i finally had to leave the session to go cry out in the hallway!

the next day at brunch, i told my friends zach and maeve this story and they were like "that's the most emo thing we've ever heard." ahaha! i guess it is pretty emo, which makes me able to laugh about it.

but all in all, they pulled through, and finished up some hard string lines. one song down, two to go!

shane thor galligan

violin line to a song!

*ghostie girls- notes accidentally hit during the playing of the main note on the cello (or any other stringed instrument.)

hipness... part 15

red red red.

red red red

red red red

i discovered a new pose today... sitting down.

red red red

it's been a bit of a weepy weekend... hope you can't tell i'd been crying in these photos :) matt took the good camera upstate, so i was stuck with my little point-and-shoot. i don't think they came out half-bad!

this is definitely my new favorite dress. it was a steal on ebay for $7.50 or so. it's casual, feminine, and of course, bright! sturdy and lovely. i think i'll try to continue to wear it into summer, even though it is corduroy.

red red red

red red red

maeve corduroy jumper via ebay
scarf- closeout store
anthropologie poms & trinkets necklace
leggings- f21
anthropologie levade clogs (similar here)

lipstick- besame cherry red

red red red

i've been really busy the past few days, so that's why no updates. more to come this week! i've got photos and stories to share about the most recent recording sessions, so stay tuned.

hope everyone's weekend was the stuff dreams are made of. xoxo

wishing the night away

30 days of lists update:

i'm totally typing yesterday and today's lists directly into my blog, rather than writing/ taking a photo/ uploading the photo/ color-correcting the photo... etc. it's for convenience and my sanity's sake.

yesterday's list was supposed to be favorite blogs/ websites, but i'm changing that because i feel like it. instead it's favorite ice cream! so ready go:

- cookies & cream with peanut butter sauce
- pretty much any ice cream with peanut butter sauce (like, a lot of it)
- ben & jerry's peanut butter cup (detecting a pattern?)
- ben & jerry's cheesecake
- butter pecan

sundae fudgy sundae
by mackenziephoto

now, TODAY'S list is my wishlist. guh. you can only imagine. i'll start off with some things that are not gonna happen any time soon:

- a new acoustic guitar. though i'm not sure what kind i'd like. but would love for this potential guitar to play easy, sound pretty, and look nice.
- an electric guitar
- one of my songs on grey's anatomy?
- free rent?
- health insurance??

now... for some flim-flammy, girlie fun stuff that is probably just slightly more attainable (maybe.)

with pictures!!

first up, this dress on modcloth immediately caught my attention. will you just look at that kitschy pattern that reminds me of a vintage kitchen towel??  but it's out of stock. and $100 is a kinda hefty price anyway. o wellz.

i know they're redic, but ever since i saw these blowfish shoes on orchid grey, i can't stop thinking about them! she's hosting a giveaway for a pair. i hope i win!

i've been eyballing this cute lil' tote on etsy for quite some time...

* i also would really like to invest in this e-course on blogging at some point in the near future.

also, this dress please.



man, sometimes i wish i were a bored manhattan housewife...



actually no, not really. not for all the anthropologie dresses in the world.

hipness... part 14

i tried something a little different with these. matt borrowed a tripod from work and set it up in our room. i seized the moment and took some quick outfit pics.



skirt worn as a dress- thrifted
belt- anthropologie
cardigan- thrifted
dog tags- work
tights- hue

i haven't broken out this skirt/ dress in a long time. i used to wear it a lot during my depressed/ muu-muu wearing days. but i can't seem to let go of it because of the amazing paisley pattern. i'm glad i haven't parted ways with it yet...


i kind of like the white background a little better! what do you think?


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