April 29, 2011

gettin yer hurr did

of course i never have access to the good camera on completely momentous occasions such as this. so i discreetly took these with my trusty point-and-shoot in the corner of a lower east side starbucks.


there is something magical that happens when a girl gets a haircut for the first time in awhile. most things that were wrong before suddenly seem okay. there is an extra spring in her step. everybody notices her. the sky opens up and angels sing.

this time, i went as mullet-y as i dared. can you tell from these pictures? probably not. my hairdresser actually had to cut me off from requesting more layers!

so don't worry, it's not a real mullet. it's just hella long with hella layers. in other words, my dream hair...


in some ways, i think i might be channeling my mom... who is forever wedded to her amazing 80's hairstyle and proud of it! but it's probably not as severe as i think it is. when it's curly again, it'll just look normal, not stylized.

okay i'm going to stop writing this carrie bradshaw nonsense now and go to bed. goodnight moon! goodnight readers! may all your hairdo wishes come true. :snuggles:

April 27, 2011

summer luv


i know.

this blog has been a bit shoe-centric in the past couple of posts, but just bear with me...

h&m swedish hasbeens

h&m swedish hasbeens


April 26, 2011

project update: kickstarter video...

"hey, wanted to apologize for judging your acting skills. i looked at the footage, and it's actually really good and can be used."
-text message from matt

we did more shooting for the kickstarter video on sunday. for this portion, i talked directly to the camera to explain the project, what kickstarter is, and why one would want to support me.

i was nervous and stressed out that day. and you *cannot* look stressed when you are shooting a video essentially asking for assistance in financial matters.

matt concentrated on the task at hand with a pinched look on his face and monotone directions which did not help inspire- "look at the camera." "do it again." "get to the point." he's actually a real sport for wanting to put this together for me, and i'm so grateful for his help...

but ugh.

fortunately, towards the end, it started flowing smoother. and according to matt's text, it didn't turn out as bad as we thought :) i reviewed the footage as well... i'm still trying to get used to the sight of myself on camera. i think it's going to turn out cute in the end, but there's still a LOT of work ahead of us.

SIGH. thinking about this has been taking up so much of my head space lately. i wish i had more time and things were easier. don't we all...

at least thelonious always makes things better :)


as do cupcakes...



April 22, 2011

madras dream

without much further ado: here it is, my most favoritest dress in the world.


maeve called me an easter egg when she saw it, but i scoff.

it's the most perfect dress i own. it's feminine without being too fussy. retro without being costume-y. casual, colorful, and comfortable. it has an eye-catching print. not too long or too short. AND. it showcases my body in a flattering, yet non-hoochified way!

i'm just sad i only get to wear it during summer and spring :'(



dress- heritage 1981
cardigan- uniqlo
leggings- uniqlo
socks- we love colors
shoes- target
scarf- closeout store

outfit details

a note on the socks- i picked them up from we love colors, since i've heard such raves about that company through the blogosphere. i do like them! i got about 4 or 5 colors, and i LOVE the fact that there is such a variety.

my beef is that they are made of nylon so they're very slidy. i have one pair of loafers that i simply can't wear them with... while i'm walking, they slide alllll the way down until practically the whole sock is bunched up UNDERNEATH my foot. meh. other than that, thumbs up.


i feel like it's been a hectic few weeks. i'm aiming to get some rest tomorrow, but part of me is aching to get my heiney down to soho and stalk the hell out of these babies:

swedish hasbeens is doing a collaboration with h&m, and these beauties are part of the collection. this here pair will set you back only $60. (similar ones go for $200-$300.) the reds will be mine.

oh yes. she will be mine.


chantilly trivia

- i was a cheerleader from 6th to 12th grades. i loved it passionately, although i was mostly considered the "weird girl." i even ranked what colleges i wanted to attend based on the greatness of their cheerleading teams. (but ended up going to a "wierd" art school anyway, where i belonged :P)

- grew up in a beach town. around this time of year, you'd start to see cars trickle onto the roads with license plates from every state. how did they know about little old westerly, ri? those tourists, they'd find us somehow and who could blame them. waves and sun are so healing.

- my one true irrational fear is of vomiting. i'd rather stay sick all day long rather than just puke once and get it over with.

- i'm really, senselessly troubled by the word jeggings. even just typing that was awful. :shiver:

- i have 4 (FOUR) cats. i hated cats all my life until i moved to my first lonely apartment in brooklyn. then i met max at barc, a no-kill animal shelter in williamsburg, and never looked back :)

- i wear nighties and vintage slips to bed almost exclusively.

- i didn't learn to play guitar until i was in college. i've always been more of a singer and melody writer/ lyricist. i had to painstakingly learn each chord, and how to make my ideas into complete songs. i'm definitely able to perform live, and if i get in enough practice time, i'm actually excellent :) but it's taken years of trial and error, and feeling wildly uncomfortable with my instrumental abilities.

omg SLEEP.

April 19, 2011

just doin' stuff...

so i mentioned in my last post that some friends and i shot video for my eventual kickstarter thingy-thing...

i noticed this gem of an outtake when i uploaded my outfit pics from the weekend. we were testing out the cameras, hence why it is only 7 seconds long. i can't remember what i was talking about, but i sure was gettin' my jam on.

keep on lookout this week for the outfit post featuring this dress!
(aka my most favoritest dress in the world.)

April 18, 2011

garden flowers


it's been a busy weekend. studio sessions, parties, friends, etc. AND. we started shooting part of my kickstarter video on sunday! (FINALLY.) more on that later...

in the meantime, some outfit photos i took:


this shirt always makes me feel so mature. i don't know if this is a good or bad thing.


anthropologie top
anthropologie belt
skirt- heritage 1981
shoes- target
pin- made by me


April 15, 2011

chantilly luvs peeps

last week, i recieved a care package from my parents. my mom kept nervously calling about it, making sure i knew it was coming. she specified several times that it was very important matt and i open it together. what could it be??

the package arrived at my office. my coworker and i pondered about its contents. we rattled off ideas. shook the box, and tried to guess.

then i brought it home and found... this...


peeps. wooly willies (?!) gum balls. cheap little candies like smarties and airheads. NERF ARROWS AND TOY BASKETBALL HOOPS.

wtf is this?

"... wtf."

it was so random and amazing! nevermind that it's still a few weeks before easter, and they've never even sent me an easter care package before... i was sure this was going to be a serious and heartfelt gift. but nope!

this is classic, actually. one christmas i got a box of my mom's worn work pumps. why? "oh, i thought you could use a pair." i was really confused. it took me about 5 minutes before i realized there was a gift certificate to another store taped to the top inside of the box.

easter presents

we shot the little arrows around the room (much to the cats' delight) and fell into a sugar stupor with bunny ears on.

yay for quirky parents and their silly/ fun ideas!

blue bun ears

April 11, 2011

scribble scrabble

here are some outfit pics with the new lens. i kinda kicked matt's ass a little about how much he spent on it. but i've gotta say, the pics came out pretty decent...


i *really* love knee socks/ otk's. i wear them almost every day, just mostly not outside...

the problem isn't that i'm insecure. it's the rude men in my neighborhood, and all around nyc, who think it's okay to talk to women with no respect whatsoever. who leer as you're walking down the street, minding you own business. like you're putting on a special lingerie show just for them.

sometimes it can be kinda comical ("i love a woman in RED!!") other times, it leaves me with quite a slimy feeling. like i wanna punch the guy and throw up on him simultaneously.

admittedly it happens even when i'm not dressed in a "provocative" manner. but i feel extra exposed if i'm wearing a "sexy" outfit- and some people consider knee socks sexy. it makes me sad that i'm not able to express myself fully in my clothing choices, for fear of feeling threatened :(

but i decided i'm going to start getting braver and don them on my walks and journeys beyond the apartment... starting with this outfit that i wore to shop for groceries in!

eff the haters.






allihop jumper - ebay
anthropologie scribbled bouquet cardi
anthropologie poms & trinkets necklace
sock dreams cotton slouch socks
target platforms


April 09, 2011

new review

yayy, i love getting reviews! especially when they are good. yeah, good reviews rock.

here is one on frostclick.com for my last album, caught light. which you can find on itunes, download on bandcamp for free, or enter the giveaway at pixie mama this month to win a free copy.)


"What made me first listen to Caught Light is that each of the songs, although having the same underlying freshness and contribution of Chantilly's truly unique vocals, is distinctively different further, highlighting the versatility of the artist. From the more melancholic acoustic experience of All I Have, to the more upbeat vocals of An Affair, the folk influence in Infomercial Song, and the warmth of Springtime Travels."



chan closeup


April 07, 2011

vanity girl

i haven't had a lot of time or energy to take outfit photos lately. i've really got to dig deep during the week to find it, and it mostly never happens. and if i'm extra busy on the weekends, then i've missed the window.


but matt just got a super DUPER fancy lens for his camera. so i decided to take a few captivating shots of my vanity, to give you a peek at how i make myself so sexy every day...


eye spy- see if you can find the cat and the guitar in this photo.


you know, sometimes i don't know where life is going, what i'm doing, or what the meaning is. but then. i sit down at my vanity, and all is right with the world. i feel lucky to have something this pretty to look at every morning.

i've got a long to-do list today. starting with practicing for my recording session later. i think we're tracking guitars! my cold is going away, so perhaps some vocals as well.

ah life...

chan bureau

chan bureau
taken by matt panton

ascap new york sessions

time for a "day in the life of an nyc singer-songwriter" post. i spent last thursday at the 92nd street y, listening to the experts talk about social media, writing process, and strategies for success.


going to events like this is a relief. because unlike any other typical day in new york, it's totally appropriate to turn to the random guy sitting to your left and introduce yourself, and they won't assume you're hitting on them.

i tried to sit somewhere different during every panel, to bump into new people. i met a lot of hip hop producers for some reason... i even met a composer in line at the dunkin' donuts across the street! he bought me a donut, and i gave him a business card.


the first panel of the day was by far, my favorite... social media for the musician. ACTUAL things you can do to help yourself win at the game of internetz.

this is the third-ish time i've heard ariel hyatt (all the way to the right) speak. she's a really good person to follow, even if you aren't a musician. she has so many tricks up her sleeve, and thinks of techniques and strategies you'd never even dream of.

bumped into fellow singer-songwriter craig greenberg at least five times, until finally we just decided it was fate telling us we needed to hang out all night at the afterparty. so we did. i tried to take pictures... but of course my point & shoot + a dark bar = horrendousness. instead, i'll just post this picture of a kitten.

Kitten Rescue
photo by eaghra

also, i met allie moss in the bathroom, of all places! i'd never actually met allie before, but she's a friend of friends, of friends, and guitarist for ingrid michaelson's band. then i totally invited myself along for coffee with her and her affable associate, whose name i unfortunately didn't get.


i managed to snag a seat up front at the music supervisor's panel (these are the people that can get your music into tv shows, movies, and commercials.) everyone swarmed the stage afterwards, practically throwing cd's at their feet. but the precious rock star/ supervisors were whisked away to the back, never to be seen again.

the last panel highlighted pop music producers sandy vee and the stargate duo. they've produced britney, katy perry, beyonce, rihanna, blah blah... this is them:


i guess it's cool to see the ones behind those hits... but i more enjoy speakers who can give young professionals actual clues as to how to get where they are.


April 05, 2011

Giveaway on PixieMama

cd & tote

good morning lovelies :)

i've decided to do some sponsorships this month... this is my first giveaway ever! you could win a cd/ tote bag combo if you mosey over at pixie mama crafts and enter. the prize is my last album, and a tote that i designed an screenprinted myself! be sure to sign up for my mailing list for an extra entry!

as always, these items are for sale at my chantillysongs.com shop. but if you really itching for an album and need it soon, order now. cuz in the next week (two weeks?) i'll be deleting that account and moving my schtuff on over to another store. i don't know how long the moving proess will take. just fyi.

i've also got some other projects in the works for this potential new store. fun stuff. pretty trinkets! you'll see :)


April 03, 2011

new blog design!

happy sundayyy.

something's different, you say? well either you're seeing things, or you've noticed the excellent new blog design done by annie of wattlebird. if you're viewing in a reader, i urge you to pop on over and see for yourself!

and if you find yourself in need of a new design for your blog, i can TOTALLY recommend annie. she's sweet, professional, and didn't even flinch at the zillion changes i asked for :P

you'll also notice there's a new link bar at the top of the blog. that's because i'm going to convert it into my official website soon. i already have one at chantillysongs.com. but there are many reasons why i want to switch- one of them being that most of my traffic comes to chantillysongs.blogspot for some reason. why confuse people? i just want one main place where we can all gather together :)


it figures. i'm so pumped about the new design, but updates this week might be sparse. i'm sick :( in fact, i had to cancel brunch with friends today because of the hellacious sore throat that i woke up with.

i'm just glad it happened today and not yesterday. saul and i got some KILLER vocals down!! although he is currently sick, and i may have gotten it from him...

but whatevs. vitamin c. sleep. good energy. i'll be better soon (hopefully.)

hope everyone had a nice weekend!



April 02, 2011

in circles

haven't had an outfit in awhile. shall we?


fool, i KNOW you not about to think your skirt can stretch longer than mine.


cardigan- anthropologie ?
shirt- gift from mom
belt- thrifted
anthropologie circle the globe skirt
shoes- urban outfitters

i don't have much to say about this outfit, except that the skirt was $7. SEVEN DOLLARS!!

that's all i'll say about that for now. i'm still in my pajamas, and i need to be out the door to a studio session in about 15 minutes :P

but here's the outfit detail so you can leave the entry with something pretty on your mind:

outfit detail

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