May 31, 2011

an oopsie and a goodie!

last weekend, i went off to rhode island to visit some family, partly to celebrate me and my brother's birthdays jointly (we're a month apart.)

this of course was a prime opportunity to get some great photos of different scenery, document travels, birthday cake, happenings, etc. so i took the camera along for the ride. i was really looking forward to documenting some outfits in this exotic locale, as well.

the first night, i settled into my favorite guest room with the down comforter and tea, and recieved a phone call from matt...

the camera battery. i had forgotten to take it out of its charger.

the next day, he FEDEXED it to me. except the fedex package never came. the tracking number indicates that it never even left nyc.

soooo i was planning to have all these really fancy and pretty photos of travels and fun for you, but i got nothin'. just the sweet everlasting memories of chaotic family dinners, a warm bed, endless chocolate cake, and of course love :)

but i do have SOMETHING for you! i sure do. i'm hosting two giveaways of my last cd this month... one at after nine to five, and one at scenic glory.

cd & tote

in case you are new to me/ my music, and were wondering just what i'm talking about- hi! i'm chantilly. i wear outfits, but i also make music.

a metric ton of effort went into making this cd, despite the fact that it just looks like a tiny little inoffensive thing. it took two years and more than a dozen people's help. it is professionally produced, mastered, and pressed just like anything you might hear on the radio or buy in a record store.

here, listen:

if you make handmade items, i know you can especially appreciate this. it is my art. and it is the ultimate handmade (heart-made) item.

i am recording a brand new cd right now that i am also very proud of. but this one is still here, just waiting to be plucked up by two lucky girls or boys! if you have a second, i'd love if you'd hop over to one or both of the blogs and enter right now. you'd have a very good chance of winning :)

hope everyone is having a wonderful day :) how was everyone's memorial day weekend??


May 25, 2011

ukulele girl

so yeaaaahhhh, sorryy if you subscribe to me via google reader and there was a post yesterday with a bunch of huuge images and nothing else :D that was me trying to create a new paragraph in this post by pushing the return key. guess my cursor was on the publish button. oops, lol.



luxe top- 3rd ward swap in brooklyn
scarf- thrifted
anthropologie field skirt
uniqlo leggings
boots- frye engineer


ukulele- first flight music in the east village

it occurred to me recently that i don't have many pictures of myself with my instrument. i used to think it was the ultimate rock cliche image- GIRL WITH GUITAR... like there aren't eleventy million other pictures in the world like it...

but my opinion on this has done a complete 180. my main influence in changing my mind is elizabeth from delightfully tacky. i LOVE when she posts pictures of her playing guitar. they are stylish and beautiful, and it made me see the whole matter in a different light!


you might notice that this is a ukulele and not a guitar. well it was handy, and easier to run back and forth with when you're doing self-timed photos :)

only problem is that i need to learn how to play the dang darn thing... i've had it for an embarrassingly long time, and should really should know by now. it's pretty easy too! just a matter of memorizing chord shapes.

sigh, someday. and until that day... i will ladypose the hell out of it.


May 23, 2011

lazy days...

on friday, we layed down some sweet harmonies for the EP at saul's place...

saturday was a (relaxing but) dull, do-nothing day...

by the time sunday rolled around, i was feeling antsy. so even though it was cold and rainy, i made the 20-minute treck to bedford avenue in williamsburg to walk around amongst the pretty people.

some arbitrary photos followed...

necklaces being sold on the street

grabbing a bite at bagelsmith, looking out the window...

it's nice to have some alone time. i find it to be completely regenerating and healing. of course, one of my favorite places to do so is cafes.


nothing makes me happier than iced coffee, and a time and place to write and people-watch.

i found a nice new espresso bar on bedford ave., on my way to beacon's closet. i love observing all the artsy people, yuppies, and poseurs alike. they drift in and drift out, cosuming their coffee and sweets over a quiet book or conversation.

i gawk for awhile, then busily get back to writing in my journal... hovering protectively over it like someone will actually care...

(i made this journal myself!!)

and, this concludes how i love to spend a day off if i can get a chance. moody afternoons in coffee shops are always time well spent for me.

off topic, but does anyone out there watch game of thrones?

it's a new show we've been getting into and i've become addicted! i love me shows with the imperfect, morally-grey characters, and there are plenty to go around here.

tyrion lannister is a favorite so far :) what with his snappy one-liners and love of whores. daenerys is also turning out to be FRIGGING AWESOME. anxious to see more :)

May 21, 2011

giveaway winner!!

as i promised, i'd like to announce the winner of my modcloth/ itunes giveaway. i went to generated a random set of numbers from 1-23, and the first number is the winner!


#6 was POLLY!!


congrats polly! i'll be sending an email shortly :)

a big thank you to everyone who participated! it was a great first giveaway. there were surely be more in the future :)


May 17, 2011

expedition part 2!

second installment of the dead horse bay adventure!
the outfits... oh my dear the outfits...

maevey makin' me swoon
dead horse bay

sex machine matt
dead horse bay

no standalone zach picture :( but here he is again, lookin fly...

my heavy duty bay-scouring getup:

dead horse bay\

shirt- ebay
hoodie under jean jacket- h&m
jean jacket- thrifted
scarf- thrifted
pants- uniqlo
work boots- thrifted

ps, my hair got to be so amazingly cray-cray in these photos after the the wind was at it all day long... i don't know why no one told me what i looked like, but i'm just gonna decide i look AWESOME.

dead horse bay



all pics by zach and/ or matt.

pps, the winners of my contest will be announced tomorrow!! stay tuned...


May 16, 2011

expedition part 1

maeve has been telling me for weeks that we need to take a field trip to dead horse bay, a little corner of brooklyn i've never known or heard about. sunday was finally the day!

we had the luxury of driving there, since she has a car. (it is sooo great to not have to take the subway lemme tell ya.) we parked across the street at a creepy abandoned military base, then walked through a little beachy nature trail.

the gang

and just so you know, this post is cobbled together with pictures from *FOUR* different cameras. zach's, matt's iphone, my point & shoot, & matt's canon. i never realized it, but matt's little iphone can take some decent pictures! (see above.)

where the trail opens up to the bay-
dead horse bay


if it reminds you a little bit of a garbage dump, that's because it was. it's been both a horse rendering plant and a landfill, and is still littered with old glass from the 1930's... which is of course what we were there to collect...

dead horse bay

dead horse bay

and here we have the score of the day that i'm most proud of- the tiniest bottle you've ever seen!

tiny bottle

some of sunday's haul back at home, freshly bleached and boiled.

old glass

old glass

old glass

maeve suggested i make that teeny bottle into a little necklace, and i think that's exactly what i'll do :)

more pics & outfit deets to come!


you gave your love...

sometimes it's nice remember way back when i was a bonny lass... going to all those emo/ punk shows with my friend corey, dreaming about all the totally hot makeout sessions i'd have with rivers cuomo if only he knew i was alive. i never even fathom covering one of his songs back then- i didn't even play guitar! but oh my, how the world has changed since then...

i had the camcorder out the other day for some reason and decided to tool around. it took me about 20 minutes to work out this cover of "you gave your love to me softly" by weezer. an homage to my emo crush of yesteryear.

mrs. alice didn't take too to kindly to the treatment i gave to the song, as you will see if you watch most of the video. but i'm hoping maybe some humans will like it :)

ps, subscribe to my channel on youtube if you'd like to be the first to see new videos :) i'm going to try and post them on a more consistent basis, but i need eyeballs to motivate me! xo

May 14, 2011


part of the reason this entry is going to be so long is because of the nostalgia attached to the topic for me.

remember a mall chain back in the day called garden botanika? i sure do. when you would walk in the store there was a gigantic bar full of essential oils. you could custom blend them together to make your own lotions, hair products, perfumes, etc.

i had the almond perfume, but pineapple-coconut was my “signature scent”. i would wear it every day to school. one day, the weird boy i sat next to in typing class that i had an inexplicable crush on remarked, “hey are you wearing that mango guava thing again??” yes! he noticed me! i ended up taking that boy to jr. prom, we went on one “date,” and then he awkwardly avoided me for the rest of the year...

anyway, the point is, it was the one and only perfume i ever loved. ever. all other ones just smell like chemicals to me. even really expensive ones.

so imagine my surprise when i found out gb is actually still kicking around! they shut down physical stores years ago, and only sell online now. they offer .17 oz samples for $3/ each, so i decided to give ‘em a whirl. i ordered:

- pineapple
- coconut
- almond
- vanilla
and in an attempt to try something more “grownup”
- sandalwood
- desert musk


as you can see, i have a predilection for the fruity/ sweet. my mother chided me at the time “almond huh- so you want to smell like a cookie??” uh, YEAH! still do.

almond, pineapple, and coconut were just as lovely as i remember. and vanilla was a nice addition as well.

i thought i’d hate “desert musk,” but it was actually pretty gorgeous. unfortunately after wearing it for a whole day though, it started to bother me and i felt nauseous. i had to run to the bathroom and scrub it off at the guided meditation with jess.

all in all, i think pineapple-coco is still my fave. not really a fan of sandalwood... oh well, i tried.

good news: they’re uber long-lasting! (sandalwood stayed on even after i took a shower... although i didn't try very hard to scrub it off.) bad news: my spraying technique needs some work. with a lighter application, these would be a lot less overpowering for me.

conclusion: i’d NEVER write about perfume except for this store. for $3, you can get a non-stank perfume that smells amazing and lasts literally all day! ignore the fact that the brand also conjures recollections of comtempo casuals, orange julius, and hot topic.

they also have a 3 oz option for $30, but i’d rather go for several of the smaller ones and try different combinations. they’re just super girly girrl fun!

next up on the wish list:

egyptian musk

what kinds would you get?

ps, does anyone out there want the sandalwood?

i’ll have a mini-giveaway for it today, & send it out to a random reader who comments by 12pm est tonight :) just leave a comment on this entry, make sure you a follow me on GFC, and leave your email address!

May 13, 2011

interview at whimsical poppysmic

hey all! hope everyone's friday is shaping up to be a great one.

just popping in to let you know i've been featured over at chrissy's blog, whimsical poppysmic today. she asked me a few questions about myself and my creative process, and i was only too happy to oblige!


hop on over and check it out!

also, have you entered my giveaway yet?! $25 in modcloth or itunes credit. free money, yo. hop to it!

chantilly giveaway

May 11, 2011

screwdriver orange

this post has been brought to you by vodka. screwdrivers in particular. because that is what i drink on sundays at brunch :P


edme & etsyllte dress- ebay
cardi- uniqlo
scarf- urban outfitters
sandals- frye via ebay
lips- russian red by mac

i wish i could go out and shoot pictures like this more often. i mean i live in brooklyn, fer chrissake! it should be a cakewalk to come up with new interesting backgrounds for shots all the time.

but of course, it's never that simple. i feel like if i set up shop on some corner with the camera and tripod, someone could easily walk away with it when my back is turned. you really need a partner in crime to pull it off.

the old bookshelves will have to do for most of the time... but not for now!


anywayz, i basically stole this dress on ebay for like $10. through careful analyzation of my wardrobe habits in the past few months, i've slowly ascertained that my preferred style is a cross between lazy weekend hipster girl, and vintage-y indie sexpot. this dress and scarf somehow together achieve a weird and awesome embodiment of this look, that of course i'm declaring my new favorite.

plus the colors!! did you see the colors? i know you didn't miss those...




May 09, 2011

sunday funday

the weekend saga continues...

after my saturday spent maxin & relaxin, it was nice to see some friends on sunday. especially since, as i mentioned before, i can get to feel so overwhelmed that it's hard to make time for social gatherings.

zach, jessica, matt & i all met for a late brunch at one of our usual haunts, life cafe.


(most photos by matt, some by me)

Picnik collage

eggs, toast, hash browns, etc.


the lip color is russian red by mac. every woman should own it. i totally forgot about this lipstick, and haven't worn it in years. i don't know what made me pull it out, but i'm sure glad i did. still smells new!

anyway after brunch, we were predictably pretty lit. when i requested that matt take some outfit photos, it turned into a friend-photo shoot... everybody wanted in on the action!

we found this cool graffiti background (they are literally everywhere you step in our neighborhood) and went at it.








after our drunken photo adventures, we then grabbed some more vodka at the liquor store. because we weren't ready to be done drinking yet!

we headed back to our apartment to continue the festivites. luckily, we have some decent views from our roof so we also spent a little time up there... although you have to be careful. if the door closes, it locks you up there. we learned this the hard way when we first moved into the apartment...

Picnik collage

but obviously we're all still here!

after everyone left, i had a headache and had to go to bed early but it was sooo worth it.

aannd... jess and i are going to a guided meditation tonight! i've been to this place a bunch of times by myself in the past, and am happy to finally have a friend to go with me.


full outfit details tomorrow (there were so many pictures, i didn't want to cram them all into one post.)



phew! that was a rather long time to go without making a post. it's mostly because i've been pretty busy... ya know... living life :)

on friday saul & i were finishing up main vocals for the ep & did some harmonies. we're heading into the main stretch! (unbelievable.)

then on saturday i had my first bonafide day off, i'd say in a couple months...

i'm going let my guard down (again) and tell you something personal.

something happens to me when i don't get alone time. my insides start screaming at me as i'm heading off to work or wherever- "please don't go. STAY HOME and take care of yourself." the brain becomes all runched up inside. things start to bother me and trip me up, but i have no time to figure out what they are or how to fix them. then the negative whispers start, and at that point i start to become someone i don't even recognize.

i don't subscribe to any particular "god" belief. but to remain sane, i've found that i do need time for spiritual and self reflection. if i don't get it, the above happens- repeat, repeat, repeat.

so anyway, saturday was such a day :) it's crazy because even when you have the prized do-nothing day in the palm of your hands, you still get the urge to continue doing work!

but i ignored that urge. instead, i went out to bedford ave in williamsburg to just walk around and be by myself. to sip green iced tea, write in my journal, and watch the people go by. it was lovely and exactly what i needed.

today is not a big picture-post day. i just wanted to let you in on what i've been up to. more adventures (with pictures!) coming up very soon.


May 05, 2011

giveaway- modcloth or itunes!!

hey guys & girls! i hope your day is looking lovely so far.

i've mentioning here and there that i was going to host my first giveaway when i hit 50 followers... and i did last week!

i originally had the urge to bring you just cute frilly frocks... but thought it fair to keep things gender-neutral by also offering music! (plus, the songstress in me always likes to see artists and songwriters getting paid for their work :)

so here it is. a chance to win a $25 credit to either modcloth or itunes!! you choose if you win!

chantilly giveaway


modcloth is a vintage/ indie-inspired online clothing retailer for ladies. if i were you, i might use this gift certificate to help my buy any number of the gorgeous dresses, skirts, tops, shoes, or accessories in their shop :)


and itunes... well, you know itunes. as you might imagine, i have recommendations out the wazoo for amazing music you could potentially buy with this credit, so don't hesitate to ask!!

How to enter:

+ you must be a follower of chantillysongs on google friend connect.

+ leave a comment letting me know 1) you're a follower
2) your favorite artist/ band
3) and your email address so that i can get ahold of you if you're the winner. (you will be added to my totally non-annoying email list, from which you can unsubscribe at any time.)

that's it!!

Bonus entries:

i'll need to get the word out about this contest, big time! so feel free to go for as many bonus entries as your heart desires. once you fulfill your madadory entry you may also:

+ tweet about the contest. something to the effect of: "i entered to win $25 at modcloth/ itunes on @chantillysongs #giveaway. enter here!" just as long as you incorporate my handle, the hashtag, the link, and general info about the giveaway.
+ blog about it (feel free to reuse the image above)
+ facebook about it
+ follow me on twitter
+ subscribe to my channel on youtube

please leave a comment for *each* bonus entry, or it sadly won't be counted :(
and don't forget to link back to your tweets, facebooking, & blog entries!

the giveaway ends on thursday, may 19th at midnight est. that's plenty of time to get your jollies in :) the winner will be picked via and announced a few days later.

this is so exciting! i'm so happy to be having my first giveaway. thank you so much for being readers, and being my motivation to do it!


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