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bff day!!!!

last week two beautiful blonde ladies came to visit me from mythical lands afar... austin tx and cold spring ny...

but actually, they were my roommies from college :) and much as i'd like to think otherwise, erin came from austin not just to see me, but to visit many of her friends in new york. we went to more places in one night than i thought ever possible, and had a totes splendiferous time.

coley hates the city, and i never get to see her because of it. maybe twice a year. so i was more than glad when her first stop off the metro north was to meet me at my place of work. she chattered my ear off as i finished up the day's tasks.

doesn't she look like a super-high powered business woman/ model in this picture?


when we left to meet erin, walking through the middle of midtown, we bumped into my friend chris and his girlfriend danielle. it was so random! to bump into another artsy friend on *34th* street, of all places.

turns out he manages a studio a couple blocks away from where i work. fyi- i've known chris since he was fifteen, and he did some mixing & things for my last album :) i haven't seen him in ages (coley did work on the album as well, but more in the visual vein than audial.)

chris & danielle

we walked across town to where erin was staying, her bff james's place, and we all decided to step out for some thai food. james totally crashed the lady-party, but he ordered us all some REALLY good fried calamari, so it was cool :)

in order: chantilly, coley, erin. erin smiles so radiantly, it hurts me. and coley is just... love :)
3 girls 2

i was not completely pleased with my massaman curry, but hey. not every place can be as great as my favorite delivery spot in brooklyn.


secrets dupleve

then we went to a super fun, balloon-filled gay bar and had a drink.
then we went to pinkberry to have some ice cream (below!)
then we went to lulu's bakery.
THEN when lulu's closed, we went to starbucks to finish our conversation.

QUESTION: do you live in nyc, and have you been to lulu's? i must say, it is pretty dope. not only are there cookies and cupcakes and the usual bakery fare... they have fresh made twinkies, snowballs, and yodels. i mean, RED VELVET TWINKIE. need i say more? i had the chocolate-covered twinkie myself, and i almost died.

pinkberry 2 duplave

frienz <3
3 girls


summer in the city

we had a rooftop bbq on saturday (more pictures forthcoming), and i labored over whether or not to wear these shorts. they almost remind me of an old fashioned bathing suit. not that that's bad... they're just so short!

matt tried to tell me that no, they weren't happening. while natalie deemed them awesome. finally i just said fuck it, and decided they were fabulous. who needs modesty?

chan outfit

shirt- h&m
scarf- thrifted
shorts- urban outfitters
shoes- swedish hasbeens for h&m

chan outfit 9

chan outfit 11

forbidden fruit

i saw that pomegranates were $2 at trader joes the other day, so i thought "hey why not?"

this is first time in years i've had one. mostly my lingering memories of this fruit involve one of my former roommates, who would keep them in the fridge for way too long, and its smell would eventually taint the other food (pomegranate tuna helper anyone?)

but whatevesss. pomegranates are all healthy and stuff. here's how i ate mine for breakfast.


...and here lie the demolished pomegranate carcass. gods rest its soul. i don't tend to eat the seeds, but i hear they are good for you. do you eat the seeds?


so yeah! in other news, i decided to start reading the game of thrones books. super happy about that. i forget how entertaining books can be- a lot better than television or movies. even though there's a lot of great tv shows out there right now that i love (breaking bad's coming back!!) with books, you get sucked into a whole world you wish you were a part of. i'm about a quarter of the way through the first book so far :)

hope everyone had a nice weekend! i had a kind of busy/ social one. lots of catching up to do in my google reader :)


a word about sponsorships...

partner chantillysongs

i've often thought about and have been intrigued by sponsorships since i started getting involved in this whole blogging "scene..." should i sponsor blogs? is it worth it? should accept sponsors someday?

i've sponsored a few blogs in the last couple months... some yielded no results, some have gotten me some decent traffic, and others have turned into relationships :)

from what i can see, having sponsors can be a lot of work. but it also looks like a lot of fun, a great way to meet other bloggers, get traffic, and promote each other :)

so i've decided to dip my toe in the waters, if you will... for the next couple months i'd like to start accepting "sponsors" on my blog. i use that term lightly because although i've been growing at a rate i'm mostly pleased with, i dont' think i'm at a point in which demanding actual moneys would be appropriate.

so what i'm proposing is this- if you are interested in partnering with my blog, each month we will:

~ put each other's buttons on each other's sidebars
~ you'll have a chance to either participate in a group giveaway, write a guest post, or be interviewed on chantillysongs.
~ i have the option to do one of the same things on your blog/ website

that's it! that and some twitter love. i try to be good at tweeting, but fail sometimes. maybe this will give me good reason to participate in all those #followfridays :D

i'm excited to do this as a way to expose each other to new audiences, all while adding content to the blog. everybody wins!

THE TYPES OF BLOGS I'D MOST LIKE TO PARTNER WITH: style, lifestyle, music/ musicians, indie, vintage, diy, and etsy/ crafts. i'll consider others, but this is really where my own readership lies.

thank you! i love you!
if interested, please hit me up at chantillysongs (at) gmail (dot) com and we will work out some details for july :)

can't wait to hear from you!

the red door

chan outfit 3

chan outfit

dress- urban outfitters
poms & trinkets necklace- anthropologie
bag- beacon's closet
boots- blowfish java
sunnies- forever 21

last sunday, jessica and i met for brunch, a chat, and a thrifting session. i wanted to take more pictures of our adventures, but jess's friend kenny had used the camera to take pictures of the northside fest the night before. the settings were all whack and i couldn't figure out how to get it back the way it was!

jess managed to get these photos of the day's outfit though... i think they came out pretty nice :) she's a natural with the camera. usually i have to take about 30 shots to get a few decent ones, but jess snapped off 5 quick pics, and they were all great!

chan outfit 2

still obsessed with the java blowfish boots, as you can see. i've been wearing them every day! i like them so much actually ordered another pair... the jeno boots. can't wait to see what those are like.

chan close


northside festival!!

chan northside fest
all photos taken by kenny yagual


as i said, i played the northside festival last weekend at goodbye blue monday, and had a most wonderful time. i will get to that right in a sec...

but before i do, did everyone notice the new header i made?? i'm finally starting to learn some photoshop skillz, and i think i'm lovin' it :) there might be more little design changes in the coming weeks, so don't mind as i tweak...

also, i would just like to take a moment and credit mellomint on deviant art for generously providing the textures i used.



chan drink northside


chan tune northside fest

i was nervous- i haven't played a show in months, and didn't get in as much practice time as i would've liked. i was anxious about who would come.

but when i got onstage, i noticed i'd accumulated the largest crowd of the night in the acoustic space, many of them lovely friends. and when i started singing, i was amazed at how completely engaged everyone was, and how they were hanging on my every word.

and when i stepped offstage, numerous people kept coming up to talk about my performance. not just in a "hey good job" type of way, but in a "WOW you're so totally awesome. holy crap, you made my night" kinda way. they didn't just like it, but enthusiastically so!

i've had performances where i'm playing to two drunks in a corner. i've performed for obnoxious, wasted crowds where literally NO ONE is listening. to the point where they don't even notice when i've ended a song. nights like those crush my spirit and make me never want to book a show again.

nights like this one here, however, are always magical and propel me to keep going :)

chan play northside fest

this is my friend tamar haviv and her guitarist greg smith! they played right after me, and have a a retro pop duo vibe. the songs are catchy, and their energy is so cute!

tamar northside fest

tamar is magical and sparkles when she sings...

tamar 2 northside fest

tamar chan

here, greg and i are admiring each other's guitars. he said he's always wanted a gibson, and i've been looking at martins. we were curious to switch.

chantilly and greg smith

chantilly and greg smith

the hour grew late very quickly, and my friend jess were the only ones of our group left at the end of the night. we shared a delicious coffee beer out on the patio, and finally headed home around 3:30am :)

splendid evening all around.

juicing 4 lyfe

hope everyone had a nice weekend :)

first off, i just want to say i had a BLAST at the northside festival on saturday!! it was such an honor to be able to play, and i met some really great new people. i will have a full report and pictures later on in the week. i'm in the midst of getting all that together for you...

in the meantime, i just wanted to share some thoughts on a random topic...

does anyone out there enjoy juicing their own fruits and veggies?? i was making some juice for myself the other day and thought it might be a good blog topic! my mom gave me a juicer a few years ago. she was all into juicing for health at the time, and i guess i followed suit.

my hard and fast rules of juicing:

- try to get a masticating (grinding) juicer. ones that use blades often produce so much heat while they're doing the job, they kill much of the beneficial enzymes your body needs. those enzymes are the whole point of juicing.
- you cannot juice bananas, strawberries, or blueberries (they just turn into mush- make a smoothie with these instead.)
- don't juice the seeds of fruits, or the leafy parts of non-leafy vegetables- such as the tops of carrots, the cores of apples, etc. they will be bitter and/ or toxic.
- try to drink the juice within a timely manner- an hour is best. the longer it sits out, the more of those enzymes die off, again defeating the point.

that's it!

oh, and they say not to make a pure fruit juice, as it contains too much sugar/ calories/ etc...


i usually make carrot-celery juice (sometimes with ginger!) even though carrots are a vegetable, they still have a lot of sugar. but i don't care. i'd rather have raw vegetables than not.

and i swear, if you get the organic carrots from trader joes or whole foods, it almost tastes like a sweet milk.


carrots celery

carrot juice

to market, to market, jiggity jog

good afternoon, world :)


do you live in nyc?

if so, it happens that i'm playing a show as part of l magazine's northside festival tonight! it's all the way out here in bushwick, but it would be great to see you in person! $5 to get in, i go on at 10:40pm. event details are on the facebook page

now, to completely change the subject, here's some random market downtown we ended up at last weekend. the colors of the fruits and veggies looked so bright and beautiful in person, they were practically begging me to snag a couple photos.




and here, my dear, are some cupcakes! i realized i haven't been taking nearly as many pictures of cupcakes as i should. this photo was part of an ongoing attempt to remedy that situation.

actually, i could really use one of these right now...


post linked at yellow songbird.

up on the roof

chan roof

chan roof 2

shirt- h&m
dress- thrifted
bow necklace- anthropologie
boots- blowfish java

i was at a loss as to where i could take some new pictures. as i've said previously, i'm sick of the bookcase, and have been liking all the out-and-about shots i've been accumulating lately.

then i remembered... this is brooklyn. i live in a loft. every self-respecting brooklynite loft dweller has a roof to chill on. and so it be.

chan roof 3

at the time, i didn't know how to flip the tripod down and get vertical shots. that's why they're all horizontal :)

also, i'm not crazy about the contrast of the white roof against the drab building backgrounds. i'll have to make the composition work a little better next time. and wear more colorful outfits if i come up for pictures again! i hope to... as it's the summer, and why not take advantage?

chan roof 6

chan roof 7

home cookin'

during one of last summer's trips to rhode island, i picked up this crock pot at a yard sale for $3.

i finally got around to lugging it back to brooklyn with me recently, and was really excited to cook something in it! it's a tiny little thing- just 3.5 quarts, but it makes enough to feed me for a couple nights worth of dinners :)

crock pot

i decided to make beef stew for the first meal. i'm not a big fan of the canned stew honestly, but the thought of a homemade version made my mouth water. if you have a crock pot i highly recommend it! it is seriously so easy and so delicious. i can't wait to try out more recipes!

crock pot 2

2 pounds beef stew meat, cut into 1-inch cubes
1/4 cup flour
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/2 teaspoon black pepper
1 1/2 cups beef broth
1 teaspoon Worcestershire sauce
1 clove garlic, minced
1 bay leaf
1 teaspoon paprika
2 potatoes, diced
1 onion, chopped (or 1 tsp onion powder, this is what i used)
1 stalk celery, sliced
1 carrot, sliced
1/2 cup frozen peas

Put meat in stoneware. Sprinkle flour, salt and pepper over meat and stir to coat.
Add remaining ingredients and stir to mix well.
Cover; cook on Low 10 to 12 hours or on High for 5 to 6 hours. Stir thoroughly before serving.


the seedy sidewalks...

some pretty exciting news folks- saul & i finished recording harmonies for the ep on friday!! i think it'll just be one more session of making sure everything's in order, and then he can start mixing the songs!

i'm totally excited. don't i look it?

chantilly les 5

chantill les 3

shirt- urban outfitters
hat- urban outfitters
cardigan- thrifted
pants- uniqlo
book necklace- etsy
scarf- forever 21
boots- blowfish java photos- matt panton

ever since i started following other style blogs, almost every single one i come across raves about blowfish shoes. either they're wearing them, or hosting a giveaway, or just generally singing their praises. so when they had their memorial day sale a few weeks ago, i gave in and ordered the java boots... and i must say, they're worth the hype.

i can't exactly explain what it is about these shoes, but ever since i pulled them out of the box, i've been smitten. i just get a warm feeling in my heart and a dopey grin every time i look at them. must be luv!! i've also received a steady stream of compliments since i started wearing them, often from random strangers!

the only thing i'm worried about is how they will wear in the long run... as the nyc streets are not generally kind to most shoes, and i plan on donning these babies a lot. i'll keep you updated!

chantilly les

so yes, here we are once again traipsing around on the lower east side, followed by a movie- super 8 (wasn't impressed.)

we then met a kind stranger as we were looking at a menu outside of a restaurant. this man ended up buying matt & i drinks, and made me a flower from a napkin!! he carries rose oil and colored napkins in his pocket at all times, specifically so that he can make flowers for ladies.

to the mens out there- i hope you're taking notes.


then as the day was ending, and we happened upon a wine store that was giving away free vodka shots (??!), i couldn't resist taking more pictures as we passed this lovely heart graffiti...

chantilly heart


vintage birthday

this entry goes out to my homeslice miki! she recently turned me onto pixlr o-matic. i can't tell you how excited i am, since this tool will save me about a billion years worth of photo editing work, all while making my photos look 1000% cooler. thank you, miki!

just so you know, i might be severely abusing this amazing tool in the near future...

in the meantime, here's the story of saturday night, in picture form :) just an intimate get-together with a few friends, and even more (yes more) margaritas. no big thaang.

maeve cake

zach lights candles

lighting bday candles

birthday cakes

blowing out candles



more girllss

also, aren't these flowers just beautiful?? they were a gift from maeve, who picked them herself from her garden :) how thoughtful!

maeve flowers
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