August 29, 2011

the great dress swap of '11

first of all, thank you for the comments on my last post. we turned out fine in the storm, but it's a little sad to know some did not fare so well. my heart goes out if you suffered any damage.

but now...

the final conclusion of the great dress swap of '11!! you get to see the way miki styled the dresses! (if you haven't been following along, miki and i arranged swap dresses, take pictures, and send them back to each other.)

we'll start with miki's swap item... this is her take-

she chose to go relatively simple, with a nice pair of heels. this dress already has so much cute going for it, you don't really need much else! however, she topped it with a blue floral jacket for when it gets a little chilly.

Vevu dress (Argentina)
Objeto summer coat (Arg)
Pesqueira bag (Arg)
Sandals: Melissa (Brasil)

here's what i did with it-

chan outfit 4chan outfit 1

my plan was to play up the girly-ness of the dress, with the extra slip, lolita-socks, and heels. the only thing the shoot was missing- an oversized lollipop.

chantilly details-

dress- swap item from miki
necklace- f21
socks- sock dreams
slip- thrifted
shoes- target

next, is my dress!

she accented the red piping in the dress, by adding the belt. and why not add a little flavor with those southwest-styled boots? a girl after my own heart, she never seems to be without something to keep the chills away... so the shrug is present as well.

also, i covet those heart-shaped sunglasses...

my take-

chan outfit 5
chan outfit 6

again, more of a floppy summer silouhette. the belt isn't even red, it's bright orange, but i think it goes :)

chantilly details-

dress- thrifted
belt- thrifted
necklace- gift from roommate natalie
shoes- swedish hasbeens for h&m
lipstick- besame carmine

hope you enjoyed!

and hey-
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August 28, 2011


a few things.

first off, i hope everyone on the east coast survived/ is surviving the hurricane. it ended up barely grazing nyc... it was basically thunderstorm irene in my neighborhood, but a few places actually did get flooded. like lower manhattan, and at least one basement-apartment-dwelling facebook friend.

secondly, has anyone noticed my new site design?? i was bored yesterday, cooped up and waiting for the big storm. the old design was feeling stale and grating on my nerves, so i redid the whole thing. i'm actually quite pleased with my work, and really love it!! if you're in a reader and have a sec, hop on over and check it.

lastly, have you entered my latest giveaway yet? i'd love to have a few more entries in there, and it ends tomorrow!

also, i just wanted to say i've got some great posts planned for this week, including a shop-my-closet type of clothing sale.... so stay tuned, and enjoy the rest of your sunday :)


August 26, 2011


nail chips
nail chips 2


my nails cannot survive my guitar, yet i find myself falling ever-deep in love with nail polish. next i think i'd like to try a nice, sunny yellow! i need to start learning how to play with a pick...

right now i'm at the swallow cafe in brooklyn (formerly archive cafe.) it's practically empty. i'm sure the saner people of our fair borough are crammed shoulder-to-shoulder in a grocery store, preparing for the big hurricane ...they're certainly not on a computer in a coffee shop, enjoying their garlic cream cheese bagel.

i went to food bazaar earlier in the day... yeah. that wasn't happening. there weren't even any free baskets or carts. i'm hoping it clears out a little later, so we can stock up on canned goods galore.


actually, i'm thinking this is gonna be a good time for me to catch up on my reading AND my guitar playing. hope everyone out there is staying safe if you're in the path of irene. otherwise, enjoy your weekend!


August 25, 2011

Feminine Unique New giveaway

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August 23, 2011

yellow and the deer

chan outfit 6

yeah, i know i'm channeling lolita with these thigh-highs :P

they're really beautiful in person. i ordered them from sock dreams about two years ago, and they've sat untouched in my sock drawer. so when miki sent me this gorgeously twee dress for our swap, i just knew i had to utilize them.

super cutsey-cue cue, but i like that sometimes :)

chan outfit 5

chan outfit 7

dress- swap item from miki
necklace- f21
socks- sock dreams
slip- thrifted
shoes- target

now the dress, while adorable, was a mite short. i believe miki is more petite than me, so she can pull it off. but i had to wear a slip under it.

but honestly, i love wearing slips. especially in the winter, when skirts rub up against your tights and cause a most unflattering silhouette. can't live without them!

also, i love the happy little ruffles that always peek out at the hem!

chan outfit 4

chan outfit 1

stay tuned for final conclusion of *the great dress swap of '11*!! i'm gonna do a play-by-play of how we styled both dresses, and you'll get to see miki's versions as well!

chan outfit 8


i just wanted to say thank you to my readers/ followers/ fans who are hanging in there with me. i feel like i've been a little out of it lately... not really responding to comments and all that.

honestly, blogging and social networking can be overwhelming for me sometimes. i try to get back to everyone, i really do. i don't always get to it, though.

i totally don't want to be one of "those" unresponsive bloggers. i know how it feels, so i'd never want to make others feel like that. i'm totally appreciative of your support. it's part of the reason i do the free sponsorship- to thank you for reading, and so everyone can get to know everyone else :)

so... thanks for bein' such a pal :)
and never hesitate to email if ya'll ever have a question or want to chat.



August 22, 2011

colorful little presents

as i might have mentioned before, miki and i came up with the great idea to do a clothing swap. so within the last few weeks, we sent each other dresses, styled them differently, took pictures, and sent them back to each other.

however, i couldn't believe it when i recieved her package in the mail...


a testament to how thoughtful this girl is. not only did i find the dress she was lending me, there was also a bunch of other goodies, including these super cute heart ice trays!!

heart ice

i've already posted pics of the dress i sent her. so stay tuned for my rendition of miki's beautiful frock, and her take on the outfits as well :)

chan outfit 7

have a wonderful monday :)

August 19, 2011

indie inspirations ~ joy ike

it goes without saying, but i have more free time now that i'm without a dayjob. and i've vowed to start doing all the music-y type things i've been yearning to... such as go out and see more shows/ support the live music scene here in nyc.

so last friday i ventured out to see a singer-songwriter that i've been in touch with on-and-off over the internet- joy ike.

i started reading her music blog, grassrootsy, a few years ago, (if you're an indie musician, she has some *great* strategies for promotion!), and she's admired the graceful way i handle my email blasts (sign up for it in the right hand column of my blog!)

so when i learned she'd be playing a show at pianos, i was more than happy to go out and support her!

unfortunately the below pic was the best one i got of her performance (still haven't mastered the art of the low-light photo.)


however, this was her merch setup, which i thought was pretty profesh-looking...

merch setup

merch setup 2

we even went out to eat afterward with some of her friends. i got angrily yelled at by the manager for bringing in and eating outside food :P (what?! i was dying for a crepe...)

we talked shop a little bit, too. o the trials and tribulations of being an indie songwriter...

though truth be told, she's a lot more seasoned than i. she actually makes a full-time living touring and playing her original music through gigs in pittsburgh. (i gotta learn that trick.) i've never really been able to break through here in nyc, though we both agreed that this market is way tough.

joy chan 1
joy chan 2

anyway, you should toootally check out her music, blog and all that. she's completely talented and you'll be glad you did!

~joy's website
~joy's twitter



August 18, 2011

Guest Post: Deer Donna!

i've had my eye on donna's blog for awhile :) she's a lovely girl, and a cat mom just like me! read on, and don't forget to visit her wonderful blog!

Hello friends of Chantilly Songs!

I am Donna from Deer Donna and am really excited to be guest blogging over in these parts! I am an Aussie girl, born and bred in Melbourne. I live with my boyfriend Christian, and our two kitties, Sailor Jerry and Falkor the Luckdragon.

We have so much fun with our little kitties, and I thought you might like to see some photos of the babies, and learn about their stories.

We bought Sailor Jerry back in 2010, believe it or not, at a Factory Outlet, where they sell discount goods! Haha. He was with some "half price kitties" and we couldn't resist. Christian had just finished getting a tattoo that day, and so we had to name him Sailor Jerry, of course. Sailor Jerry is an awesome old tattooist... in case you didn't know.


At the time, we also lived very close to the beach, and both love the beach, so it was a perfect name.

Sailor Jerry is a beautiful loving kitty, and he is very well behaved. He is very shy around other people, but loves us so much, and is happiest at night, curled up in between us, snuggling.


When Sailor Jerry turned one, we decided that he needed a brother. We wanted to save a kitty from a shelter, and I had seen a local shelter advertising a white kitty, who had not been loved, and was very special, as he was deaf. We went to have a look at him, on Sailor Jerrys birthday, and he was so cute and friendly.

We decided to adopt him and took him home that very day. We decided to name him Falkor the Luckdragon, after the big white dragon in The Neverending Story, as we both love that movie!


Falkor is the complete opposite of Sailor Jerry. He is noisy, socialable, allllways hungry, and a little terror! He likes to make a mess, and he loves to eat everything in sight!


Sailor Jerry didn't like him at first, we don't think, but now, he loves him to bits. They always play fight together and lick each other, and snuggle when it is cold. They are both daddy's boys, and love snuggling and playing with Christian. Of course, they love me too!!! Even if I dress them up all silly.... hehe.

The photo of Falkor in the cooking pot and Sailor Jerry watching him shows their personalities perfectly.. hehe. Sailor Jerry is saying "hey mum, I am the good kitty..."


Our boys are so funny and lovely and I can't imagine life without them!

Well, that's it from me! Pop by my blog sometime if you want to see more of my baby boys, and my life. Thanks so much for Chantilly for letting me be a part of her blog.

Big kisses,

Deer Donna xox

P.S. I am currently hosting a blog party for my 1 year blogaversary and Chantilly is involved too!!! Go check it out if you want to win a copy of her CD or some other goodies!! :D

August 17, 2011

hands and feet

i NEVER paint my nails. never. mostly due to the simple fact that it will inevitably flake when i play guitar. nevertheless, i broke down and got me some cute nail polish today. i've been dreaming of this tiffany blue essie polish since i-don't-know when.

essie blue nail polish

the guilt came about halfway through the painting session... i realized that i indeed had the urge to play gee-tar today. i was sure they would be demolished, but only my right pointer finger seemed to take the brunt. for the most part, it stayed intact.




what color should i go for next?


August 14, 2011

mint green iced tea!

homemade iced tea.

that's all i really have to say, but i'll totally say more because it's the shizz. i've been meaning to make it all summer long, and my iced tea dreams finally came to fruition the other day. it's really simple and really worth it.

you don't have to, but i use my own herbs and spices to make tea. my brother works at an organic food co-op in maine, so he sends me stuff in bulk. for regular ole' hot tea, i usually make chamomile mixed with other various calming herbs.

for iced tea though, my fave is always mint green.

loose tea
loose tea 2

first off, you'll need a big tea ball.

or if you're using tea bags, you'll probably need about 8 of whatever kind you're making. i measured 8 cups out of my pitcher, so i figured i'd use about a teaspoon of tea herbs per cup.

so for me, it was 4 tsp of green tea, and 4 tsp of dried mint leaves. (i also threw in a few rose hips for some vitamin c.)

tea ball

next, just measure out your water, and boil in a big pot! hot tip: it's probably a good idea to throw in an extra cup, because some of the water will boil off.

when it gets to boiling, turn off the burner and throw in your tea ball for 5-10 minutes. or more, if you like your tea more flavorful/ bitter (i do.)

while it's still hot, add some sweetner if you so desire! i like honey.


now, it's time for a quinoa break...




after you're sufficiently full of quinoa, remove your tea ball and wait some more.

this next step is entirely optional, but it helps the tea cool off faster. i learned this little trick from around the way in brooklyn... you can empty the liquid into a wider container, so that there is more surface area. i used this casserole dish. feel free to put it in the fridge or freezer!

flat tea

after about 30 minutes - 1 hour (or 2-3 hours if you've chosen to leave it in the pot), your tea should be ready to drink. strain to get rid of the extra herbs that seeped through your tea ball and enjoy!

mint green tea


this past weekend has been super lazy. well, actually suppose i was somewhat productive. but i spent just as much time doing stuff as i did in bed, finishing up george r.r. martin's clash of kings.

the series is disturbing, but addictive. it really highlights the cruelty of humanity, and even the heroes can be villains, and vice versa. but the story is fantastic, and keeps me going. not for the tender-hearted (which i unfortunately am.)


these pictures are not from this weekend. they are actually from two weekends ago...

chan outfit

a bunch of us went upstate, to relax and drink wine on lake george. friend road trips are the best! i need more of them in my life. i think the world would be a better place if we all did.

we meant to take way more pictures, but were having such a nice time, we forgot. however, i couldn't miss a chance to do photos among the pretty gardens in matt's parents yard and deck :)

chan outfit 4

a little 1950's housewife?

chan outfit 6

sweater- uniqlo
shirt- f21
scarf- beacon's
shorts- urban outfitters
loafers- thrifted

chan forest

how was your weekend?

chan outfit 5
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