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i love colors

we love

i was so excited to get these. i couldn't even wait until the morning to take photos with decent, natural lighting. i HAD TO try them on as soon as they reached my door!

this various selection of tights and socks was sent to me by the kind people at we love colors! i've been wanting to try their stuff forever, since i hear so many great things about them. so i ordered a pair of tights (seen yesterday), which i LOVED. then a representative from the company emailed and said they wanted to work with me for the blog :)

i know this kind of stuff really isn't a big deal, and happens every day. but it's really exciting for me!! i never thought i'd reach the point with this blog where i'd actually be sent things to model. i'm pretty happy about it, especially since i really do love their products.

anywayyy, being fall and all, i guess you'll be seeing me clad in a variety of legwear from we love colors :)

so, what's your favorite way to keep your legs warm in the fall? tights? leggings? knee highs? thigh highs?

xoxo, have a fun friday night everyone!

feeling rusty


here are some more clear outfit shots from saturday.
(photos by matt panton)

chan outfit

chan outfit 3

chan outfit 4

i'm pretty crazy about the tights. news- i have an announcement having to do with this company, but it will have to wait until tomorrow :)


top- ebay
cardi- heritage 1981
dreamcatcher necklace- foxwoods casino
shorts- urban outfitters
tights- we love colors (microfiber tights/ color- rust)
boots- thrifted

chan outfit 2

more jumping! this (awesome) pose must've been a relic from my cheerleader days...

chan jump


just monkeying around

chan playground

on saturday, we met up for brunch with our friends jeff and michelle. on the way out, we spotted a nearby playground. our vodka-sloshed brains thought it was a great idea to go over and check it out.


michelle face

honestly, there is something that's just great about being on a playground... or anything having to do with feeling like a kid again.

myself and most people i know are bogged down with bullshit. jobs they hate. unemployment. immense college loans. creative unfulfillment. responsibilities, bills, worries, etc.

even if you can't get away from the situations, i think it's important to take regular breaks from the feelings that come with them. maybe even to remember a simpler time...

playground play

boys playground

we hear it every single day, every moment of our lives. the world tells us explicitly and implicitly "grow up. stand up straight. act like an adult." and certainly we do need that... to a point.

i personally think we also need to remember how to be silly and free. ESPECIALLY in such stressful times. it's a balance...

upside down

chan michelle


boys jump

boys jump 2

girls jump 2

wherever you are in your day today, take a moment to remember a time when you were happy and carefree. (perhaps that's where you're at anyway... if so, you're lucky!!)

know that life always changes, for better and for worse. and it can be that way again.

off to yoga!

(outfit deets tomorrow! xo)

Vintage Obsessions with Lala Fauxbois

time to turn my space over to lisa, who is one of the sweetest girls that i've met through blogging. just look at how super cute she is!! show her some love by visiting her blog :) xo

Hello! I'm Lisa and I blog over at lala faux bois. I'm a pretty new blogger and this is my very first guest post ever! I'm so excited that it's on Chantilly Songs because I'm such a fan of her blog and music!

One of the things I blog about is my obsession with vintage, and since I know Chantilly loves it too, I thought that would be the perfect thing to write about over here! This entire outfit is second hand and I love that every piece has it's own story.

I've been wanting a pretty embroidered dress and I was pleased as punch to find this at a vintage store last week. I found this belt and leather clutch at the same stop.

I thrifted these platform shoes years ago and the necklace is a treasured piece that my Grandma found for me at an estate sale.

If you'd like to see more of my obsessions with travelling, vintage, and making stuff, come stop by the blog or say hello on twitter!


also, announcement! the winner of my fantastic giveaway last week is giveaway is ashley brooke! awesome! i'll be contacting you soon, ashley :)

Screen shot 2011-09-26 at 3.48.25 PM

mystic continued...

hey gang...

it's been a busy weekend! i guess i've been out there living life and all that.

i know i've had a few people email me about partnering and such, and i've probably been slow to answer you. i'm going to be catching up tomorrow... sorry if i've been a little unresponsive :)

i figured now would be a great time to post a few quick pictures, of the tons that i took when i was visiting my parents. mystic is a cute little town in connecticut. right across from the aquarium we visited (pics posted last week) is a place called "old mystic village," basically just a little area of shops.

all the buildings in the "village" were built to resemble old new england colonial houses. i've known about it all my life, but haven't been there since i was maybe five. it's a big tourist attraction (particularly pretty around christmas time). there's a duck pond, a water wheel, and all sorts of cute things.

olde mystick

country store

little danish girls


mama goose

mystic flowers

and of course there was a coffee stop...

mysic coffee

look at these two crazy kids. (aka my parents.)

parents coffee

actually i have even MORE pictures, but i will stop here for today.

hope you all had a wonderful weekend, and the winner of the giveaway will be announced shortly. thank you all so much for your participation! more to come, i promise!! xoxo

iced coffee

the three pattern blues

continuing the theme of the 3-pattern mixing, here's some dots, stripes, and paisley for ya...

chan outfit 1

chan outfit 3

well, perhaps you can't see from here, but that scarf definitely has paisley in it :)

i feel like this look turned out more winter-y than fall-y, but whateves. i've been dying to wear this sweater since i thrifted it back in june. it's so soft and cozy! (even though it's 100% acrylic...)

chan outfit 8

dress- thrifted
sweater- thrifted
scarf- thrifted
leggings- f21
socks- uniqlo
boots- blowfish java

chan outfit 7

chantilly outfit 9

on being alone

chan alone

truth be told, i like alone time.

i'm very much a "need space" person, and feel it's necessary for me to even be a functioning human being. i get stifl-ey if i'm around too many people and too much energy (which is easy in the city.)

the other day, i needed to go to ikea to pick up a few things, but had procrastinated until late in the day. finally got my ass in gear at 6pm, and left the house in search of curtain panels and rail tracks.

now in brooklyn, an ikea trip is no simple thing. it is a process...

so i hopped the appropriate train...
but unfortunately, the train was skipping the stop in which i needed to catch the shuttle bus...
so i got off at the next stop...
walked around aimlessly until i stumbled upon the shuttle bus...
and took the bus to an almost empty store.

it's a moment i can't really describe accurately, because i'm not sure that it's even real... that spooky-alone feeling you get when you're walking down a chilly road at dusk. when you're browsing a ginormous, mostly empty furniture store all by yourself. everyone else has gone home.

it felt special. no one bothers you, no one can asks you where you're going, no one is watching you. responsibilities are nil, and possibilities are infinite.

does anyone else feel like this? maybe it's just because the city itself is full to bursting with people. even my own household always seems to be crowded with so many energies... i can't ever really seem to find the peace and solitude that i crave. i did this time. at a furniture retail chain, of all places.

sigh well, it might not be as cute and kitchy as say this video, but it was a poignant life moment. even if it sounds abstract and overly philosophical...

how's about you?
are you a "need space" person, or "people" person??

meh... abstract tangents.... regularly scheduled posting (outfit time!!) returning tomorrow.

ps, don't forget to enter my giveaway!

life moment # 34,025

scout & plant...

scout moment

happy sunday :)


mystic aquarium

i took a lot of pictures during my trip home last weekend... my parents surprised us by taking us to the mystic aquarium!!

i remember taking field trips there when i was a kid. honestly, i think the last time i may have gone was when i was in kindergarten. it was a nostalgic time for me, and we had a blast.

the first animals we saw were the beluga whales. this particular guy was a trip. he actually liked to swim around and interact with the audience. his favorite thing to do was to scare the little children by making sudden crazy faces at them, such as this.

whale chan
chan aquarium

we also saw seals...


this steller sea lion was completely fucking majestic. when he had an itch, and it was a five-minute ordeal, which involved a mighty roar. (kind of a drama queen...)

sea lion 2
sea lion

the penguins were pretty...

penguin 2



paper jellyfish hanging from the ceiling!

paper jellyfish

the creepiest thing i saw all day were these eels. they would try to swim around in the water... but were so heavy that when they stopped moving, they would just flop down to the bottom of the tank. also, their mouths were constantly open... i guess in the sea, they were used to small fish and shrimp attending to cleaning their teeth.




parents chan


pattern mashup

swallow cafe...
abbey road...
garlic cream cheese bagel...

everything is right in the world. it's the perfect time do a much-needed outfit post.

chantilly outfit 9

i feel like i've been hearing much about this "mixing patterns" trend for the last couple months. so my theory with this outfit is, if mixing two patterns is good, mixing THREE would just be pure awesome!! behold the wonder of stripes, florals, and plaid... together at last.

chantilly outfit 8

chan outfit 3

scarf- thrifted
top- ebay
cardigan- thrifted
skirt- urban outfitters
socks- sock dreams
boots- blowfish java

i haven't been able to keep this scarf away from my neck since the moment i picked it up in rhode island last weekend. my mom and i went to a consignment shop called pennywise, where things were expensive! at least this scarf was only $4.

also, i can't wait to start wearing knee socks again! they're the coziest things to put on around the house in autumn and winter.

chan outfit 5

chan outfit 6

oh, and this is the first time that i set the camera self-timer on "continuous." so it takes 6 pictures in a row. i got soooo many photos that were like, in mid-movement. usually they're more pose-ey because i know exactly when it's going off. i think i kinda like the change :)

chan outfit 1

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