October 29, 2011

cmj faves


no camera this weekend.

i feel like it's been absolutely forever since i've had an outfit post. and i'm used to centering posts around photos i take, so i feel like i've got nothing new for you guys! plus it's snowing and cold today, so i don't think i'll be doing anything special...

silver lining: i decided to cook a chicken and biscuits crock pot, and the smell is making me feel happy and cozy :)

i decided that i'd share with you a few of my favorite finds from cmj! there were tons of talented bands and artists, but these guys took the cake for me...

sophie madeline


i stumbled into rockwood with some friends, and was immediately turned on by her quirky-folky-girlpop.

i'm always looking for musicians, songwriters, and creative types to network with. and sometimes, i'm actually in the mood to try and make friends :) so i approached her afterward, and we had an awkward little exchange together. i think she was just anxious to get everything packed up and get outta there... however, she gave me a free cd!

here's a video i found on her site covering "firework" with pearl and the beard (who i also love!!)


hank & cupcakes


this is a husband-wife duo. i caught their set at the canal room, and their energy is in-fucking-credible. she actually plays drums and sings at the same time, and ROCKS it. she's like an 80's power rock chick with the energy and confidence of madonna ;)



i actually didn't see this guy live, but this song played about a thousand times when i was volunteering at registration. everyone was talking about him all week, and i guess this video has 13 million views...

the song and his voice are obviously amazing. but i really enjoy watching the video, because of all his little facial subtleties. i love that he can flick his eyebrow and convey anger or sadness so quickly.

plus i think he has an interesting look. interesting face :)


October 26, 2011

in which i tease you...

i'm sorry to be so bad :P i'm just too excited.

i actually don't have a date set for the party just yet... but i wanted to share with you some of the AMAZING musicians, bloggers, business owners, and personalities who are going to be a part of this!! i'm shooting for the beginning of november.

so many inspiring people who i adore!!

get psyched!

Blog party guests

spinner's endThe Lovely LightHue and Hum

Little Chief HoneybeeLove, ElyciaJessi Robertson

ManzanitaA is for ampersandJeremy Larson

Ruby Slipper JourneysLaughing w/ Broken EyesMiki's Scrapbook

Flex Family ArtsAlyson GreenfieldSew Beastly


bad movie night

last sunday: movie night with friends!

personnel: me, matt, maeve, molly... all the m's. oh, plus zach and jeff :)

we watched a few simpson's halloween specials (the one where they killed all the kids in the cafeteria and ate them...) and the movie dead alive. i'm not a fan of the horror genre (like, at all) but this movie was hilarious.

and... the best part... the director is PETER JACKSON (yes, lord of the rings), and you would not know that at all!

do consider putting it in your halloween movie queue...



speaking of halloween, i'm dressing up for the first time in literally four years. because i'm actually invited to parties this year! i'm planning on completely ripping off katie's rag doll idea because it's so adorbs and easy.

some silly inquiries were risen as to whether or not i would be a slutty rag doll... because you know, every girl halloween costume has got to be slutty, right?

and sure- mistakes have been made, and the young, impressionable chantilly has certainly worn her fair share of "sexy" costumes. but i think i'm a little past it now...

however, i'm taking the idea of a hipster rag doll very seriously.




hey! are you in or around nyc on november 3rd? i have a show coming up at pete's candy store! rsvp to my facebook event :)

October 25, 2011

Guest Post ~ Elousions ~ What I wore

Hello Chantilly bloggers!

Im Miss Lou from Elousions and today I'm here to share one of my favorite tops. The best part of it? Is thrifted! I love thrifted finds like this one.

A big plus of being petit is that most tops are long for me and I use most of them with leggings (which I love)

I always make weird poses when taking outfit pictures ;)

 These shoes are comfy and they are the right heel size for me (I actually don't like heels)

 See the lace part of the top? Thats my fave! I love tops with lace details, or all together laced tops, I think they are so beautiful and interesting to look at.

I tend to add outtakes of my outfit photos since I make silly and funny faces like this one.

Outfit Details:

Red laced top- Thrifted

Leggings: Jcp

Shoes: Burlington

Headband: A thin scarfed wrapped twice around

I wanna thanx Chantilly for letting me take over her blog today. Thank you all for reading, stop by elousions and say HI whenever you want. I love meeting new people!


October 24, 2011

cmj hangover

phew! i am back.

as you might remember, i volunteered at cmj last week. i've spent the whole time talking non-stop, meeting new people, working, seeing shows, and loving every minute of it.

i feel a little behind on the times in internet land... spent most of today catching up on emails and trying to wade through my very overloaded google reader. but truth be told, it felt good to get out and be awake and alive in actual real life.

i have so much to say to you guys! for instance:


i ended up with a total of three free tote bags from this festival. i found this myspace one the most amusing. looks like they're trying to make a comeback by sponsoring the event, and trying to seem relevant again? i might actually wear this, just for the lulz.

also interesting
: i had numerous "industry" people suggest that i actually stop blogging so much. that i spend more time developing my youtube, twitter, and facebook artist page (which i don't have.) and i agree, those things could probably use some more of my attention...

but i think the problem is that i just have too much to say! i start off every week thinking that i'm going to end up with no material for posts. yet i've been filling up the pages almost every day lately!

also, blogging has been the only place- out of all the outlets that i've tried- where the work i do seems to pay off. where i'm cultivating a real audience that's ACTUALLY interested in what i do. and i've recently figured out that this is an important factor in my happiness- whether it's through music or no. i cherish the interactions i have with you guys so much... i'll be darned if i'm gonna give it up!!

besides which, i have no desire to be this generic "music personality" that people only know through a few pictures and half-hearted tweets. i'm a flesh and blood girl. and i have experiences and opinions that i want to express, which unfortunately can't always be contained by witty 140 character sentences.

that said, i might start scaling back my posting levels just a weeee bit... maybe start diversifying my efforts.

anywayyyyy, i hope everyone had a great week. looking forward to catching up with what you've all been up to :)

OH AND PS: the blog party planning is coming along swimmingly!! i have some AWESOME, too-good-to-be-true guest posters sign on so far. i've emailed a few more people, and it might even turn into a 2-day event!!


October 21, 2011

american idol tryouts

just clownin' around with my pal zach...

zach drums

zach knew of a cheap practice studio near my apartment. so the other day we decided to rent one and let loose. it was all decked out in red velvet curtains, and there were even groupie couches (sadly, we had no groupies :( ...)

unfortunately, i'm not the most adept at "jamming" so we did some silly covers (katy perry/ teenage dream, what?!) and my songs, mostly.

oh my...

zach sing

american idol

livin' the dream :)

October 19, 2011

salted caramel apples

i don't know if i've mentioned this on my blog or not, but one of my favorite parts of fall is caramel apples. even just typing the words made a little homer simpson drool come out of the corner of my mouth...

i attempted to make them the other day for the first time... they came out delicious and weird, but mostly delicious.

so let's go over what i did!

what you need:
1 bag of caramels
2 tbs milk
1 bag of walnuts
1 tbs salt
four or five medium apples
some sticks

i ate some of the caramels beforehand, so i probably didn't have the full amount i was supposed to :)

carmels package

i unwrapped all the caramels one by one, and plopped them into this sauce pan with the 2tbs milk. then set it on a low-medium heat, and stirred it around constantly until it melted. add salt.

caramels pan
caramel drip

i had no sticks, which i do NOT recommend. the first apple, i just plopped right into the caramel all by itself and spooned it out (BIG MISTAKE.) by the second apple, i at least wised up and dipped it in with a fork...

caramel dip

i also gradually learned that it was best to let the caramel cool slightly on the apple... so that it was more sticky and less melty when i went to roll it in the walnuts.

caramel wait

rolling them in the nuts... i honestly think i was supposed to use a different nut other than walnut, but it was really delicious either way. the only thing i'd recommend is a finer chopped nut than the one seen here.

caramel roll nuts

in the end the apples beat me.

the type of caramel i used, plus the cumbersome walnuts were the downfall. eventually all the nuts pretty much slipped all the way to the bottom. even so, they were more delicious than i thought possible.

ps, you should've seen me eating these with just my fingers...

caramel apples

oh well, it was a (tasty) experiment...

October 18, 2011


good morning lovely people!

chan outfit 3

chan outfit5

not much to say today, i guess. just along for the ride...

chan outfit 2

cardi- anthropologie
tank top- thrifted
skirt- anthropologie
tights- c/o we love colors
shoes- thrifted

chan outfit


October 17, 2011

occupy wall street- times square

usually i like to keep the mood light here, as i'm sure you've noticed. and we will return to regular scheduled programming of outfits, cupcakes, cats, and life happenings after this...

but well, this is a life happening for me. and there's been something pretty major going on that i feel like i can't ignore... even though most of the other blogs i follow have been pretty quiet about it.

i'm not sure how many of my readers have been following occupy wall street, but it's something i've grown passionate about quickly. on saturday we went to the protest in times square, and it was a wonderful and energizing experience. there were 20,000 people there of all ages, races, and religions.

maybe you think it's hippie bullshit. i think it affects us all.

perhaps some won't agree (hell, i may even lose followers over this), but i feel it's my duty to post these pictures and spread the word. if you're interested, you should check it out. the movement is spreading to many cities all across the country and worldwide.

photos by matt panton

this woman sang the national anthem as everyone sat down and sang along. an entire crowd of voices singing along.

next time i'm bringing my tambourine & glockenspiel... music everywhere!


October 16, 2011

hair rant sunday

my bangs were getting really long.

really. really. long.

i was seriously starting to feel way too pretentious. always letting them fall in my eyes, then pushing them out. the worst hipster cliche...

chan long

i know they don't look too crazy in this photo, but they were outta control. i finally hacked them myself on friday, but now they just look hacked :( i need a real haircut soon. word is, they offer free rock star hair cuts in the "artist's lounge" at cmj...

which brings me to my next point... i'll be volunteering for the cmj music marathon this week for the third year in a row!! it's basically a city-wide music festival filled with up-and-coming bands.

now, if one is really planning to "do" cmj (i am), it is all-absorbing. which basically means i'll only be around sporadically to answer emails, comments and such. although i do have some posts lined up to keep you entertained :)

but no fear! i'll be around again in no time at all!

have a good week. mine will be filled with free margaritas, panels, and shows :) i'm not sure if i'll have my camera with me, but if i do, i'll try to get lots of pics and update you all!!


October 15, 2011

sponsor spotlight!

time to honor the lovely ladies (and men) of the hour... my beautiful sponsors who bring such light into my life.

i love their cute little buttons on my sidebar. i love all the pretty pictures and sassy words on their blogs.

i love them.

flex family arts

HI! I am Amanda, one half of the flex family arts team. My Mister (James) and I spend our time making art, checking out new music, laughing and dreaming up our next project. We have a Baby Flex who lives with us and keeps us pretty entertained and we recently got engaged! Our blog is about our work, our lives and our love for each other.

We are currently offering a Fall sale, get 20% off using the coupon code FALL2011 in both our embroidery shops and get BOGO pin back button sets in our Squidflex shop!



Hello Chantilly readers! I'm Miss Lou the girl behind eLousions. I love vintage, thrifting, coffee, analog photography and a lot more. You can read about all these things, plus outfit post, peeks into my days, fun and silly vlogs and more... I also just re-opened my shop where you'll be able to find lots of treasures; vintage purses, old rare books, vintage-retro clothing, and more to come.


blythe ponytail parades

My name is Violet and I like pretty things and taking pictures. I am 22 years old and work in publishing and photography. In my spare time, I do freelance graphic design, painting, DIYs and shopping! This blog is mostly about my business, Violet Short Photography. It's also about life, art, DIYs, antiques, fashion, and other obsessions! I am constantly trying to spread new ideas, creations and beautiful images. Hope you enjoy! XOXO Violet

BlogFacebook Photography

no mark at all

No Mark At All is the photography blog of Rachell Taylor, a nature and food photographer in Seattle. Check out her blog for her dream portrait lists, giveaways, tips and tricks from around the web, and lovely prints from photographers she admires!

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miss kait online

Hello dears! I'm Kait, from Miss Kait Online. I'm a girl from Toronto, Ontario who loves everything vintage, hand-made, DIYs, fashion, photography, tea, cupcakes, gluten-free & ecofriendly things! I'm a firm believer that sandwiches taste better cut diagonally. I blog about all of the above! Nice to meet all of you! :)


mary rebecca

Hello! My name is Mary Rebecca and I run a blog under the same name. There you will find crafts, photography, my adventures, and cats! It's a catch-all of everything I find interesting, funny, or inspiring. :) Since October is my FAVORITE month I am jam-packing my blog with a lot of great guest posts, giveaways, and general spookiness.

Added Bonus: For the whole month of October use coupon code PUMPKINKING for free shipping in my Etsy shop!


flutter happy

Hi! I'm Arvee and I blog over at Flutter Happy, where I share little things about my life. I love all things beautiful and cute, and anything artsy-craftsy. I love Nancy Drew, Michael Crichton, the smell of new books and the sweet aroma of coffee.I love meeting new people, so why don't you come over my blog and say hi! ♥


pixie mama
center parcs 146

Hey! I’m Polly and I blog over at Pixie Mama. I’m a full time crafty mama to my three home-schooled girls. I blog daily about our life, my crafts and what inspires me. I design and make bohemain jewellery and upcycled clothing which I sell in my etsy shop – This Enchanted Pixie. I love to meet new friends – so be sure to stop by and say hi!

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Hello dear readers of Chantilly Songs! My name is Courtney and I blog over at Femine.Unique.New. Those three words describe my personal style which is ever changing as I journey through life. I'm excited about traveling, reading books, drinking tea, eating healthy foods, being active, learning about God, meeting new friends, designing clothes, and being inspired. I hope you'll come say hi. I'd love to meet you!


sew beastly

Hello Chantilly readers! I am Citlalli, and I am the heart and hands behind Sew Beastly. My blog is full of ruffles, inspiration, and handmade goodness. Stop by my shoppe and browse through my mix of handmade accessories. Stop by, say hello, and let's connect!


lala fauxbois

Hello! I'm Lisa from lala fauxbois, where I blog about my obsessions
with traveling, vintage, and making stuff. I'm a kitty lovin' girl
with dreams of living in the Brady Bunch house and flying around the
world in a mint green airplane. I'd love it if you came by to say hi!


just because by leelee

Hello!! I'm Lily, a fashion designer from Colombia living in Miami, FL. I love everything cute, photography, and vintage. When I am not working, I spend my days sewing, reading blogs, and taking pictures. I love to travel and to meet new people. I blog about my adventures in Miami, my trips, my inspirations, the things I love, and the things I love making!

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