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stripes forever

this is a total first-world-problem, but sometimes i get sick of shooting my style posts on a roof in brooklyn. so it's always a welcome change whenever i get to use "exotic" locales as an alternate backdrop :P

chan outfit 1
photos by matt panton

over the holiday weekend, matt's brother took us up to his gun shooting range out in the woods (that adventure is for another post...)

fascinating as learning about semi-automatics and such was, we decided to go poking around. we found a cozy little abandoned cabin, as well as a dock on a small lake! i figured it would be an ideal spot to take some pictures :)

chan outfit 4

chan outfit 6

this outfit is plain, i know. jeans and t-shirt are about as basic as you can get, but i was hoping the sweater and mocs would spruce it up a bit. this was a short holiday trip after all, and i didn't bring much clothing with me...

chan outfit 5

anyway, i loved all the little details in and around the cabin. the peeling paint, the grown-over picnic table, even the bird poop on the chairs! it was such a small little space, i have no idea what it was for...


matt stove

boat coat

outfit details-
sweater- thrifted
t-shirt- f21
pants- uniqlo
gloves- uo
mocs- ebay
coat (seen on the boat)- thrifted

chan outfit 7

chan outfit 8

chan outfit 9



Design G

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hello there!

i feel so absent... i haven't posted anything since thursday. it's hard to focus when there's family and holiday activity whirring around you... i guess i needed a break. either way, here are a few vignettes from the big day!

unfortunately i didn't try any of this- not a big fan of apple. pumpkin, however...

thanksgiving apple pie

sausage for the stuffing cooking away.

thanksgiving cooking

thanksgiving dining table

chan thanksgiving

and of course, no thanksgiving is complete without alcohol to get through those awkward family moments. choice d'ujour- merlot.

chan wine 2

chan wine

happy holidays, friends :)

but before you go, a few notes...

Design G

last week's giveaway winners!

sew beastly winner
sew beastly winner

blowfish winner
blowfish giveaway winner

congratulations miki and cerrisse. i'll be contacting you!

Design G

friends! i made a new music ep and am looking for help getting it funded! visit my kickstarter page and help out :)


lovely sponsors!!

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two years ago, my best friend moved away to seattle.

at the time, i was going through some depression, and still didn't have many friends in the city. she felt like the only person i could really talk to. her leaving made me feel lonely, and i thought i would never find a friend like her again.

well, things have since changed. and even though i've found more companions along the way, this girl is still irreplaceable. she came back to the city last week, hopefully for good! we got together at her amazing, rent-controlled apartment on the upper west side on saturday, and chatted over beers.

louisa darling
louisa 1

louisa 2

she may not look it, but this woman is literally like a vault of my secrets.

she probably knows everything about me. but the best part is- positive or negative, there are absolutely no judgements. all the ways that i can be awful, petty, jealous, obsessive... she loves me anyway. i can't tell you how comforting that is.

we've been through a lot of similar circumstances, so there's a strong bond. we can literally spend 8 hour straight talking, and not feel bored or exhausted. it's energizing!!

she's always got these little treasure boxes stowed away full of lace, glitter, and jewels. they give me warm fuzzies to look at.

jewel box


chan louisa 1

chan louisa 2

do you have a best friend?
someone who keeps your secrets?
are they near or far?




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dangle that carrot

greetings! time for a monday style post...

chan outfit 1

i spent the weekend taking a bit of a blog break. i had a major fun time on friday with the party, but it was stressful getting everything together, as you can imagine.

and then the KICKSTARTER... oh boy. i'm still nervous about that, even though i should *probably* be talking about how exciting it is. and i mean sure. it's a pretty awesome and amazing thing to do... but putting yourself out there in that way can be scary!

and to promote it properly, i'm gonna have to be all up in yo' face about this for the next month. which is not usually my style, but it must be done.

well. if anything, at least the stress hasn't affected my moves...

chan outfit 4

aw yeah, i still got it...

chan outfit 5

can't touch this.

chan outfit 7

shirt- ebay
cardi- thrifted
scarf- anthropologie
skirt- thrifted ($2.50!!)
gloves- u.o.
tights- we love colors (microfiber tights in rust)
jack booties c/o blowfish shoes

chan outfit 9

chan outfit 8

hope everyone had a great weekend and wonderful monday.

by the way, do you like this as my new signature??




friends! i made a new music ep and am looking for help getting it funded! visit my kickstarter page to help out :)


Blowfish & Sew Beastly giveaways- New entry method

how's everyone doing today?!

i hope you enjoyed my blog party on friday. i'd like to thank everyone again who participated, and also those who joined with us! it was a huge success, and i'm thinking about doing another one really soon!

however, i've been hoping to spread the word a bit more about my ep and kickstarter. so i came up with a new bonus entry method for the blog party giveaways, that i hope will help!!

all you have to do is share my kickstarter link :)

~if you tweet, facebook, or blog about my kickstarter (with the link), go ahead and put yourself down for one more entry. (please tag me with @chantillysongs on twitter, and leave the link of your share.)

~if you put up a widget on your site (found on the kickstarter page), that's two entries. (make sure you leave a comment for EACH entry.)

**remember, you must be a chantillysongs follower and have a look through the blowfish/ sew beastly stores to qualify :)**

again, the link to the kickstarter page is RIGHT HERE.

the links to the giveaways are here:

blowfish giveawaysew beastly giveaway

thanks everyone, and hope you had a good weekend!

see you tomorrow. xx
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