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La Salette at Chrismas

Looks like I'm officially back from my break, huh? I have to admit- a break from blogging has been kinda nice. Things like editing posts over and over, formatting, and thinking of topics can be tiring sometimes. But I did miss it. Otherwise, I wouldn't be back :)

It might be a little late coming, but I wanted to share a few pictures with you from my little Christmas vacation. Namely some places we went...

LaSalette Shrine MA Christmas LaSalette Shrine MA Christmas

If you're from the northeast, Have you heard of the LaSalette Shrine? I hadn't either. It's a nice place to visit any time of year, but at Christmas, they put up a gorgeous display of over 300,000 lights!! Since it's a Catholic shrine, a lot of the imagery was predictably religious in nature. But it was still beautiful, and even the atheists in our group approved! It was like a glittery magic wonderland.

LaSalette Shrine MA Christmas LaSalette Shrine MA Christmas LaSalette Shrine MA Christmas LaSalette Shrine MA Christmas LaSalette Shrine MA Christmas LaSalette Shrine MA Christmas LaSalette Shrine MA Christmas LaSalette Shrine MA Christmas

A little ways into our walk around the park (which takes about an hour to get through), there came the inevitable point when we started taking pictures of one another. We didn't realize how crazy the background would look when we did this. With so many lights around, you couldn't really avoid it. Reminiscent of those 1990's lazer school photo backgrounds, I'd say. In other words, totally amazing.

Also, the Christmas tree outline directly behind us in the family photo looks like it's made of fire! These photos are awesome!!

LaSalette Shrine MA Christmas IMG_1826

When it came me and Matt's turn for our photo opp, we started making weird kissy faces at each other. I'm not so much a fan of couples-kissing photos... I think they look unintentionally awkward in many cases, so there was no way what we were doing could be serious. We started doing "awkward kiss" poses on purpose, and succeeded at making several of these shots work (awkwardly.) But the last one is my favorite, and actually really didn't turn out all that weird-looking after all :)

IMG_1831 IMG_1835 IMG_0235


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  1. I'm glad you're back! These photos are really lovely, I love Christmas lights!

  2. BEAUTIFUL. especially the last one<3

  3. Probably the best thing about Christmas is the lights .. :-)

    Happy New Year!


  4. Happy new year darling girl! Great pics, looks like you had a fantastic time :)
    May 2013 be the best year!!

  5. That last kissing photo is magically adorable. And I love the on-fire Christmas tree, gives a dramatic effect. By the way, you had me at your tagline "a dollop of melancholy, a sprinkle of whimsy" ~ genius. Following now.
    Catherine Denton

    1. haha, thank you :) i looked twice at that family photo, and thought it was kind of funny. like this smiling, happy family has no idea that there's a flaming christmas tree directly behind them. of course it's not really on fire, but i still thought it was funny :P glad you like my tag line! xoxo

  6. I used to go La Salette every year when I was a kid! A huge wave of holiday nostalgia just hit me. Great photos too, especially the last one!

    1. *second to last picture, I mean. =]

    2. no way!! that's so cool! it must've been super special to go as a kid, when everything christmas is still so truly magical. when we went, i noticed these two tiny little boys getting pulled around in a little red wagon by their family... all cozy, covered in blankets, and in awe of everything. i kept thinking what an amazing memory it's going to be for them in their adulthood. that's how it must feel for you!! xx

  7. I'm glad to see you back! :p Even when I have barely any time to go online, I always check your blog ;).

    Oh, I hate to be taken kissing photos, hehe, there's no way we can pose naturally, haha. Well, we do like kissing, but the photos turn out awkward.

    I'm glad to know you had a lovely mini vacay! Happy 2013! ;D

    1. thank you miki!! i mean, there are some people who can pull off kissing photos well, i just hate it when it looks forced. glad to see you're posting again too!! x

  8. Happy new year love
    gorgeous pics! glittery magic wonderlands always win me over <3
    adore the picture where the tree looks like it's on fire
    looks like a lovely evening

    1. thank you!! looks like we have a love of glittery wonderlands in common :)

  9. I love all your winter gear! We also went to see Christmas lights at the Del Mar fairgrounds. I miss the Christmas decor and holiday spirit already. =( -Jessica L


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