White on white

White on white

Lulu's dress Clair Beauty wig< Lulu's dress Clair Beauty wig

New wig time! I tried doing a blowout yesterday, like my hairstylist had done last week, but I just ended up with a frizzy mess. Guess I need more practice.

Either way, I got this new one from an ebay shop that carries Clair Beauty wigs- my diligent team of researchers (aka, my typin' fingers) told me that these ones were good. Not the best- but good. And thusly, I have some mixed feelings about it....

When I first put it on, I immediately loved it and it totally made me feel like a rock star. In my indie musician dreams, this is how my hair would look every. single. day. Long, bed head-y, mullet-y, and lookin' like I just don't give a WHAT. Plus it's close to my real color, and it actually feels like real hair.

However, it's a thinner and less sturdy than my other wigs by Gabalmania. I really don't mind this, because that means it's more manageable and easier to wear. I feel like I could walk around, and not feel like I have a sack of potatoes weighing down my head. But, the dealbreaker- it doesn't photograph as well as the Gabalmania one. This could just be due to my lack of styling... but in some photos, it looked like a mop and didn't hang as nicely.

I still think I'll still wear it/ photograph with it, and I already ordered another one as soon as I got this and tried it on, soooo.....

Lulu's dress Clair Beauty wig

So enough about wigs, this is the dress I got at Lulu's style studio the other weekend! I know it's a little difficult to see, because of the background is white and so is the dress. But it's crochet-y and fancy- a dress you would normally wear to a wedding or a fancy-dancy dinner. Not my usual style. But I don't have a dress like this. My usual style categories: casual/ artsy/ twee/ hipster (yes, I said it.) So I thought, what the hell. Try something new. Take a chance.

When I put the dress on along with the wig, it inspired me to get a little punky rather than more adorned. I kept imagining Courtney Love, in her beautiful ballgowns, smeared lipstick, and ripped stockings. I don't think I completely succeeded in creating the grunge princess look of my dreams, but I loved adding the belt, accessories, and the fishnet thigh-highs that We Love Colors sent to me last year. (They'd been sitting in my drawer all that time, so glad to finally put them to good use!)

I wanted to further the pretty/ dirty effect with a beat-up pair of combat boots, but Matt said they were no bueno. Looks like we didn't even get a shot of my feet, so I totally could've rocked them anyway- haha. I guess it didn't turn out grungy, so much as... I don't know what. But I do like the result!

Lulu's dress Clair Beauty wig Lulu's dress Clair Beauty wig Dress- c/o Lulu's/ necklaces- F21/ thigh-highs- c/o We love colors/ Belt- thrifted


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  1. So fierce I can't even stand it!!

  2. You look gorgeous! <3 Love the new wig! And even if your outfit isn't completely grunge, it's still so pretty! xo

  3. You're such a hottie! I love the way you styled this whole outfit--I definitely got the essence of what you were going for, without it being a 90s grunge copycat style.

  4. Love it! I actually thought this WAS your hair before I read anything! =]

  5. 1st thing : THAT DRESS! My goodness it is beautiful.
    2nd thing : This wig is perfect because before I read anything I just figured you got hair extensions. It def fits the bill of an indie rockstar look.
    3rd thing : You are adorable end of story.

  6. HOLY SHIT!! I looooove this look. Your hair...er, wig (totally thought this was your own/new cut) looks very natural and I think you're wrong about it not photographing well, you look great!! THAT DRESS...wow. You look SO good in it and I love how you paired it with the stockings...fucking right! Looking amazing miss!!

  7. I thought you got extensions as well! This look is so you, it's like you were born for that hair, haha!

  8. The wig looks great on you; it looks very natural. And I like the white dress, too. I don't know why I'd always benn scared of wearing white; I think I'm learning to love it now, hehe.

    Hope you have a fun week! :p

  9. I'm obsessed! I love the pop of red in the belt. And the wig is super cute!!


  10. Can I steal this outfit? I adore how it contrasts but looks well put together.I love!:)


  12. Love this look, very cool. The belt is a great addition to add the pop of colour. I wish my hair looked like that everyday - I have tried the bed head thing but I just look scruffy rather than cool!
    Lianne x

  13. I agree that the wig doesn't really photograph well. But I do love the cut on you. ROCK ON!


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