Horseback Riding in Puerto Rico

Horseback Riding in Puerto Rico

Last batch of vacation photos here! We decided to go horseback riding on the final day of our trip. I'd never done this before, and it seemed like a fun way to round out the time spent.

Horseback Riding Puerto Rico Horseback Riding Puerto Rico

We met instructor with all her horses in a parking lot, and there was already a group of about five or six other people there. Almost everyone in our group had had some experience riding before... everyone except me. And while the idea of horseback riding seemed fun and whimsical in our hotel room, I was a little intimidated once I realized that I actually had to get up and sit on a big, huge animal. It was an odd feeling at first. But after the first ten minutes, I got the hang of it. It helped that my my horse, Palomo, was also very sweet, so that helped.

Horseback Riding Puerto Rico Horseback Riding Puerto Rico Horseback Riding Puerto Rico

I have to say, riding on the beach with these horses was one of the most beautiful things I've ever experienced.

One slightly unhappy note, though- I lost my camera lens cap while riding! Whenever some of the other horses in front of us would get excited, Palomo would follow suit. At one point when the whole group was trotting along in the sand, the camera (which was strapped around me) hit against my saddle, and the cap bounced right off. I ordered another one though... but still, I'll be capless for a few weeks.

Horseback Riding Puerto Rico Horseback Riding Puerto Rico Horseback Riding Puerto Rico Horseback Riding Puerto Rico Horseback Riding Puerto Rico

Overall, it was an absolutely wonderful time. Thanks again everyone, for sharing my experience this week :)


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  1. Anonymous3/15/2013

    I love your post ! ♥ Photos are perfect.

  2. Wow
    This is lovely lovely lovely.


  3. I'd LOVE to go horseback riding along the beach! My first experience was in Colorado up and down a very steep mountain. It was NOT FUN.

  4. Beautiful! Looks like such a lovely time. :)

  5. This seems so dreamy! I bet it was relaxing and exciting at the same time! Sucks about your cap - good thing it was only a cap though :)

  6. I lost my cap recently, too. Ugh.

    Gorgeous pictures - this is definitely going on my bucket list of things to do. I'm going to say beach + horses + sunshine = win.

  7. i love these pictures! my friend just came back from a cruise and rode on horses on the beach, she loved it! cute blog!
    Deana, from birds&oxfords

  8. What a fantastic experience! It's been a very long time since I've ridden a horse. I'm glad you decided to get up in the saddle :)

    LC from the world of ellesee

  9. This looks like an amazing time! I want to go on the vacations you go on. :-)

  10. Lovely photos, I know what you mean about 'getting on the horse', I always have that "what am I doooinnng?!" feeling!

  11. Puerto Rico?? That's my dream. What gorgeous pictures. The light is perfect, and this sounds so fun.

    Stopping by from the blog hop - it's great to meet you! Excited to read more as your newest friend and follower :)


  12. This looks like so much fun! Both exciting and relaxing at the same time :p.

    Hope your week's off to a great start!

  13. Anonymous3/18/2013

    Oh my goodness this looks like a dream come true. So beautiful!

  14. You have no idea how jealous I am.... this is like one of the top things I want to do.

  15. Great photos. Looks life altering.


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